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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A date with Agnes Kwan aka Camwhoring Session

AT 10:34 PM
So where I went with my lovely Agnes Kwan?

And how is my dearest Agnes Kwan (aka Eggnest Kwan) looks like??

Here she is.

At first, we went DOME for lunch and I ordered this cause don't feel like eating.
This cost me RM9.50. sim tia. But together with Agnes never mind lo. HAHA.
The rice Agnes ordered is damn nice lo. But too hungry so forgot to take photo.

Then, we went for this.
Swenson's earthquake. It was a Tuesday so Swenson's has this promotion. Muahaha.

This is our earthquake. Didn't know a day before that Sichuan has earthquake. Sad.

Yum yum!!

And other than forgot to take the rice picture, we forgot to pay also when we were in DOME. Oh bi god. Can you imagine? We both really forgot about that and the waiters there also forgotten.

They even said bye to us and we bye to them WITHOUT PAYING. Of course we went back to pay after we realized la. We're both good citizens. wink** =p

I'd like to try one more time if I have chance. HAHAHAHA!!!

Although it's not advisable, but you can try also!
p/s: I won't take responsible of any consequences.

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