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Friday, June 20, 2008


AT 7:41 PM
I am so happy. Thanks to their supports and also congratulation to

Biological Science Society
Chairperson of society: Lim Kah Yee
Vice-Chairperson of society: Sanjaya Desa
Honorary Secretary: Clement Wong Kiing Fook
Honorary Vice-secretary: Illias
Treasurer: Chandra Mohan
Vice-Treasurer: Hapreet Kaur
  1. Monica Hii Hung Ling
  2. Eric
Committee members:
  1. Jeffrey Lai
  2. Cheah Chern Swern
  3. Edison
  4. Lim Jing Jing
  5. Ong Yew Hian

We'll soon come out with activities so GET READY FOR THAT!!!

Well, I am saying those who are from Perak Campus cause I don't really know those who are in Setapak. =)

Today, I had my Biological Science Society General Meeting & Election.

About 60% of members/non-members attended this GM& E.

At first, I thought there will be no one who's coming, seriously. I am so glad when many of them come and supported us.

The introduction is quite slow-mo but when our adviser Dr. Han is addressing, the condition started to change and now only I know he has so many fans.

Then, when come to the Ice-breaking section, it was cool. At first, biotech friends are giving some owhhhh responses but when comes to it, they are like WUUUUUUUUUHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!



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