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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Queen Kylie's last day of 2009...

AT 8:47 AM
I had New Zealand Natural at 30th of Dec. My sister said it's too healthy so it doesn't taste that good. This is the first time in my life I ever had New Zealand Natural.

On the 31th Dec, I was in....
One Utama.

With Kathy Lim cause she met up with the high school friends and again I became a driver =(


While waiting for her friends Sovitha and Hui Xin, we spent RM155 x 3 in just few minutes in

That those badminton players love it sou sou much.

From left (Mine, the Kathy's fake brother's, Kathy's)

It's pink. And I got the exactly the same wan with my Kathy Lim. So next time if she happen to lost in the States, I will use this to detect her. You know, like the bonding kinda thing in AVATAR. Tsayhelu.... You know??

Then when her friends (whom refused to let me take their picture) reached, we headed to Italliannese for lunch.
Risotto Asparagus Chicken.
It is nice if without the chicken =D

Some cheese pizza. It tastes exactly like Pizza Hut's pizza.

Some barbecued chicken thigh and the very not yummy potatoes.

Some pizza that tastes weird but good =))

The cheese cake I think is the best dish of the day. But it's not good cause it's the last dish so we're bit over dosed dee T___T

And it's camewhore time with the Kathy Lim.





Then before we went back, he dropped by Baskin Robins for Baskin Robins =_=
We waited for like more than half an hour just for two scopes of ice cream T_____T

The random photos taken while I am waiting.



and half an hour later............................

Here comes the ice-cream and the end of the last day of 2009 la la la..

I smsed with Kari until 12am and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

jfook on Jan 2, 2010, 10:47:00 AM said...

Yummy Cheese cake..LOL. And I love Baskin Robin too.

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