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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The latest, May 2011

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My life has been a drama since I was born. Yea. For the latest most dramatic one I am so sorry to say I have to put it as a suspend first before it's solved (and hopefully it can be solved tomorrow).

Now I am officially the employee of Swatch Group (M) and I hope everything goes fine, too.

I have officially resigned from the ex-company on 25th April 2011. And I gave myself 3 weeks of break before I fly and concentrate on the next job. Meanwhile, I need these weeks for me to settle some issues with the ex-company as well.

An ex-company is like an ex-boyfriend. When you guys are about to break up, the next step it's either both calm and everything goes peacefully OR both went very emotional and wanna chop each other down and keep asking why you wanna leave me kind of lame question. Unfortunately, my break up this time is the latter ones. Too bad huh.

I am trying to be as calm as possible to solve the problem in a peaceful way, however, not everyone in the world thinks like that, including my ex-employer, which (I can seriously tell you) it brought me a lot of trouble and might fall into court to solve the case.

I just don't understand why the ex-employers need to spend some much time on my leave, when they keep saying "if you are not happy you can leave". So, right now I am not happy then I wanna leave then you very piss off with my resignation. I really don't get a reason why. Probably you guys are kiasu and never thought I will really leave you guys. Oh come on, there is a HUGE forest outside, your small company is not even a big tree, seriously. A so called a sales company can operate without a single APPROPRIATE commission scheme then you ask people to do sale for you. Everything is under your control and you're the dictator in the company. Sorry to tell you that the dictator century is gone. Now is democratic already old man.

Why am I saying so much about that is because I really don't know why he could use a lame reason to shoot me thought I can be shoot down .__. I look down on you.

Money is not a matter and things I want is the justice. No one will admit he kills a man if he really did. And he will also keep explaining to other people that he didn't do that thought he can con some stupid pigs wtf.

Time proves everything. One day you'll know. And you are so pathetic. I pity you, yet I still want the justice.

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