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Friday, May 29, 2009


AT 6:13 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I don't know what am I doing recently.

I don't feel like going back to study. Really. And I don't wanna go Korea already I think. Should I? Or should not I? I also don't know. I don't feel like doing things, that I don't wanna do. I just wanna have fun neh!

I wanna watch movies la I wanna sleep like no tomorrow la I wanna go holiday cause I have no heart to study already sien.

I don't wanna be responsible la I wanna rebel myself la I just wanna rot and do whatever I mau!!

Sien you will see me like a zombie okay bye.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


AT 7:30 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
My result is so so unexpected and what I got is really really bad result, which is, not even 3.0 I also don't know why.

I don't wanna give much excuses blah blah blah so I will just respect the result and accept it.

I shall aim for 2.0 next semester.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

AT 12:22 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I seldom buy cloth already la recently cause previously jusco day I bought rm200 of garments liao so just forget about it rm100 is for bra sloggi bra wtf..

I can only buy things when there are some promotion etc so here we go. Bodyshop suddenly promotion thanks to KLCK I managed to spend rm51 here. =D

This organic shop I spent rm30+ cause bought spaghetti sauce and the enzyme spray to increase the metabolic rate of my face wtf =.=

Eh this pancake is so so nice I tell you rm2 for each you can get it in Sunway Pavillion Midvalley all these malls but it is a small small stall only please open your eyes big big cause it is really nice.

The Adidas bag suddenly spotted it in the Store at Klang. Tell you I prefer this the Store than sg wang liao bai bai sg wang.

Mum bought this cupcake very nice also. Previously I had too much cake so I don't wanna like cake for a moment liao bai bai cake.

At midvally went paddington for dinner that day well KLCK!!!!!!! ok only lor why you say nice nenineni bubu..

Oh this Japanese shop in midvalley a lot cute things I hope I can buy the whole shop LOL!!!

that's all I think I am not going back to Kampar liao cause my result may be fail some subjects so I don't wanna go back forever bai bai Kampar... T.T

Crap ok bai

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AT 3:53 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
Tip: Starbucks is giving out free coffee every Sunday.
The person-in-charge is just in front of me and telling the shop supervisor about that. Don't know con me or not.

American Baked Cheese cake and a plain water. The cake was okay la don't know why don't like cheese so much recently. I think, I am pregnant wtf.

Cause my sister only back on Thursday so I cannot wait to go online already I have so many things to search okay sien sitting here for 2 hours liao still cannot finish using.

My blog is dying so I have to blog XD I miss my blog. My blog statistics have decreased drastically recently and now I know where my blog readers from. They are from UTAR cause now we having semester break they do not have time to visit my blog HA!!


The other day I went clinic cause I got infected by virus A (H1N1) wtf. No lar is because my family all five of them said my neck was swelling but I did not realise I was so damn gan jiong the next day went clinic then the doctor said:" MANA ADE BENGKAK!?" Hmm. Probably due to the tomyam I had almost everyday since I back to Klang =.=

I know what happened to my lips already I think is because of the vaseline I used since months ago. I tried applied on my leg and the skin dropped wtf. So go die you vaseline. My lips were recovering but after eating spicy crabs T.T now I cannot laugh out loud that is why.


My fat her is so handsome. Really la my high school friends came visit my house during CNY and they said that. =D proud***


This is the Korean Movie I was watching previously. It was a not bad drama la. I didn't watch the Taiwan version cause I don't like their F4 wtf.

This show is so so so so funny I don't like guess guess guess anymore sorry I prefer this.


This is the thing I am attending tomorrow. So I am meeting Clement Jing jing Ivan Pearly KLCK tomorrow. Wuhoo~~~ Finally I can go KL T.T so near yet so far


my back so pain after sitting in for two hours +

Don't know how's my results. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

328th entry.

AT 9:39 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
I am watching Sudirman Cup right now. Malaysia so brave dare to fight with China.

Now I know play till half way can change racket. While the ball still flying you know!! Fu HaiFong changed his racket while the ball is still flying. Hell the what.... =.=

Finally I have the mood to blog cause previously I thought I kena H1N1 wtf.. No la cause my neck was swelling so I thought something serious happened liao so I was so down and sad. It was actually caused by stupid me eat tomyam and laksa everyday. Well, I padan muka I know.

I think Malaysia losing liao.

Ahh.. I am sneezing non-stop and started to coughing liao so am I infected by H1N1, doctor?

Wuuuuu~~ I miss someone so much leh. Grrrrrrr....

Pa, ma... T.T


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


AT 10:17 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
What holiday is it?

I am driving most of the time cause I need to fetch students for my dad, fetch my dad go work because later on I need fetch my bro go tuition then back from tuition fetch dad back from work etc.

I reached home half an hour shit a while then time's up I need to go out again.

Then, I back again half an hour I bath and eat then need to go out, again.


Anyways, I went for the Korean interview today. They choose only 10 candidates out of quite many. Then etc.. I also don't know I wanna go or not. Actually I don't feel like going liao cause I might going alone and I need to pay rm4000 from my own saving then I need to skip classes and cannot meet him what sweat. Hate that.

By the way, I went shopping today and I spent rm201.xx.
Guess what I bought? I spent rm100+ on my bra. Thing is, I bought only 2 bras. BravO!!!!!!!!!!

Others are some 70% off applemint garment. And my sis just came out from room I think she wanna use her broadband liao. EH!! I WENT OUT FoR WHOLE DAY YOU USE NOT ENOUGH MEH????

Freaking tired.

Tomorrow need to drive sis to shah alam (ok she drive I sit beside BUT I NEED MORE ENERGY OKAY cause I need make sure she did not bang car or she did not being bang by a car sweat) tiring..

Then again fetch student bro tuition fetch sis back from shah alam wtf...

Ya I know I should'nt complain so much but hello I never rest since I back from Kampar. T.T

This is my sembreak. Don't grab it from me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~ T.T

Tq. Ahhhhh..


p.s. Please don't choose me cause I really don't feel like going Korea liao. PLEASE!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

AT 8:06 AM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
Whenever I am going back to Klang, I feel very hard cause I have a lot of things to miss in Kampar. But one thing in Klang will change my upset to happiness is the photo below.

This is the photo of me cut my hair one month ago.

This is the steamboat thingy that I mentioned before.

It was not so nice la. Rm32.00

It has jalan jalan cari makan visited before.
So, I can make a conclusion that,.......................
Places that Jalan jalan went were not so nice only. Seriously. T.T

In order to cover the money I going to pay, I eat a lot of "ha" aka prawn until this morning I diarrhea like hell.

I also think, those shit in my colon accumulated since I was in exam cause exam busy til no time to shit you know... So, I shit for the past few weeks also. SHIT!! -.-

Why steamboat I talk about shit? Cause the food was not that nice.

The only and only edible thing is the

cheng cheng cheng...............


ok my sis urge me to get her broadband back liao.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Initially, I plan to go back on 12th May but due to some reasons crap this and that, it ends up my dad comes and pick me on today, 9th May.

I don't know whether it is good but I am sure it won't be bad.

The only disadvantage is I cannot go online at home and it is xxx.

Another thing, recently I seldom or really did not mention F word already.

However, just now there is a Malay pig he like flirting with me. fuxk. I was cycling alone. shit think about it also I feel like I being raped liao like that. shit.

SHIT!!!!!!!! fuxk. You know what he did, he was trying to rape me seriously. He passed by me and show me his fuxking ugly tongue and act like doing some "b" job. Fuxk. Then I quickly cycle back. If I was far away from the guard house, I think I already being x by that fuxker. fuxk. I really got trauma liao.

I swear. I won't cycle alone. I won't!!!!!! FUXK!!!!

I really hate that. It makes me feel like my first time already......... you know.. T.T

AHHHHHHH fuxk..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time when I see that guy, I will call all the boys I know ahxian khairil CM Sanjay Candy Ivan Iyngaran to whack that guy till kaokao. I sure. I should have take down the fuxker's car plat number. I should have.. fuxk..

That car is yellow in color very old punya pok car. fuxk I will burn his car when the next time I see the car. And my intuition tells me I will see that car again but I don't know when.

That is why I say I don't like cycle alone whatthefuxk. THAT IS WHY I NEED PPL FETCH ME LA WHATTHEFUXK!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


AT 6:23 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
7 more minutes before I go out, I know I have to blog.

Well, after yesterday's last paper? What am I doing and yet I am not blogging anything. Why why why...

Cause cause, I am not in my own room for a long time then I go some other place that not suitable for me to blog (bloody Kampar so hot!!) so I didn't blog.

I ended up with watching 康熙来了and 王牌大贱谍 on youtube it was so so so so fun.

I laugh like what HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I became sour also cause I watch from the morning after I wake up until lunch time then till dinner time then blah......... Til I sleep, again. It is like a cycle XD XD XD

So in order to celebrate the exam is over, I decided to join my ex roommate and friends to steamboat in Ipoh.

So, bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

blog about the steamboat next taimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


AT 1:04 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Elements: Shit defecate, sleep, study.

If I want to shit.
shit --> sleep --> study OR
sleep --> shit --> study OR
sleep --> study --> sleep

If I don't wanna shit.
sleep --> study OR
study --> sleep

Case 1:
I really need to sleep cause yesterday I sleep at 11pm and woke up at 3am sleep again at 5am then wake up again at 7am, until now.

I need to shit also cause I never shit for the second day already my tummy is full with crap I don't want tomorrow Microbiology exam I write crap inside. Donwan donwan donwan!!!

Sleep first only shit or shit first? If I shit first will I sleep better? If I sleep first will I have more energy to shit later?

Ok, I decided to go shit first cause may be after shit I no need to sleep and can study yeah~~


Or, should I bring note inside to shit?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

AT 6:05 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
This was what I did after OHR exams. Procrastinated for whole-day. grrgrrgrr....

Where and how I study.
Lying on bed. With my colorful notes.

With him.

In this room full with all these plugs.

Known as "wild beast cave". sweat.

Then, I become dreaming blue.

Friday, May 1, 2009


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Love me hate me, what you can do about me...

Kampar = desert =/= dessert

So warm....... desiccation like that... I need to bath at least THREE times per day like kerbau.. wu wu~~~

physio physio I lap yiu.............

wuu wuuu~~~

I can go Korea luuuuuu~~~ rm3000 for 12 days. It's like student exchange kinda program. (I haven't even go to the interview and UTAR four campuses how many thousands of students only three can make it okay!! And I can do it.. ) wee wang wang wee wang wang...

Apparently I am applying the law of attractions LOL!!

Crazy I am too hungry already la grrrrrrrr....

And I forgot to bring my new bought mouse so now I am suffering from the mouse that has stupid disease connect and disconnect plenty times within a minute SHIT!!


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