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Saturday, December 27, 2008

AT 8:46 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
Short till can see my ear already wahahah~~
Macam mane??


Gathering with high school friends at GreenBox!


UTAR Open Day


Kampar --> KL

First time using Kereta Api Tanah Melayu antara bandar. Quite excited HAHA!

3rd class ticket rm9, 2nd class rm16, 1st class I don't know cause I am having the 2nd class tix!! ;)


Mua Christmas
Having brunch at this very famous "mi hun kueh" stall.

Waiting for around 40 minutes

To get this bowl of "mi hun kueh"

*AEON Bukit Tinggi*

I was mainly looking for my sports shoe. I don't want NB (New Balance not Na Beh) anymore.

I always looking for Nike and Adidas.
This is the pair I spotted!!

This brand is the one I bought.


White purple black all my favourite colors.

Pu~~ Scared not?? wakakkaka!!

*Bukit Tinggi Pharmacy*
Crazy I bought all above. Stock for one whole year. Yes is one-whole-year.

Panty liners. Cute not?

This is to put pens and clip papers.

My sister bought this to put coin!! She is so rich. Really.

I love you xoxo~~ For myself to clip love letters hahahha!! thank you.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

guy.never.good; good.never.guy.

AT 10:28 AM 9 beep(s) to KahYee
To: Everyone

The process recycling in whole world.
p.s. You see I posted this post you know my Christmas is lonely.

They saw an unique special girl, very interesting and is technically not their "vege" but that is why the guys wanna take the challenge (guys love that always) then

Firstly, they start to approach the girl giving out a lot of pleasures acting so so so nice and patient to the girl (you have to know that they are not pretending! They are honest at that moment, only). End of this process, out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper.

Secondly, in the process of eating(not really eating but communicating) they get to know more about each other. After first dine if that girl has good feeling on that guy they will go for second dine. If they still have good feeling on each other, see below.

Third, the guy will appear wherever the girl is around. Yes, it wherever aka every where.

Fourth, at this moment, the girl will find the guy for so many problems she met and in order to solve the problem for the girl, he will act (I mean show his) nervous and worry expressions to her and say "Never mind, tonight I'll go your house kay? No worries I am here for you." Then he succeed wtf.

Fifth, in the room. The girl will be very depress and starts to cry la as normally what girl will do then then (this is the chance this is the chance!!!!!) the guy will try to touch the girl's shoulder then arm then finally hand!! If it is fast then they hug in the first night.

Sixth, the guy succeed. After that will be officially hold hands-->hugs-->kisses-->they kiss with touching the thigh, butt, boob and eventually...... Burh~

Seventh, I wanna make love, in this club! In thiS club~ wtf the guy will allocate his pp to the girl's vv and this kinda guy if still with a bit of knowlegde, he'll wear the plastic. If not, Park him.

Eighth, after tested the girl's body and own her soul, he starts to get rid of her. Giving so much of lies and bluffs and sweet words to make the girl not so sad. parker!!!! He starts to stay a distance with that girl then eventually by throwing "you are too ridiculous I think you control me a lot and I am not happy. You don't want me to be not happy right?" The girl will say "Ya, but...." Guy:" okay then form this moment onwards, we'll continue with our own lifes."

Sekian, terima kasih.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


AT 2:05 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Back to Klang.


No crap. It is worth to watch. Serious. Without giving so much of craps like some other kungfu shows, this is straight to the point and Donnie Yen is so handsome!!!!!!! xoxo~~

It is a little funny, meaningful!!!, touched, angry with the Japanese at that period, informative! The fighting scenes are great. The speed & the strength.. FUH!!!

Pay rm6 for that it is really worth it. Wahahaha~~ But I no need to pay cause I watch with my dear no.1 - Daddy. Wahahahah~ And I found out the real person of Bruce Lee is so much handsome than the fake ones now showing on 8tv. hehhe...

Previously, I wanted to watch Ip Man is because of it is Bruce Lee's sifu show however after I watch the trailer I wanna watch it because of the fighting scenes by Donnie of course!!


Oh yeah, I am working for Rexona coming Friday Saturday and Sunday @ Tesco Bukit Tinggi. Do find me if you miss me XD

Ja ne~~

Monday, December 22, 2008

AT 2:24 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
Alright. In two days time, I got that phrase above for like... 5 TIMES?? what the heck~~


Well, I guess I am just way too playful too fun too don't know what to say and wait I want go shit first before I continue blogging.


Okay finished defecating. Constipation for how many days already because I did not use the toilet bowl at Kampar for two months already my butt not use to it. She lao gai so don't wanna shit. XD

Ahh~~ yesterday was "dong zhi" where most of the Chinese have their "tang yuan" together with family members and I am at Kampar working for 9 hours for the UTAR Open-day and earning the rm36 + a bunch of friends.

It is happy to work with these people. Working for two days like this for this small event is real real real good if compared with you committed to any organizations or clubs etc (cause I got paid for this WAKAKA!!)

The other day the meeting on 17th was okay. The members who attended are more than what I expect. Everything goes quite well. Most important thing is I learned something. Ya something that I will keep in my heart always always and always.

Shit I forgot how to drive manual car. ** This pops up on my mind suddenly. T.T MAMA~!!!!

Back to the topic. I AM MOVING!!!!!!!!!!! WUHOO~~ Hopefully I can get better concentration in the new environment. Hmm~~ Yesterday I scold my dear so badly cause he intends to be the obstacle, stop me from doing the things I want to do but anyhow it is not his fault also lar ahh crap it was his fault I don't care bah.


5 minutes later. Was watching Xiaxue's Guide to Life. Oh ya I wanted to buy a Garnier eye-roll cause it seems useful but I suppose it is rather expensive. Hmm~~ My eyes have became bengkak don't know since when. I get no enough sleep la I sleep too much la cry too much la my eye power has decreased quite a lot you know?? Oh ya I have changed my spec if you realise that.

MY POWER DECREASED!!!!!!! Jealous not? wakakkka!!! Well well well. Wanna know how to decrease your eyes power? Hmm... I AM NOT GONNA TELL YOU!! cause I also don't know.

WUuwuuwuu just use the latest Picasa!!! Picasa 3 is so so so useful now. The retouch f(x) moves away my pimple easily HAHA! == They are copying the features of photoshop but of course just the simple one la Picasa not so pro yet. Nevermind. I don't wanna squeeze my brain juice and learn to use photoshop (Did you realise I am telling you I don't photoshop my photos? Ha~)

Something to share with you. I used to don't like xiaxue but now I like her already. I don't like MxyZhxx and Dxwn but they are non of my business I am just telling. It makes no difference whether I hate them or not. Bah~~

That is it for today. I think I am going back Tuesday (I hope la) but I have two meetings one at 12pm another is at 230pm (siao I am going to cut my body into two oh yEAH~~ swt ==) I need to go back by Tuesday cause I promised my dad to visit Bruce Lee's Sifu with him aiyah~~~ Neh that Ye4 Wen4 叶问(Direct translate to English is Yap asks so I don't know what Yap wants to asks la) the movie that now showing in cinema named IP Man. Previously dad wanted to watch the "Witness" by Nicholas Tse but when both us went to cinema that show is no more showing in Cinema thus we watched The day the earth stood still and the ending was like wth!? 0.O

I thought I said that's it for today? buh~~ Too long never blog even I can online I did not get the chance to blog cause I cannot blog when someone is beside me looking what I am typing @@

I fall in love with chicken chop rice in one of the restaurant in Kampar(which last time they use 2hrs to bake my cheesy pasta until chao da swt) but their food is nice so... Feel like eating it again later muahahaha~~

Okok lastly I have a question. Very serious question it sounds like this.

If there is no intercoarse between the ahem from guy into the ahem of girl, the Sperm liquid is sprayed on the girl's panty, how many percentage of it for the girl to get Pregnant?

  1. 100%!! DARN SURE!!
  2. 50% Don't know leh~
  3. 3% lo cause may be the sperms so strong can go thru so many layers leh who knows?
  4. 0% Impossible ah!!

p.s. Do you have the feeling of curious of why I ask that Question!? Just for fun ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 diff.races.relationship.

AT 2:28 PM 6 beep(s) to KahYee
Today, 16th Dec, I waited today for so long. I wished today reach faster until yesterday after I woke up I thought yesterday was today. I mean I thought 15th was 16th. Okay whatever.

Today I woke up, hmm.... Was thinking... Was actually worrying more than thinking. I always think there are a lot of obstacles stop us from meeting each other. Tomorrow, Wed is the first time I bring him to meet my friends. That is going to be my very first time and I do not know how to act myself. Gee. What is that kinda feeling?

Well, yesterday he told me he is coming down by 2pm bus. Just a while ago he told me he is coming with 3.30pm bus well what else I can say other than HAHA!? And here I am going to emphasize again he is not my boyfriend but he is a guy that can really control my emotions and everything (so far la) but there are a lot guy can do that also and most importantly he is not a chinese. Malay Indian Singh ang moh whatsoever you guess yourself if you get it right no prize/award is given out thank you.

Gosh he is not a Chinese really get myself a BIG HUGE head. With my popularity in places I could hardly have my personal private life. As in, I need to hide this and hide that wtf I hate that feeling. How Ar? I do not know yet. I need to make the decision myself and every decision made I have to bear the responsibility. Eventually, my parents will get to know (do not say they won't cause there is my dad's colleague's friend has a friend in UTAR. See? so so so so far also my dad could get someone that know me so easily. what is the point of being famous?) and they will ask this and ask that and my sister esp when she saw this entry of mine I bet she'll definitely mayday mayday to mum. If you see this can you please just keep it for my own sake? I want peace. Questions and doubts from my parents and ya some lame idiot friends (so called friends) are sux esp from parents. I can still make a rational decision okay!!?? I haven't blind yet. Sometimes, I think I am way too rational and caused me standing at the edge of the steep mountain. Argh~ I wanna jump also cannot, step back also cannot. How? Do you know how I feel now? Don't know. Okay fine.

So many pressure is due to one reason which is I care how people look at me. If you ask me not to care, I am sorry I not so siu sha yet cause I still have my family.

One day, if my parents' friends saw them and say "Oh Mr Lim, your daughter have a malay(for example) boyfriend huh!? So we'll need to call her binti next time". How my father will feel? He needs to suffer that because of the decision I made? And even me myself, I dating with a guy that the skin color so much different with me. How will people look at me? I am going to say "Sorry miss this is malaysia, not some other countries that are so open, if you wanna marry a malay you have to convert." ........................................ speechless really. Okay we'll Singapore to register okay? =) crow crow crow....

If is ang moh people will jealous. Why ah? Cause they have much better brain!? Are you sure?? If the partner is Malay or Indian people will like "Yiuk!! Are you serious?"

Ahh craps...

Afterall and all and all and all and all and all, I am still here and what I crapped above is still craps unless huge decision is made. He makes me feel so not safe I do not know why may be is the timing problem. Our bond is so so so so weak I have to say that.

I do not know what to say already.


Monday, December 15, 2008

AT 8:54 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
It has been a while since I back from Kampar. Let me see, about two months I never get back already. So this Wednesday, I am going back with
  • Ivan Ooi, id:001 Agent No.1 which has no.1 Big Size among 4 of us;
  • Pearly Yuen, id:002 Agent No.2 who has the boss of Agent No.1, Ivan Ooi as very good friend(attn:it was last time ago), p.s. she looks very difference with her photos, thus, she is a quite successful agent;
  • Kelvin Lim, id:oo3 Agent No.3 aka I forgot what bear it is already oh ya DBM!!!WUAHAHA!! that admire Agent No.2 for quite a long time however after several attempts have made he finally gave up and now, his lover is unknown;
  • Kylie Lim, id:007 (muakakakaka!!) sister of James Bond get the ID of his brother Bond after his Brother Bond is dead in a mission. They have the difference surnames is due to their real ID is not available anywhere, status:single. and Sexy ;)

The schedule of going back Kampar this 17th Dec is:

  1. Meeting with MDKS 10am
  2. Meeting with SRC 2pm
  3. Having fun with 3 Agents - unknown time period
  4. Honeymoon - all the time
  5. Openday helper - 20th and 21th Dec (tentatively)
  6. Meeting with GreenCampus Committee - 23th Dec (tentatively)
  7. Time back to position - unpredictable

Well, I'll still online at that moment (hopefully can) so please worry. If cannot online I'll die cause I have a lot mails to reply etc.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

thanks.for.the.memory.[updated ver]

AT 11:22 PM 4 beep(s) to KahYee
My grandma's elder sis. 90 yrs old. She is the only grand level relative I have and I love her so much.

Well, it takes me hours to upload all this photos.............

Part: Penang Islang and BUTTERworth it

On ferry...

In hotel... with my twins cousins~~

View from hotel.

Small room accommodate 3adults 3childern.

Tanjong Bungah Beach Hotel

Not bad ba?

Queensbay Mall (not asking you to see the AWAS)

Redbox with SuLing and PeiSin!!
and other UTAR friends also!..

G hotel!
Merry Xmas!!


But I like sponge esp BOB!!



CHAK!!!! hahaha.. ==

Every time I go penang, I'll sure visit the two temples below.

Every time I'll sure visit the monk here for what ler?

For this.! ahha~~

and I threw coins into these 3. ;)

Next temple~~

Wat Chaiya Mangalaram

Translate from Hokkien is: I(wat) know(chaiya) manga(comic) laram

I played this also. RM0.50.

And I got this. Saying I will be lonely for the coming future. WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!

fine~~ fated. (all my friends please don't leave me T.T)

Cousins wahahha!!

Gurney Drive

Night. Totally different~~

Part: GOOD Food

Duck Mee Sua at I FORGOT THE NAME ALREADY!! swt some where quite near to Bukit Mertajam la~~

This place the food is nice and got pirated DVD selling also haha!!

Char Kuey Tiao


This laksa so tempting and my aunt ordered 3bowls @@

See? THREE!!! not TREE!!!

So many variety to choose got cheese raisins corn etc and it's not cheap!!

Ayer Itam
Mua CHI MuA Chi~~
I love the most but cannot eat too much cause got peanut.

Hakka mee so oily lor...

PeiSIN!! wahhahaa..she and SuLing ordered porridge. I love porridge.... Everything also I like.

Okay, now the most stupid thing I have done in Penang.

I-spent-rm35-here@ Swenson's!!!

YA mAN!! what the...........

Back to Bkt Mertajam sorry I really forgot the name.
Siu Mai so nice thanks to Yao Jie aka Wen Hang?
Confusing cause he changed his name..

The mee here so many people ordering and so he said is nice so I dapao lor! Eat Swenson's until I full for another 12 hours siao now you know how much calories I have consumed in Swenson's T.T

At Jelutong, thanks to Chin Seng only I found this place to visit my grandma's sister T.T

Then......Food at Taiping. Really cannot compare with Penang's. hmm..

May be I went to the wrong stall?

Oh ya before that,
My fav yee mee!! He so smart ordered the food I like the most I don't know how he knows that haha~~

Nice nice nice nice nice cause had this warm thing around 11pm when I was half way rounding the Penang Island!!

Part: Thanks for the memory

Here come the part I cannot forget and I still miss the moment of the views and stars and moon and winds and beaches etc~

That small thing is Pulau Tikus

This chicken flew onto the tree wahlao I fatt tat already cause chicken cannot fly nowadays ahah! swt.

First brigde (paiseh I forgot the place wahahha)

Sitting middle of the brigde smsing someone 800km away from me haha!!

Nice not? Thanks to Chin Seng!


Don't know what Beach already but here got a lot people BBQ one.


Bayan Lepas
Okay for me this is crazy cause I stood at the road side and waiting for the airplane to fly over my head and SO COLD LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wear like that....

At the place that higher that kek lok si.

See the dam behind me? That was the 2nd dam I went for that day.
And the place so nice T.T


Done!!! Let's get back to reality~~ weeeeeeeeeee......
Finally finished this post T.T it takes me whole morning yawn @@

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