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Monday, August 31, 2009


AT 10:28 AM 12 beep(s) to KahYee

First thing first, my dad will kill be so me and the baby won't be around forever. (alright I wasn't concentrating on blog cause was reading suetli's blog)

Back to mine.

It's just kidding la cause hor I asked him for many times before he will definitely scold me til I become bleeding dog and he said he will be damn damn damn damn kecewa with me that is it.

I will tell you, for now, in this entry, at this moment, one day if I suddenly have baby before I get married, I will.....

still keep the baby for my own. To tell or not to reveal the identity of dad is another matter and it's depending cause I scared you know someone like my dad will call up and kill him LOL.

Then I will stop my uni life for one year until I finished delivering the baby and settle my body only I continue. Ya I will be late for 2 semester so what cause I am still young (wahlao I am so sombong). It's not I am young but I start my degree earlier than a lot of friends so consider can still drag for one or two years la.

And I believe if I got pregnant, my relatives all will laugh at me and see me in one kinda eye sight hate that (cause I now injured around my chest and everyone looking at it like I am an alien wtf T.T). Relatives will tease my parents too that is the saddest part cause I am from a DAMN conservative family okay apart from my mum I believe cause she told me she very open one but never ever ask her to take care of the child for me. And relatives will be talking/gossiping about me after they eat and before they sleep T.T

The child must be smart next time or else those relatives will really laugh till the day I die.

And of course my financial will meet the most severe crisis in my entire life like I sell all my shares to get a baby? FML.

You know, it's hard to say one cause even without intercoarse also sometimes will get baby (according to my law) so people outside, please be careful. There are cases happened already like my aunty's niece she is 27 already and got pregnant, which I think is ok cause she is 27 already but ended up my uncle keep laughing at people. You know what happened next? That uncle (has three sons already) got a baby accidently and the wife (the aunty I mentioned above) decided to (spend RM600) abort the baby. See!? We can NEVER EVER laugh at people.

If I have a baby I wanna be brave and tell people I am pregnant la so what be a strong mother and deliver a strong healthy baby.

But, what I should name the baby? Hmmmm... Will think about it later. FML.

p.s. I was thinking of this the half day yesterday I don't know why so I blog about it haaaaa.... May be it's a hint WTF WTF WTF =.=

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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must know: 2 more entries to reach 400th entry in my life.

I back to Klang on Thursday reach at 230pm late for so long because of some polices fully utilized their right and authority to EAT TILL fxcking full on highway wtf.

Just before Tanjung Malim, there's a road block on north-south highlowway. When I was on my way back to Klang from Kampar wtf.

I was being asked to stop by police cause I drove 123km/hr wtf.

I keep acting cute (WTF it's a sin wtf) and tell the police that I am just student and ask him to just gimme a warning and let me go. He said the machine capture my photo already so cannot let me go. He some more show me in his list, ini car plat kereta kamukan. WTF WTF WTF!!

After dragging for like 3 minutes finally he said "kami settle sini saje la" wtf
Then I said "berapa kamu mau"
He said "kamu nak beri berapa, berapala"
I said" dua-puluh la"
He: "dua-puluh? tak boleh tak boleh"
I turned to clement asked how much he has then Clement said:" we give 50 la" (Most of the Sarawakian very uu lui (rich) one)
I said:" cannot!"
I talked to police:" tiga-puluh la"
Then police said ok and asked me to put the money together with my ic and license and give it to him.
Then he said:" ok so sekarang I akan tolong delete it photo bagi kamu k!" WTF WTF WTF!!

Actually thanks to him also else I will be paying saman for rm300 BUT I don't know I kena some other places or not. Cause you know after they take the money still capture photo in other places and months later I will be receiving 5 summons WTF then I will be dead.

I did not know 123 km/hr will kena tracked one. Basically on that day every cars also kena WTF their fxcking full now. Why must this happen to us WTF and why there is no chinese and indian doing this one (i think la) WTF. May be is not CNY and Deepavali. BUT WTF why even CNY and Deepavali also don't have chinese and indian do this one WTF!! This minority really make people think the whole population of race starts with "M" is like that it's so unfair k!! Makan dengan sehati sejiwa tanpa berkongsi dengan tribe sendiri WTF and whole tribe needs to tanggung the nama busuk wtf.


p.s. After read then forget about it and don't sue me kay I am just a student still under loan for my education don't let something like Teoh Beng Hock happen on me T.T

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Bought that Miku in Taiping!!!

Breakfast for Wednesday. He is good in cooking HA!!! I think of my mum when I was eating this XD XD cause it tastes similar!!

This is the sensitive thingy that I have been repeating and now it's revealed. Scary not? I am not sure whether the infection is from Frog but I got it after I touch the frog T.T the skin drop automatically and start bleeding with notice which is PAIN!!!!!!! freaking painful T.T

So I got this rm15.00 for it now the radius of the wound smaller already hope it helps la T.T
Every night pain until cannot sleep what turf T.T

In class too boring so they came out with this comparing old and new RM50 notes. Is that indicates something? Idea by Angie Ng and Clement Wong =)

Alright it's a rush entry cause I am flying already. To KL!!!

I told my family I start my journey @ 2pm but actually I will reach by 230pm =) happie see u muax~~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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You see, people post their entries on Nuffnang innit is to gain attention and stuffs.

Once, Sotongzai told me to be a featured blogger I cannot complain too much and I'll just need to post something special in my life etc (as if I have so many interesting in my life. My life is boring kays T.T) so that is one of the reason I am still not a featured blogger yet.

You see, again. I am just some random people in one of the corner of the world.

No offense for this entry kay just illustration for following words.

Like some famous blogger, she use her height as the title of the blog. She becomes so famous. She has something unique like this I cannot use cause my height is nothing special and my weight, oh may be can try but I don't see 50kg has any special in it.

Some blogger, famous in purchasing cheap but nice garments and so sweet with the bf even though they are far far apart.

Some, famous with criticizing Dawn and Apple products and she loves tan so much. She uses Fxck so much and no one says anything but when I use one word fxck my blog readers will wanna sue me till kao kao. (We can see that a lot of people view my blog is those who does not like me that much XD)

Some, famous with fooooooooood.
Some, with handsome face, joined nuffnang's events and half naked acted like Spartans.

Some, I think she is a bit like Dawn's style I don't know, has very good body shape (with BIG boobs) and is real one of course unlike.............. Very good in make-up, which I severely sux in. (oh, may be that is one of the reason XD) Some, travel around the world and even acted one role in advertisement and can be so humor. I did travel. But from KL to Kampar. Furthest is Taiping then Penang wtf.

Some, has Japanese boyfriend travel around too joined MDG now became so famous with her wardrobe and busy with her holiyear now so shocked.

Ok la these are the seven bloggers that I frequently view their blogs. Their most in pink cause they said good blogs (for lady) are all in PINK!!

Can guess who they are or not? See how many you can get it correct HAHA!!

They have all these. What I have?

Ehem ehem..

May be something like I am a UTAR biotechnology student in Year 2 semester 2 (this is so ordinary) and I have a firaun-liked hair style (may be a bit special but a lot of people have it too) and I travel from Kampar - KL and KL - Kampar very frequently (like another 5 k students did here also) I have a normal average family (a lot are worse than me T.T x 5) I am not so pretty (but presentable so no special) I don't know make-up stuffs or those brandy stuffs (cause I tarak duit may be is an excuse la whatever) and I don't often join nuffnang events cause I am so far away from KL like some of my friends laughed at me cause I purposely drive down from Kampar to KL for UP! premiere wtf T.T and I don't have money to buy Photoshop so I use Picasa to edit my photos all the time T.T x 2 and I don't have camera so I am still using 2.0 Megapixel camera on handphone without 3G and people already using touchscreen blackberry or iPhone. So funny!!!

All in all, the only acceptable reason for me to be special is things I write is funny and influential at times =)

Recently there is a extremely very famous event coming up this is the Nuffnang Regional Blog Award 2009.

In less than 24 hours there are 800 nominations which means even ah dog and ah cat like me can also be nominated. Unfortunately, I have no supporter (even one) that is the point.

Nominations going to run for one month. One month = 30 days and we assume averagely one day has 800 nominations so 800 x 30 = 24000.

Out of 24000 and numerous of guests, only 400 will be invited so meaning the chances of entering the kastam of Singapore and eventually sitted in the Grand hall being served with Gala dinner mmmmmmmmMMMMMMuahahahaha~~ is freaking LOW. And thing is all expenses are being covered by nuffnang. Thanks to Mister Potato LOL!

Let's calculate the chance of get my butt into the hall kay? it's 400/24000 = 0.017 x 100% = 1.7 % (excluding those Honorary guests kays!!)

Let's dream about it T.T

I am an old bird in bloging cause I blogged for 3 years already but am blardy fresh in blogsphere cause almost no one knows me burh.. T.T x 3

The awards given out are so................. May be they can do it more unique next time. Because we already know the winners for

Best Blog Shop
Best Food Blog
Because my blog is something personal life regardless of the above.

Why they don't have something like the cutest blog or funniest blog one? May be entertainment blog can cause there are a lot of drama in my blog one XD XD

As for

The most possible for me is the Best Hidden Gem. Because I am not well known now. And I am hidden in the deep hole so please nominate me if you think I am able to win this category XD XD XD

But still I think there are a lot people better than me even their hidden so I should put zero hope for myself.

Time to nap!!

Typical innit blogger would say: NANG ME ON THE LEFT! ha ha ha ha.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009!!

AT 2:43 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I flung my Molecular Bio quiz today. The questions are easy but I don't know how to do.

No lecturer choose me as their final year project students so I will be alone in my final year without any lecturers guiding me etc blah crap.

Even the frog doesn't like me cause my skin so sensitive with it and yesterday when Candy dissecting the frog I was there to help and ended up my skin now so itchy and swell wtf.

I am so helpless.

How come like this?

Because I am over--confident and too lazy. That is why I cannot be good for even once cause I'll tend to be lazy. I mean, VERY lazy.

That is all my fault. I myself should change. To do things that I like, without hesitation and delays.

I want a complete life after 20 years-old. I am a student and I should act like a student before I act like a girlfriend.

I should control myself and know what I should do and what I should not like what my fat her told me.

I just shitted and I am damn happy!!

Resume my life. Wonderful life =D

Monday, August 24, 2009

AT 3:19 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Updates for Bio-Carnival:

We're having dissection tomorrow 11-12 pm. These are some stuffs for our events. Do come and have a look cause you won't lost your eyes by visiting out booths XD XD XD

Today a lot people came over to support. Some are ridiculous cause act smart etc. feel like shout "EH IS NOT EASY TO BE SCIENCE STUDENTS OK!!" to them T.T

Ok back to title.

Finally, I sacrificed my study time for quiz tomorrow to blog. Argh..... Takes century to edit and upload all these photos. Well, my family came over to pick me up for some ceremony @ Taiping. I make triple sures they only go to Taiping cause I need to busy for Bio-Carnival and study for quiz. HOWEVER! They conned me apparently that is why I was in Penang yesterday T.T

This is a very famous Char kuey tiao in Kampar and according to some Auntie in Medan Selera Oldtown Kampar, there are some Astro "wah lei toi" came purposely to shoot this kuey tiao and it's so famous etc blah crap. You can find it easily cause the boss char kuey tiao till quite late around 2pm he is still char-ing. And he is very easy to find cause he is sitting when he is char-ing =O For me, the kuey tiao nothing special except not that oily lar =X

Do we look similar? Oh damn, I looked so phat beside my 1st sister puff**

The pao in red are so nice. They called it as "mi ku" in hokkien haha. Love it so much. Only Taiping's mi-ku can eat. So far what I have tasted la. Penang's haven't test yet cause no fate XD

Tell you all a secret, I fat already after came back from Penang T.T cause I ate a lot. The food all so tempting kays. So nice also so suit my taste bud omg think also will stimulate my saliva gland =X

This is the best shoot I had for two days trip haha. My fat her, bro, mum and two sisters. And the candle light up by me =)

More food of course!! mmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm.........
In this Myanmar temple, we can throw coin into the moving bowl (top right) and for so many years I didn't manage to throw even a dust in and now finally I got it for the second try =D =D =D and the bowl written lucky on it XD XD XD so happie. My mum lagi keng threw in twice XD both times also health XD

And when way back to Kampar we past by this prison SOLELY for those "dak zui" (offended) ISA wuuuuu.. So scary. Can feel the sorrowness even though I passby only grrrr....

Past by Ipoh and got this for tea time =) salted chicken and mixed fruit ice blended.
Some people buy one dozen of the chicken as if the chickec owe them one million dollars like that @@

I ended up being dropped at Ipoh to meet some friends for Geeee Joe, the movie and went Assamhouse for dinner =) wOw~~ Never thought Gee Joe is a nice movie but sien is it going to have 2nd episode SIEN!! why can't the movie producer put everything in one piece??? WHY!!??

The moral of story for this entry is family will con you too. And you'll ended up with a failed grade of Molecular Biology T.T

p.s. my skin and hair quality become worse don't know why leh?? Hmmmm..
p.p.s. After busying for one day I still cannot rest and need to be someone's chef/cook whatever la but still happy of course =)
p.p.p.s. hope i can pass my quiz tomorrow beautifully heartcrossed**

Saturday, August 22, 2009


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Yayaya I know a lot a few of you waiting for my birthday entry. Please don't put high expectation cause I slept 12 hours out of the 24hours. Ya, it means I sleep 50% of my birthday =)

Before that, a day before my birthday, I went dinner with Jeanlicious, Amu, Ray, Amie, PuiYee, Kim, Khairil, and Andrew C. Ya, they are the former SRC team. Have dinner with them is totally different feeling one. Can you imagine different people from Mercuri, Mars, Earth, Neptune etc sit down together and still can eat happily talk loudly laugh beautifully?? We went MM cause MM is air conditioned. I personally don't like Ghani cause the way they calculate for me I think is ridiculous some times. And they have a bad habit of returning lack-of-few-cents-change. Means when they give back the change sure they keep few cents of it la sien. Hate that so dishonest, thumb down to Ghani.

The receipt for our dishes. We calculated this for four times by the waiter, Amie, Ray and Pui Yee (budget, she was Tresurer for SRC). Total RM 55.60

ADV: I personally like the original Brand's. Not the kid ones with banana flavor yucks and even with chong cao (some herbal) KC told me it's nice but it tastes weird for me. Hmm...... So, I will only buy the green in original one. But the prune ones not bad that's for leng leng lady ones XD

The left ones is my medicine for kidney I lazy to see what brand it is even though it's just behind me right now.

Even display picture for FB also I put with Brand's liaos. LOL!! No la just to show yall my new hair style. All my friends WOOT with big big eyes!! IT's NOT MUSHROOM!! IS FIRAUN (pharoah)!!!!!!!!! where got mushroom looks so pretty one!!?? ROAR!!


Best luck of UTAR students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that?

For non-science student,

you are able to,

EXPERIENCE AS SCIENT STUDENT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by using your naked eyes~~~ XD XD
First of all, would like to thanks for those feedbacks that are given by friend. Click here to view some other designs.

Oh ya, the announcement is the date has been changed to 24th to 26th of Aug (next Mon to Wed) and the venue is beside the staff cafeteria. Do come and support me =) well if you do not wish to support me, can come to support my friends!!!!!

3 hampers worth rm30 each are awaiting for you ;) I was the one who purchase and wrap the good so I know how worth it the hampers are kays...

Yesterday, I was busy decorating for Bio-Carnival. Even forgot to shit so FYI I just shitted =D I always blog after shit cause I can sit and let my butt relax also after war booming the Nagasaki XD XD XD

This is what I did yesterday woke up @ 7am 21st Aug (slept @ 6pm 20th Aug) class till 9.30am then busy decorating cutting pasting buying wrapping driving till sunset and back to sleep. Having fun with my team XD XD so wanna know how fun I had with them you can see more in next Monday - Wednesday 10am to 2pm at Block C cafeteria beside staff's cafe =)

Alright alright, back to my birthday. Told ya I slept 50% of it so nothing interesting.
10pm on 19th Aug, he came over to my house and how sweet he is. He knocked my door and when I open, he was holding present behind him and holding mousse in fronta him. I told him I don't want cake because of THIS incident. Is not detail in that entry so I will elaborate it here la. Is basically the two cakes they bought to celebrate two persons' birthday were on floor all around. Imagine the tiramitsu so nice and it was on the floor, on people's hand throwing around and they can still eat it. OMG!! I used to like cake a lot. But thanks to them yeah~~ argh think also angry let's forgot about it lar.

Alright, after finish the mousse and took several minutes to open the present I got these baby bolster (as expected) and necklace (so damn unexpected). I first thought it would be ring in the purple box XD

The next day, he required me to ikat my hand with this ribbon because I am a birthday girl LOL!
And when I was having presentation, Angie Ng asked me to stand at the middle front of class and I thought what but ended up they sang me birthday song and gimme a simple sweet home =D It was really a surprise but TO CLEMENT WONG KIING FOOK WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP I CANNOT BELIEVE IT YOU DID NOTHING FOR ME AND NOT EVEN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.T T.T T.T x 10000000000000000

Before the end of the stories, this year, many people gimme belated wishes I don't know why. Next year may be no more wishes from them or may be late for one week SOB!!!

And I cannot imagine fourfeetnine Aud will purposely come to my blog and wish me in my Cbox cause I thought she is so busy with her Project Alpha =O

And still remember I said Sotongzai looks mature in the real person? He viewed my blog but did not wish me happy birthday pun sien lo hmph~~
May be this is a photo he captured looooooooooooong time ago. But he looks good now. So man =) It's true sotongZai, KahYee don't bluff kay~~

from 20 years-old Kylie L

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


AT 11:49 AM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
I am heading to 20 years old this year. In 12 hours time to be precise. Then, so..

This is my 20 years story line so if you don't wanna read just ignore lar haha....

I was born in 20th Aug apparently, and it's a Sunday. Then, my dad said the day I born was some world cup or olympic I forgot.

Event for that day: was Said Aouita runs world record for 3000m for (7:29:45). Click for more. All the list lack of one important thing which is my mum delivered me that day =O

I was born naturally without cut my mum's stomach but I am the first baby in the family so my mum went through a hard time.
Year 1,2 I was so ugly. I think lar unlike those cute baby on board that time.
Year 3 and 4 I am cuter.
Year 5 onwards I become fatter and fatter until year 14 in Form 2 I joined school band then becomes slimmest time ever. Started to have male friends that come to me not for friend purposes =D and in these five years of high school life, I have a scandalous boyfriend, Nicholas Tan that flying to Minnesota this Friday.
Basically (for me la I don't know him), he is my everyday cause we're in same class or not people sure talk about us and created a lot of lame stories etc blah crap. We're friend and no friend and all sort of blah until I can write a book with our stories liaos. People talked so much about him cause he was handsome (now phat liao paiseh Xp) and so excellent in sports and study so those typical idol lar. Now when I think back, I feel like...............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~
In my form 4 and 5, I have the bestest result in my entire life (should be la).

Year 18 was in foundation in UTAR. Result maintain constantly good. Until, when I transfered to Kampar-the ghost territory, then my CGPA drop 0.1 every semester, which is not a good thing. Year 19, for the first time in my life I have something special and can known him as my life companion. I finally have the chance to being pampered etc blah crap. That is why he somehow cannot tahan me at times. Even is merely one year but I think we have been through a lot. I think lar I don't know what he thinks. Year 20, I am still a virgin (according to FB, I will only lost my virginity at age of 40 swt). I am full with question marks for my futures. My brain started to degrade at the age of 19 it has become worse in year 20 cause when I was doing paper just now it was written sixteen and I saw six what turf T.T damn angry with myself and I feel so childish when I gathered with my friends cause they all look so so so much mature than me T.T

I mean, all the girls are so mature. Not this bunch of guys =) ahhh...

I planed to do manythings in my life but after many incidents and drama happened, I cut off all my dreams, so now I am a dreamless person. No dreams anymore cause I might just die in the next seconds due to infection by H1N1. See?

Thing I do always everyday every second is appreciate people and stuffs beside me.

And now my heart keeps on thinking what is he doing now cause he went to gua today until now there no reply and would like to know whether he is still alive =X

that is all wanna nap before class. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

happy birthday to me. a present for myself is a Firaun (pharoah) hair cut swt =.=

Monday, August 17, 2009

AT 5:13 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
Must see:
my 2ns sister's master piece =D I always know she is talented wan lo.. She is going to have her PMR soon~~

Must know:

For the very first time or may be the last time also, fourfeetnine Aud viewed my blog. May be the last time cause my blog not so interesting mar T.T

For those who don't know who fourfeetnine is, apparently fourfeetnine is the height but she is very kawaii lady. For those who using nuffnang, the Nuffnang co-founder, Tim is the bf of fourfeetnine =)

Must not learn:
I also don't know why the plug burned just like that T.T it has been following me for 1 year and 8 months and it burned a week before my birthday SAD!

Must understand:
This is the amount of tissue I used the other day and now still a little bit nose running.

Must don't know:
Something don't know effective or not. I went to recycle seminar. This project is to inject the knowledge of recycling for primary and secondary students.

They have some improvements at least. I guess.

They came out with this mascot that makes me forgot the definition of cute when I overheard someone said it's cute =X

Must feel:
This is what he drawn me when I angry with him cause of mis-communication he caused.
It's drawn using mouse so is not bad =D

Must refer:
Anagrams for my name. Above and below too. Not bad =D

My first sister Kathy Lim's:

My second sister Kassie Lim's:
So, you don't feel the messy right? Let me tell you now. This morning I received two messages from my fat her and he somehow hinted me I am doing something wrong because of my man. It's sort of like a fat her of a daughter don't like the daughter's boyfriend. @@ confused. oh man!! it's all crap. After so so so many hours, I replied by saying:

"I will only focus on my studies now. No worries."

I lied.
And, I hate to lie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


AT 10:16 AM 17 beep(s) to KahYee
My first choice.

Second choice.




I am going to print 7. We can use all design or choose only certain you think it's good =)

Tell me your choice by leaving a comment for me =)

p.s. I feel the sense of achievement LOL!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


AT 11:53 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
must know: I am still sick and it has been two weeks. Flu and coughing like what. Still test in 3 hours later <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Was in KL Pavillion on Tuesday. For UP premiere (ouwh should sound excited why sound like so down la cause I just woke up and it's 750am now)

The tickets redeemed from nuffnang crew. Well, I saw sotongzai and he doesn't look like what I expected. Um, should say, he looks more mature in real person XD XD XD Xp

IN CINEMAS on my birthday~

UP (Release Date: August 20th, 2009, Disney Digital 3-D™) Ya there is a 3D ver but I watched the 2-D ones.

Pixar Animation Studios

Director: Pete Docter

Co-Director: Bob Peterson

Producer: Jonas Rivera

Writer: Bob Peterson

Voice Talent: Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger, Jordan Nagai

From the Academy Award®-nominated team of director Pete Docter (“Monsters, Inc.”) and co-director Bob Peterson comes “Up,” a comedic adventure taking off (and lifting spirits) in summer 2009. Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life. “Up” takes audiences on a thrilling journey where the unlikely pair encounter wild terrain, unexpected villains and jungle creatures. When seeking adventure next summer – look “Up.”

Both them they have the same dream. This movie is a relaxing movie. When enter the cinema, please forgot everything and focus on the movie.

It was so pathetic for me. Cause the movie so funny and I was coughing ma remember so when I try to laugh I will be coughing like what after I laughed. Sooooooooo torturing lors.

Oh ya, back to the movie. It's about one old and one young, old one wanted to have some adventure to make his wife's dream comes true. Young one is a scout that accidently bump into the drama =D

They reach the some fall places and saw something awesome. So, what is that. This is the funny part and I am going to tell you here. Regardless of you watched it already or not =p

Alright, I don't tell but you can see in the photo above. I don't tell now, HAPPY!? Now you want me to tell also I don't tell d I DON'T!

Well, I wanna have a unique bird like this and a talking dog. Oh ya, the front part of the movie damn nice weh~~

Well, after the movie is done while I am walking to the exit I heard some words behind me by a girl saying that I want a talking dog.... I want a talking dog..... x 1000 I think. (AHAHHAHA see I didn't tell right, still haven't tell Xp)

And always, in all kind of movie or animaiton, sure there is a bad person in it and so do this UP movie =)
Not much characters so you can easily guess who he is.

And again like all sorts of fairy tales, animation sure ends with good ending ones. Oh ya, some people do cry for the movie. I will tell you why you should watch UP. Merely one reason: Everyone in the cinema was smiling after the movie ended (well, I don't know about Sotongzai from nuffnang cause he looks garang all the time hmm........)

Alright, time for me to start my day. Test in 2 hours later. First thing to do is, shit. I sabar for hours liao =X

wish me good luck for the test. it's a hard one molecular bio T.T

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