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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

KLCC Condominiums

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KLCC Condominiums - Pricey, Classy Some time ago (back in 2009 actually... how time flies, eh?) I did a review of a property website (click here to read it), and I thought it's high time for me to do another! I have always been proud of the Petronas Twin Towers (awesomely beautiful) and the surrounding KLCC area, and especially the luxury condominiums which have sprung up like mushrooms in the recent years. I stumbled upon this site on KLCC condominiums which you can check out by clicking here. - What It's All About As you can see, this website is not your run-off-the-mill "property portal" in the traditional sense. It's an informational website which has no property listings at all. On the other hand, it's packed with reviews and commentary of some of the more well known condominiums and apartments in the KLCC enclave - namely OneKL (my favorite), Marc Residence (which houses an awesome Delicious cafe), Binjai On The Park and so on.

And as I said, there's nothing to "sell" there so it looks like it's a labor of love more than anything else... and if I am to invest in my own KLCC apartment (yay!) then I'd probably get in touch with the webmaster and ask him to give me recommendations. Kinda leery of real estate agents nowadays...

Also, I might get recommendations from friends instead of jumping directly into a property portal - the last time I went to one (can't remember what it was) I got mildly irritated by the amount of flashy ads that pop up in my face before I could do anything. I would have preferred a site like which has clutter-free map-based property search, but maybe that's just me...

I'm going off a tangent now but now back to the topic...

KLCC has long been one of the more prestigious commercial and residential development in Kuala Lumpur. At the website there is a list of reviews of condos which sounds impartial - because there are both good AND bad reviews. For example, the KLCC area is notorious for its traffic jams during the week, and the reviews do not mask this fact; also, its proximity to the clubbing area along Jalan Sultan Ismail also means that "peace and quiet" is quite out of reach for residents in this area.

This website is still new, but I have already bookmarked it for future reference. Good writeups, but it also needs some pretty pictures to spice the website up. Now it looks rather plain and wordy which may be a turnoff to some. I want to see the classy interiors of these luxury condominiums!

So my verdict would be: four stars out of five. I like the condo reviews, and how it's different from other real estate websites and property portals in Malaysia. It would do well with more pictures and perhaps some video reviews, too! Check it out yourself - go to:-

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2012

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Since May last year, I stopped updating my blog. Plenty of things could just happen within a year. I resigned from Swatch Group in June 2012 (which was a year after I joined them) and I'm with Breitling now. Well, frankly, I would never expect I will still be with the watch trade. But I thought I'm really into it now, which possibly would be my career for my entire life. My first younger sister that I have not met her physically is returning home this Dec. I cannot recall when was the last time I met her but didn't felt it was long. May be she's not so important to me :p My second younger sister joined baking school at Apr this year. And I know she is in love with what she's doing now. I hope she will be a very successful baking master in name and fame in the near future. My younger brother is taking his PMR in a month time. I thought he has been trying to impress everyone with his performance. But too bad, he is too lazy. Haha!! My mum's health is declining. I hope she really takes care of her diet to prevent her health turns from bad to worse. As for my father. Gettin more professional in talking cock and sing his songs. Just skip him. And about my bf, the former one (yes, its the ex already) has disappeared to nowhere. He left me without a goodbye. Lying to me about his location and eventually he is gone. I was told by one of my best friend, saying the ex did contacted him and ask about my condition. To me, I would say just fuck off will do. When we were in a relationship, friends around us thought I will not appreciate. But at the end, he was the one to let me go. In fact, I knew when it was the last time I will be seeing him when we were in Melaka. I was feared when I know he has the intention to leave me. And this is being brought to the current relationship I have. Which was very bad. But thanks to my current boyfriend, guided me very well and I feel very comfortable when I know him since the first day. He gave me the safety feeling which the past can't. In fact, the past even want me to know more male friends and commit myself into another relationship. I should have known when he has that intention. And now I know. However, I do not have any regrets of my history. At least, that could probably be the biggest lesson in my life. Thanks to the ex given up on me and I found my real man after the ex disappear. One told be, if God taken something from you, he will give you something back as a return, which he did, perfectly. nd today, what leads to me writing a report here was the very massive jam in KL Jalan Raja Chulan due to the insane drovers and heavy rain. Also because my boyfriend is very sick now. I really wish I could be staying with him now to take good care of him. Too bad he is 350km away from me now. I can't too much with my current condition. I hope he will be recovered soon. Hope he will be alright when I wake up tomorrow. Hope hiss career is running smoothly, etc etc.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The latest, May 2011

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My life has been a drama since I was born. Yea. For the latest most dramatic one I am so sorry to say I have to put it as a suspend first before it's solved (and hopefully it can be solved tomorrow).

Now I am officially the employee of Swatch Group (M) and I hope everything goes fine, too.

I have officially resigned from the ex-company on 25th April 2011. And I gave myself 3 weeks of break before I fly and concentrate on the next job. Meanwhile, I need these weeks for me to settle some issues with the ex-company as well.

An ex-company is like an ex-boyfriend. When you guys are about to break up, the next step it's either both calm and everything goes peacefully OR both went very emotional and wanna chop each other down and keep asking why you wanna leave me kind of lame question. Unfortunately, my break up this time is the latter ones. Too bad huh.

I am trying to be as calm as possible to solve the problem in a peaceful way, however, not everyone in the world thinks like that, including my ex-employer, which (I can seriously tell you) it brought me a lot of trouble and might fall into court to solve the case.

I just don't understand why the ex-employers need to spend some much time on my leave, when they keep saying "if you are not happy you can leave". So, right now I am not happy then I wanna leave then you very piss off with my resignation. I really don't get a reason why. Probably you guys are kiasu and never thought I will really leave you guys. Oh come on, there is a HUGE forest outside, your small company is not even a big tree, seriously. A so called a sales company can operate without a single APPROPRIATE commission scheme then you ask people to do sale for you. Everything is under your control and you're the dictator in the company. Sorry to tell you that the dictator century is gone. Now is democratic already old man.

Why am I saying so much about that is because I really don't know why he could use a lame reason to shoot me thought I can be shoot down .__. I look down on you.

Money is not a matter and things I want is the justice. No one will admit he kills a man if he really did. And he will also keep explaining to other people that he didn't do that thought he can con some stupid pigs wtf.

Time proves everything. One day you'll know. And you are so pathetic. I pity you, yet I still want the justice.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the making of..

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These few days I was busy with siblings (except the poor Kathy Lim cause she's in US) we were making Sushi since Japan got so much radiation now so we decided to make the radiation-less sushi ourselves and also baking muffins. Now we all do it ourselves cause outside foods are so expensive and so not nice to eat derrrrr...

And wtf guess what I found out I've gained so much of weight. From NOW, I decided to keep fit. Stop laughing. I have decided means yes I've decided. Oh crap suddenly feel so sick. Damn shitty. Tomorrow have to go work. Honestly, in this company, I seriously need to be as low profile as possible and as obedient as possible wtf. Fresh blood must be like this. I am damn rebellious enough already. Also looking for another bigger company to work with. Any suggestion? Also I seriously, I mean, SERIOUSLY need to make over myself already. Probably after I get thinner. puff....  But really I am so happy with myself now with loveeeeeeeee. =.=

My small sister told me the past is the past just forget about it and focus to my future. My mother says fast fast find one "fixed" boyfriend and just stick to it forever. The thing is I am so happy with what I have now. Get what I mean? Really not much people can bare my qisin attitude, seriously. For example, at this second when I say I don't wanna watch this show cause not nice but the next second I will sit in front of the TV and watch till the end and say it's nice. Also my very pariah temper. I really don't know how is he going to stand me. I mean the "fixed" boyfriend or whatever he would probably run away after 7 days or something. Mama, don't be so innocent. No boy will like me cause of my pariah attitude de, k? guai...

Crazy. Why must I go to those social events meeting the kopitiam's son and all. I don't want. In another way it would be interesting I think cause I wanna see how they react with me. Probably because of my pariah attitude they like me cause you know guys are lonely they need more interesting woman lady like me derrr.

What I am talking about? Gosh, I am falling sick. Dizziness and all kinda shit thing. Because I watched TV for over 2 hours I am not used to TV anymore. But because I am too lonely no bf no guys jio me for dating so I am stuck at home and must stay in front of the idiot box and also the stupid portable laptop and too much radiation made me sick T_________________________________T

So I wanna go get some rest now playing with my HTC. See, still another radiation item. How now? o.O I have nothing to do. Don't ask me to read, please.

I love you.

Good night.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

since 11th Nov 2010...

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Hi guys, I have been missing in action for monthssssssssss I can say.

Due to some unhappy things that happened. Yeah yeah yeah... I know... I have lost a lot of my readers, but I really don't care about it now. I am happy with what I am doing currently. Blogging in the office while tahaning the shit that is coming out from my ass =___=

I miss my sister Kathy Lim so much.

For these 5 months, I have done so many things, which are included, I am graduated from the bloody hard UTAR. I have been to the States for 2 weeks, I have been working for 6 months, and getting more and more unhappy (I don't mind if my boss see this actually). I have been to Penang for don't know how many times in these months, averagely one month once I think. I have been to Johor and most of the time I am stucking in the jam in Klang Valley.

My friend Clement with me now are the closest friend FML and his senior in his lab acted so weirdly. HAHHAHA!!! KC and friends have found job and almost all of them have a better pay than me FML.

Then I still kinda miss Kathy Lim.

A lot of people thought I am not having something with Mr. L but it is not. In fact, it is Mr. K that is well known in the politic industry. I am Ms. K. HAHAHHAAHHA!!

I am still the queen as usual. Able to fight with boss when I don't like the things or I don't like the decision he made. And yeah wtf I got sexual harrasted in office. Got one kiss that aged 60 wtf wtf wtf.

Anyways, I am still that cool.

Oh ya, in my dream the 3 guys I am still dreaming are still the 3 guys which are A, B and C (I WON'T TELL YOU!!!K!!) And I am getting fatter and fatter, not because of the food I eat, but because of travel, I need to sit in the cars for hoursssssssssssssssss so my butt is getting bigger and bigger FML.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Will compile more things in the future to be reported here. I still like blogging anyways, as how much I love YOU!!! Yeah, you <3 ahhahahahaHAHAHHA!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

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今天很累。昨天发生了惊天动地的事情,今天忙得要死。忙做office girl。印刷整十千张纸,手都被纸割得不像样,很痛。还要做没有钱的OT。以为忙了整天可以见他一面,到头来得到的是一场空。我觉得我自己很笨。笨到没有人有。人家都不把我放在眼里了为什么我还那么执著。



Monday, November 29, 2010

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for almost one month, i am still unable to truly face myself with the reality standing in front of me.

each & every time i open the google chrome browser, i've already set it to automatically open few pages i've added in the settings. for the 3 weeks, i don't even dare to open the browser because i feel pressured to open due to the drastic drop of my blog statistics & also all the memories i've had with these tabs, including gmail which we love to chat there, FB which there are a lot of photos with memories, and blog with even more stories & memories we've recorded down throughout the 2 years.

i told myself not to cry & i did it. i am able to swallow back all the tears at the moment. i told myself to be rational.

this is also the first time i've sick for almost one month & have not recovered. crying in the dream, fearing in both the conscious & subconscious minds, it's trauma. i don't know whether i should express my feeling here but seriously, the impact is far more worse & horrible than what i expected.

i've been so emo until i hate myself so much. may be it's the matter of time. it is...

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