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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

KLCC Condominiums

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KLCC Condominiums - Pricey, Classy Some time ago (back in 2009 actually... how time flies, eh?) I did a review of a property website (click here to read it), and I thought it's high time for me to do another! I have always been proud of the Petronas Twin Towers (awesomely beautiful) and the surrounding KLCC area, and especially the luxury condominiums which have sprung up like mushrooms in the recent years. I stumbled upon this site on KLCC condominiums which you can check out by clicking here. - What It's All About As you can see, this website is not your run-off-the-mill "property portal" in the traditional sense. It's an informational website which has no property listings at all. On the other hand, it's packed with reviews and commentary of some of the more well known condominiums and apartments in the KLCC enclave - namely OneKL (my favorite), Marc Residence (which houses an awesome Delicious cafe), Binjai On The Park and so on.

And as I said, there's nothing to "sell" there so it looks like it's a labor of love more than anything else... and if I am to invest in my own KLCC apartment (yay!) then I'd probably get in touch with the webmaster and ask him to give me recommendations. Kinda leery of real estate agents nowadays...

Also, I might get recommendations from friends instead of jumping directly into a property portal - the last time I went to one (can't remember what it was) I got mildly irritated by the amount of flashy ads that pop up in my face before I could do anything. I would have preferred a site like which has clutter-free map-based property search, but maybe that's just me...

I'm going off a tangent now but now back to the topic...

KLCC has long been one of the more prestigious commercial and residential development in Kuala Lumpur. At the website there is a list of reviews of condos which sounds impartial - because there are both good AND bad reviews. For example, the KLCC area is notorious for its traffic jams during the week, and the reviews do not mask this fact; also, its proximity to the clubbing area along Jalan Sultan Ismail also means that "peace and quiet" is quite out of reach for residents in this area.

This website is still new, but I have already bookmarked it for future reference. Good writeups, but it also needs some pretty pictures to spice the website up. Now it looks rather plain and wordy which may be a turnoff to some. I want to see the classy interiors of these luxury condominiums!

So my verdict would be: four stars out of five. I like the condo reviews, and how it's different from other real estate websites and property portals in Malaysia. It would do well with more pictures and perhaps some video reviews, too! Check it out yourself - go to:-

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