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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AT 1:04 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
All about study for Principle of Biotechnology. Therefore, it wears spec also lar.

On Sunday, I went for Effective Time Management Soft Skills Program.
For me and Clement, we both are under UTAR's sponsorship to this event cause we have incentive since we have posts in UTAR's club/society/SRC.

I went with Jing Jing and Clement. I do not know dinosaur(the red left guy) will be there also.

This Jonathan Fong, he is the tutor for that day. He works for Berjaya Group. You know Times Square at KL? Ya he works under that group.

Ice-breaking is about throwing toilet paper around.

And write your personal detail on to it. The more paper you tear, the more you need to write. I tore one. =D

Titanic position.

These are the people who went for this program that day.

After tea-break. The timing and frequency for tea break is just in time and very sufficient for me. ;D cause I get hungry very easily.

Live fullest. I am studying Biotech right now. Ha!! How many times I have mentioned I am studying Biotech cause the test is tomorrow. I am hungry. Cooking porridge. Waiting it to be cooked. Hungry~~~~

And I skipped another two classes today. To be precise, 3 classes.

p.s. I wanna go back to Klang??

Monday, March 30, 2009


AT 5:00 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
















很想快点在看到他,然后冲过去抱着他。哈哈!包得很紧很紧。让他怎样甩都甩不掉。 =p


p.s. 啊,我很懒惰大便。

Sunday, March 29, 2009


AT 10:05 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee

I wanna go back to Klang I wanna go back to Klang I wanna go back to Klang I wanna go back to Klang I wanna go back to Klang I wanna go back to Klang!

I said I wanna go back to Klang and I really wanna go back to Klang and I am going to back to Klang.

I am procrastinating.

I have no energy.


Severe migraine. (according to Clement, it is migraine)

I have two tests, four reports and a talk this Saturday. Kampung Tibang Visit this Sunday.

I cannot stand now.

I wanna tell him but I dare not cause he is studying.

I have no one to tell.

I feel I am so pathetic.

I wanna go back to Klang.

Anyone can fetch me back to Klang? Anyone?


Saturday, March 28, 2009


AT 6:14 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
Today, is Saturday.

The water from westlake home. Cause there are construction going on nearby westlake. It's black ones. He said is dark water =.=

Saturday is rainy day.

Up until this moment, while I am typing this post, the sky is still raining.

instead of hiding myself inside my room studying Physiology and Principle of Biotechnology and do reportssss, I went out to play with the natural. Khairil brought me to makan angin haha!

No la just some small hawker stall out of Kampar town cause today, is UTAR Open Day the human flow in Kampar is increases drastically. The concentration of Homo sapien straight away increase like what. The number of cars also sien. -.- and I don't wanna compete with them for oxygen.

The food of Kampar I do not know why I feel that it becomes so expensive wtf haha. There are limited stalls and everyday we are eating the same food so I just wanna go out from Kampar!!!

Khairil said this girl looks like his sister. Younger sister, who is going to take UPSR this year.

This coconut, is the best kelapa I ever had. It smells so, so GOOD!! I can still remember the smell and the taste of it. Owh~~~~

And this kuih I do not kn0w what it called. But it is so nice also mmmmmmmm.....

Right now, I just finished this porridge. So nice, this is maggie vegetarian porridge. Ya I know there are a lot of MSG inside but I added a lot of water so, does not matter la since I seldom eat it also ma.

While eating I watching this HK drama also lar cause you know I am a multi-tasker I will not do one thing at once. I have to do more than one so that I can do both efficiently.

Ah, it is already end of March. Finals are coming. Three-in-a-row examinations. Shit**

I just changed my bedsheet and pillow cover cause someone made it dirty argh~~~ But still messy lar cause my room will never goes tidy one la no worries.

Drama finishing and it's about 8pm and it's almost Earth Hour and it is still raining. I can switch off both light and fan since weather so cooling lar HAHAHA!!

bai bai.

Friday, March 27, 2009


AT 9:57 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I nap for like 5hours!!! Ya! Five-freaking-hours!!!

Instead of studying eating watching drama or dating, I sleep it.

I just sleep away my 5 hours, like that. So easily. From 4.52pm to 9.54pm. T.T

I still so happy when I put both my hand phone silent, and, without alarm is set. WITHOUT alarm set!

And now, I haven't bath, and I am so hungry.

Do you think I will do report now?

I tell you,


I slept my my five hours already. So, I have to do re.........................................................

Thursday, March 26, 2009


AT 4:20 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
I have my own sweet time to blog. After biochemistry test. Cause previously I have 3 marks out of 10 only (I am proud of myself cause I guessed my marks correctly FML). So I said I wanna get 10/10 this time unfortunately I did some careless mistake so bye bye 10/10. T.T

I can blog yesterday. But I was so tired and I fell asleep after helped Khairil did his presentation. Hope I get some credit from him (OI!! WHERE IS MY MEAL!!???). Ehm ehm... excuse me. So after I slept I woke up late this morning some more. Ahh.. Whole class also tired. The attandence today was the worst (cause the Bar-list already out ma sweat).

This the left ones is the new phone I got cause I get myself a Celcom number cause Maxis is not cheap and cause someone changed number so I had to...................... I asked my mum to bring me one phone from house but she went to buy one I so don't know what to say when my sister told me she purposely go and buy one for me. Well, I bet when my 1st sis sees this she will probably boom me, again. blah blah blah.

Was camwhoring while studying in reading room of my campus. Probably we don't call it reading room. We shall call it pasar malam room cause the silence notice is really useless. Do you know what most of the students did inside? They came into have assignment discussions, to chit chat cause that is the only place they can talk with air conditioned expect for class rooms wtf. Some even picnic inside buy ice cream snacks etc whatever they can buy they just bought and brought it into a reading room. FYI reading room is supposed to be like library to let people study in peach okay!

After this photo was taken I actually had a big fight with him cause he take (naked) picture with his so called sister. Well, is naked cause they were in waterfall. He was naked but she is not. She has boyfriend but I still mind. I mean, very mind. Hope one day I wouldn't mind then I shall sing "Dangerous" to him. Yeah~ peace~~

Over the weekend my parents and my 2nd sis + bro came to find me since they were having school holiday. According to my 1st sis, they were so excited like going overseas cause my bro packed all his nice nice shirts and by the time he came he told me that ALL his nice shirts are inside his bag. I was impressed actually. As for my sis, she brought a lot of food as she is going to picnic LOL!

I played badminton with them, cycled with my sister, and we went yamcha together for the first time in my entire life. I never yamcha with her before lol cause we wouldn't have the chance when were in Klang. The only cha is the chinese tea that made by my father haha!!

Alright, that is for today. I am so sleepy.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


AT 7:30 AM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
A dizzy week.
UTAR thought we science students won't die. So they allocated 3-in-a-row exams for us. CRAZY!!! God Bless~~

I went badminton yesterday. This is mua face after badminton. Ha!! I love to sweat, even though I sweat everyday cause my body too much toxic already. Burh~~

And I am very hungry. Hungry every half an hour. Khairil said my stomach got worms that absorb all my nutrients. But according to what I have read from Microbiology, those worms can really kill that person by causing some disease like trichinis or what stosomiasis I forgot the name already after the mid-term.

Due to the week is very busy, hence, you can see my wonderful room is so tidy. yeah~~ I also don't know why I so busy but can still sleep for 10 hours per day and spend a lot of time eating. HAHA!! =.= fail fail fail

Kampar rains almost everyday(no rain also thunder storm striking whole night sial), so by having this is really warm and so so so happy while raining. XD

Instead of going back to Klang, my family is here at Kampar!! I believe they are on their way now. good food good food good food.

p.s. I will only have good food when they come cause they are very good in eating. haha!!

p.p.s. I lost my file yesterday, don't know who took it and at evening suddenly cool guy passed it to me I was so happy. He said some big guys returned it one wor. Don't know. Thanks cool guy. I always love you, you know that. XD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


AT 7:40 PM 12 beep(s) to KahYee
This is a super short entry.

It is not about me forgetting something or someone. Instead, I am the one who being forgotten by some other people. Like I no need loves and cares.

I am not a robot. He makes me feel like he is more suitable if categorized under single and available category. I know he really don't like whenever I blog about him. But I don't know whom to talk to. I am tired. I just don't wanna talk because I am tired already. It makes me feel like I am not expensive. You know, cheap. Like a prostitute giving out low price to get customers. I really think that way. I was like begging like beggar to see you. If I never be the first one who called you, we will probably did not meet for more than 48 hours (heart broken). I am those type who always will speak out if I have any dissatisfaction, but now I choose not to talk. I guess you know the level of severeness.

You will never know how happy I am whenever you appear on front of me.

I never wanna blame others. I still think it was my fault for all the things had happened. I am really sorry for causing you not happy, or whatsoever. But I cannot stand already. I always think I will die in my room lonely, without people realizing it.

May be I should think positively like, at least flies will know I die already and those fungus and mosses plasmodium slime mode or whatever saprophyte will come and digest my body wtf.

I need loves and cares, my friends.

Do you know that asking me whether I want to have lunch will really make my day bright?

Ever since I have my med check, I always think I am the odd ones. Like today, my physiology experiment, tested my urine. Everyone has basic or neutral and I am the only one have acidic urine even after I drank 700ml of water. What the hell is that?

My tongue, still painful after suffering for like 5 days. May be I'd lied too much.

- End -

Monday, March 16, 2009


AT 4:33 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
I just done with my Microbiology Mid term today. Ahh.. hun hun lar.. (in Japanese means shit haha!!)

I am so tired. So stress. Long time never had this kind of pressure already. Cause last semester I did not study. bah~~ Sleepy. I don't wanna sleep cause I am lazy to sleep. My tongue so painful.

After I had french fries and fried chicken @ 21 st with Clement the other day. Ahh.. 4 days already. I could hardly eat and drink and even, to talk. T.T and both Clement and Khairil keep imitating the way I talk. swt........

Some camwhore photos.

After eating with Clement we saw this. Wonder why cicak loves the eyes so much. LOL!!

My dad bought me this so that I do not starve. Previously I have gastric even though I eat a lot. I feel hungry every half an hour I eat. So, you can imagine how hungry I am.

After that, I found out I was so hungry is because I did not have breakfast. boo boo boo.

My dad bought me this too. He always call me and remind me to eat this. And also asked me not to break it cause it is very expensive. rm18 per tin like this.

Accidentally in love. Ahh... Fall in love. Crazy him went water fall and take opportunity to have so much of interactions with girls when the girls falling down. CHEH!!!!!

My waist. Saw my tyre? Haha. I need to reduce the uptake of carbohydrate and fat already. Oh I wanna drink Vono potato mushroom soup. It is so nice. Even tongue pain also can drink. I just finished the last pack. T.T sob~~

Random photos.

You know, misunderstanding of people toward me. There are quite a lot.
  1. People always thought I am very good in studies. Well before Deg ya I was a quite good student. After entering Deg, hmm.. HAHA! My brain senescense already LOL!!
  2. People always thought there are a lot of people going after me. Well, again, before Deg Y2 (this year la 2009), ya I had it before.
  3. People always thought there are a lot of people willing to do me a lot of favor (e.g. Fetch me to University, buy me a lot of things etc) So, when people sees me cycling to school they were so shocked. cheh~~ Student Rep cannot cycle mer?
  4. People always thought I am fehmes. Like on my birthday, there is nobody wishes me t 12am sharp cause they all thought there will be a lot of people wish me at that period of time. Hence, it ends up with no one wish me Happy Birthday on my birthday.
  5. People always thought I am rich. Actually, I am not. Even though you see me using good things etc but I saved all the $$ myself by eating cheap food in Uni lo. I wanna use good thing cause good thing is good and has quality mar. And, ya lar it is true mar...!
  6. And previously a lot thought I am English educated. Hmm.. Now no more lar haha cause my English really not good.
ok la I wanna nap already. Later I will reward myself by cooking instant noodle PLUS egg. (shit tomorrow experiment whole class needs to pee. shit. =.=)

oh yeah heavy rain lor.. wakakakka so nice to sleep ;)

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