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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Samsung Jet for SALE!!! 400 lower than retail price!!

AT 6:28 PM 7 beep(s) to KahYee
Brand New Original Samsung Jet s8000 for sale!
Retail Price: RM1400
My Price: RM negotiate-able.

I am selling this phone because I didn't have chance to use it.

I mean, I don't feel like using it so I am gonna sell it since I already have two phones with me now that working very well.

Below is the images, you can view it yourself.

As for nuffnangers, I know you know he knows she knows everyone knows this Samsung Jet is only 3-day-old.

And if you helped me sold off the phone, commission is given.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nuffnang: Ip Man 2 premiere screening~

AT 1:47 PM 6 beep(s) to KahYee
A day before:
 Went to Secret Recipe for foods.
Cheesy Black Forest. Both cheese and black forest are my fav!

 Buy cake free tea cause it's tea time.

He had Black pepper grill chicken chop.

 I had vege Soba. NICE!!

Then on the screening day itself.
 Went to NYNY for Breakfast @ One Utama.


 We shared this and we were DAMN FULL!!!!
Tagliatelle Alfredo, creamy and smell so good =)

 we went Chocolate lounge for tea time waiting for prize giving for Ip Man 2 blogging contest. 

 We had a mug of dark chocolate which made us DAMN full, again.

 We reached Pavilion GSC!!

 Being served by the white man, Azli.

#1 Weee~~~  Eric from EON Bank gave me the prize.



 #4 Cayenne!!!




 Ip Man 2 screening tickets =))

Then, before the movie,
 We had dinner @ Subway, Pavilion.

headed to the cinema!!!!

Ip Man 2 is a real nice movie and everyone should watch.
The movie length is 2 hours and after the movie ends I thought it was only 10 minutes @@!

Thanks to EON BANK for giving me the best seats, they booked the entire GSC Pavilion for this screening and also let me watch together with all the EON Bank managers etc XD


Thank you EON Bank, GSC, and Nuffnang!!
If you've no idea how I won, please click here!! EON Bank people really like me entry XD XD

p.s. this is a brief entry because I have to start study for my finals in order to get myself graduated by this Oct thanks!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love World . Love Sloggi

AT 7:28 PM 8 beep(s) to KahYee
About me loving the world, and loving the nature...

was not that way =)

In this space we are living on, things I love about the world are...
my family, even we quarrel so much;

the floras and faunas, even human eats them so much;

the nice foods, even they make us fat so much;

the person I love, even we're far apart; and

the places we love, even the languages are hard.


Unfortunately, the world has met a critical point, which, the global warming has made the entire world unusual.
The fact of our beloved Earth is polluted can never be doubted anymore.

Tonnes of rubbishes produced by human every single seconds.


or even gazillions of recyclable plastic bottles being thrown or categorized as "trash", which supposed to be known as recyclable item.

At this level, some changes have to be made.
Therefore, in the new Spring 2010 collection of Sloggi - "the cotton revolution", has made another revolution,

by introducing the Love World series of lingeries.

The principle of Love World lingeries is working by
turning the recycled plastic bottles into colourful patterns, fashionable designs and ecologically-friendly fabrics, that offer great comfort and a superb fit for all-day, everyday inner wear to lingeries users in the world.

I do not know how they produce the amazing products and make the 'nothing underneath' to the Sloggi briefs but they just made it!!!!!
90% from recycled plastic bottles!!! Which is A-WHOLE-LOT of plastic bottles are re-used!!!!

The Love World collection of lingeries have introduced into the market for quite some time.
The beautiful designs and superb-fit feature lingeries are selling at affordable promotion price at all the Sloggi outlets near your house now!!

For more sexy photos details, please click Love World Love Sloggi.


As for how much I love Sloggi, I do not how to describe, and I don't wanna be bias as well to praise them just to win the contest.
But, I am a Sloggi lingeries (both bras and panties) user for over one and a half year already.
And I really really like the comfortability and the superb-fit characteristics of Sloggi products have built my inner confident that not the cosmetics make up can give.
You can go and try out yourself =)

And of course, love their eco-friendly-ness, too!
Love how sloggi protect the world in a way that benefit themselves, the consumers and also the Earth =)

By the way, if you are interested and you think you can be more creative in conveying the "Love World Love Sloggi" message, you can also join this contest by
logging on to Sloggi website for further info!!

Before the end of this entry, I'd like to share a video sincerely made by me and my friend for everyone in the entire world.

Your decision makes difference.


Love the world by supporting Sloggi's Love World products.
Cheers~ and wish me luck for the contest!! =))

p.s. Yes! My entry do not have nice photoshopped cartoon and interesting Flash animation but I did it all I can with my sincere heart and creative brain =X

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I is the winner of Samsung Jet for Ip Man 2 contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yehhhaa!!!!

AT 11:52 PM 11 beep(s) to KahYee
I can has Samsung Jet (smarter than smart phone!!)
Click to see what makes me win!!!


HAPPY x 8483742983749283715387103978529359435

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