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Sunday, April 11, 2010

don't force me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AT 1:58 PM
I am so uncertain now. I am having a very important test tomorrow, I have final-exam type of 20 pages report to submit this coming Thursday and I have another important test on the same day.

And yet I have really limited time. I am not as free as you all think.

Many commitments that have been made cannot be escaped at the last minute and I purely understand that.

But I don't get it why some popularity of human wanna treat me that way.

They call me when they need me; they ignore me when I am a surplus for them.

The fake smiles the fake topic the fake faces.

You thoughts in mind are so dangerous.

Things were not being clarified and I fucking hate that!

Silence does not represent everything! You never tell me and I never know!

I just wanna protect myself and is that a wrong to do?

Please tell me what you all want.

I know many of you fucking hate me and wish me to die tomorrow. If you really think so, please tell me directly face to face instead of being a back-stabber talking people's bad like a bitch!

I am not understandable because non of you allowed me to approach, or I don't wanna approach anyone of you.

The obvious reason I don't wanna be that close with you all is because the way you all live is very childish and immature.

If I exposed and break every single thing that I have heard from everyone of you and let our classmates know the whole content in our three years of uni life, our class will be like a war field which it is a shit.

The main reason I don't wanna do that is because this is our freaking final year and I don't wanna make it so commercial, until the extend of need transportation only will think of LIM KAH YEE, which is really ridiculous because for our 3-4 years of friendship and that is what we have.,

I am very honestly here to tell you if every rumors scandals to be broken here, Mr S in our class is the solely person who doesn't involve in any crap among us.

Why do we need to be so evil as a human being?

Don't force me.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

ahxian on Apr 11, 2010, 2:04:00 PM said...

wow... got so dangerous ma??? gan cheong~~~

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