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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup players in Bikini wtf...

AT 9:39 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
I so don't want my boyfriend to see this. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Presenting you the World Cup unofficial weedeo..

So guys...

Have you spray blood yet?

Or your hands get gatal yet?

Or feel like going toilet yet?


Girls  to UP-SUPPORT this weedeo.

Guys  for what you've seen. Zzzzz

p.s. Apparently I am jehles-ing.

GRANPA GAGA! Have you ever seen?

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If no. Here you go!!!!!
(please see below)

If yes, no harm seeing again 

World Cup Referees Coulibaly, Larrionda Sent Home After Errors in Matches

AT 8:07 AM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
Padan muka betul. So with the title above, it proves that Larrionda wasn't assassinated, yet.
I am not an England fans but I view it from a normal human sense. This really padan muka.

The below image is from a convincing source and supported by even convincing source!!

Farewell Larrionda and Coulibaly the linesman, you both are IDIOTS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

UTAR Student Representative whack UTAR student!!!!

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I mean, UTAR Student Representative whacked hit UTAR student.

Yes, right after Jorge Larrrionda being assassinated yesterday, UTAR has its own case.

Navindran, the one who whack hit people.
Race: Indian
Status: Currect SRC Faculty Representative

The one being hit, Lee with his wound.
Race: Chinese
Status: Carrying swollen chin.


According to Kong, one of my friend from Chemistry course, said that this is some kinda Bollywood show in UTAR, makes me XD XD XD

Another one Malaysia's culture after the BHP petrol case and young man died during marathon in KL!

Two different people with two different races.
Two different versions of explanations.
Who is right and who is wrong.
The answer is in your hands.

wtf sound so like "who wants to be a millionaire".

Anyways back to the topic.

These two Homo sapiens were actually having a post-mortem meeting for their event named "1Malaysia Food Festival" (sound so ironic cause they weren't that 1Malaysia only lo)

Then, during the post-mortem, some dissatisfaction of this and that was happened. And I am going to write in 2 versions. One from Navindran's view and one from Lee's view.

Navindran's View:
When it was Lee's turn to receive feedback from committee, he refused to admit his mistakes and scold vulgar words and leave the meeting. Navindran chased him and asked him to return to the committees and apologize. Lee started to shout "POLICE" when Navindran is approching him. Navindran tried to pull Lee and Lee continued shout "POLICE", so (here comes the interesting point) Navindran was so panicked so he hit Lee.

He then claimed that his act was just for self-defense. (Ya, self-defensing from hearing Lee shouting "POLICE" interesting!!!)

Lee's View:
After the argument (there is no vulgar words thing in this version), he and the girlfriend left and heading to the car. And according to Lee, he SUDDENLY (I do not know how sudden it was but HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!) being punched by Navindran.

That is all for Lee's version. Suddenly finish liao. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

p.s. Apparently I am not being racist here lors what the commenter thinks about wor.... T___________T


Ahh... recently so many this kinda thing happened around me, including me myself. Due to something happened on last Saturday, with my low IQ, EQ with my hypocrite characteristic begging for mercy and being asked to be one of the TVB actress (proud to have all these), I am totally completely utterly fully speechless. I have decided in my heart. What I should do and what I shouldn't in the future. Talk less and be less supportive and be less proactive and be more passive at certain environments.

I learned something from this incident. Telling the truth, telling true feelings to your good friend or anyone, it won't work, at all time. Again, different people has different version of stories and different point of view. Which one you choose? It doesn't matter. Things won't be going back as original as it is. Even though you have a "Back to the Past Machine".

"This story ends at 7.11 p.m. 29th June 2010."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jorge Larrionda was assassinated this morning at South Africa.

AT 10:34 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
From the entry here, we all know that yesterday in the GER vs ENG match, one goal made by Lampard was disallowed by the referee Jorge Larrionda.
Jorge Larrionda

And from a news I have read, stated that he was assassinated by one of the England football fans this morning at South Africa.

This is the news now spreading around the world, regardless of you believe it, or not.

If you do not know how to read mandarin, lemme do a translation for you. Just a brief one with key point.

"The South Africa Telecast reported that at 0000 28th June, Jorge Larrionda was assassinated when he was walking out from the stadium. Larrionda's head was being shoot by gun with thirteen shots. His heart was also being shoot. The crime scene was horrible and now the case is under investigation."

I do not know how real this news is but it's now spreading all around the world, especially in China ONLY. You get what I mean?

I don't think it's real one though.

But there is a FB page was created and it was name "Jorge Larrionda deserves to die!!!"

Please see below.

Not your "below" but below of this page =.=


 for anything you like XD

Denied GOAL with denied thesis report.

AT 7:43 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
Yes, it was the ENG vs GER match yesterday. Ya, damn sheebai cause of a blind linesman and due to his blindness now he and the referee are so fehmes now. Zzzzzzzzzzz...
As you can see, this is not a goal.
I told ya it was a mistake to let the World Cup to be organized in South Africa. 
And this could also be the noisiest World Cup ever due to the existence of vuvuzela.

Just in case you do not know what it is....
Here's for your reference's purposes. This is vuvuzela.

In every single match you'll heard the vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...


Therefore it's called vuvuzela.

Another "disclosure" of the denied goal or disallowed goal. Sheebai betul.

After the GOAL thing now it's time for my denied "goal" time. My goal is to complete the thesis in shortest time. But...
It was denied. T____________________T Basically I have to rewrite everything. Great!

I don't think the supervisor should write something so negative for their student lo. Double-lined the FAIL some more. He hates me so much meh?

Ugh..... It makes me wanna going for a shorter haircut or even bald my head T____________________T
Cause for chinese culture, some say cut off all the 3000 hairs will somehow reliefs you. I am not sure whether I've only 3000 hairs but never mind.

After I bald my head I'll tell you whether it is true.

And you've probably need to wait till 1000 years later.

Signing off now.
Having a test tomorrow. Sien. All the dues are visiting me at my door step now.
To gimme moral support,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A young man passed away in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 today.

AT 9:08 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
[update: in the 8 p.m. news just now, the reporter only mentioned who get the champion and who's the 1st runner for the event. They didn't mention single word about this tragedy.]

... due to negligence of medical assistance and medical aids along the marathon track.

The tragedy was happened in Dataran Merdeka in a marathon organized by Standard Chartered.

The young man, Lim was not feeling well during the running session.

He was collapsed and no medical assistance were offered until 20 minutes later. During the 20 minutes, the DBKL officers were just standing there and stare at them and did nothing.

People around, including a doctor tried to help so that his pulse didn't stop. Lim's pulse stopped twice and the participants and the doctor helped to  regain Lim's pulse for twice.

When St. John's ambulance was there, they have no adequate medical devices to help Lim. Hence, the ambulance sent Lim to Hospital Kuala Lumpur in a very rapid speed.

However, Lim has passed away due to the inadequate of medical equipment and professional medical assistance on the marathon track and during he was in the ambulance.

This case is another should-not-happen-tragedy after the BHP petrol station refused to borrow fire extinguisher case.

And this time, the DBKL officers would claim that they thought Lim was just acting and playing around with his friend so they never bothered to give a hand while the kind people were all doing CPR for Lim and helping.

This, is this a Malaysia culture?

For much detailed, please click here to read what is written by the man who did CPR for Lim.

 and share this with your friends. Awareness is needed seriously.

R.I.P. Lim.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emotionally breakdown.

AT 12:47 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
This morning. I woke up very early with full of doubts whether my best friend is going to be on time as how he mentioned to me yesterday. No longer best friend cause I guess he hates me so much right now or may be he hates me since decades ago I don't know. I always have that kinda feeling so I actually talked to him very carefully every time I talk to him.

And this morning, he was supposed to come to my house at 8 a.m. And my doubts and questions are all correct, he-is-going-to-be-very-late. I know that would happen but I still keep waiting and believe in myself that he will be here on time. Unfortunately, he didn't. From 7.30 a.m. I get everything well prepared and started to wait and wait and wait and wait until 9.30 a.m. Finally I cannot stand all the craps, and I burst.

You may think this is not a big deal cause most of the human late for everything. And that is one of the thing I hate the most. Rehearsal late. Dating late. Wait for people to finish their works or tests. Wait for people to go toilet. This late and that late.

So, while I was waiting apparently I was not in good mood and I cannot do my own things while I was waiting. And because of his late and it sacrificed my schedule for the entire week and probably I couldn't do well in my mid term test and also cannot finish my draft thesis on time for my supervisor.

Yes, thing that you might think that is only a little tiny things to you but it affects me that much. Because I always want thing to be completed and on the track.

However, due to many reasons people just cannot be punctual. 

He tried to explain to me he slept at 3 a.m. yesterday that is why he overslept this morning. And I wanted to throw my phone away because for me that was an excuse. He could have send me a message and tell me he'll be late or so, so that I won't be waiting blindly at home and send him message never reply and never pick up my phone call.

I know it is not his responsibility to treat me as good as my mother treats me so I didn't say anything to him.

But it is obviously he is now very not happy with my attitude. And I couldn't say anything as it is not his responsibility to treat me good. He didn't owe me anything. So, again I just shut up.

After the long story you have read I believe you know why I do not have much friends in my life.

Because if 1 friend I have to wait for 2 hours. 10 friends I have to wait for 20 hours.

My life isn't about waiting...

Those people are able to be so friend because they are all late person or able to spend their day waiting for their friends and I cannot.

I was very upset when he rejected to come to my house today with the reason that he is going to campus for work. I knew he hates me right now. But I can't do anything cause it isn't his fault. It was me who choose to believe he will be punctual and spent my 2 hours of waiting and another 3 hours to recover from my upsets.

I know that is not a responsibility for him to treat me good.
But it is not a responsibility for me to wait blindly too.

... and now he is able to finish all his to-do-list by today. Yet I'll have to postpone mine to an endless date.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cacing mating.

AT 7:18 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
When I was rushing to toilet after
... the Fermentation Technology lecture this morning. 
Some embarrassing and awkward scene happened, where, the two organisms saw me pee-ing and I was watching them fucking each other while I was pee-ing. @@
Tada!~~~ [photo taken after I peed.]
So lovely. Initially I thought it's some soil or dirt thing luckily I didn't step on it when I was running into the toilet.
Wanna know how their kids look like?
[Image source from Wikithepedia]
Tada~~ No surprise cause all identical wan sien. But they have no problem recognizing their kids also cause their kids only have one name, which is cocoons. HAHHAHAHHAHHA!!! Okay not funny.

I totally forgot earthworm needs mating to reproduce. Ughh...

Cause when I was a kid someone my dad told me when we cut the earthworm into half and there got two and that is how they being "produced".
And it is true cause when I was a kid I was am a very very naughty girl and I cut the earthworm using shovel and they can still move and survive.

But it's okay non of my business also cheh.

And surprisingly, I found out something when I was googling.

  1. Earthworm are all bisexual, as they have both male and female sex organ.
  2. Earthworm is the strongest sex partner ever (stronger than anyone of you or your boyfriend)  because they have two testes.
  3. Earthworm enjoyed the most interesting fucking session in the entire world because they are able to fuck the same species and also being fucked by the same species, at different time la of course.
Interesting isn't it? =)

Nose shit.

AT 6:23 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I was supposed to take a nap for the Portugal vs Brazil tonight but because I am tired of schools and studies dee.. so crap back to the topic.

But I have thought of such a good topic while I was falling asleep so I must talk about it!!!!!

You won't know that kinda feeling when you're about to fall into dreamland and suddenly something PUFF* pops out in your mind and that is so great!! [so excited right now YAY YAY!!]

Alright, apparently I was dicking my nose when I was about to sleep just now and then suddenly I recalled back when I was still a kid right, I always wanted to keep my nose shit when there is unique shape of it or the size of my nose shit is un-explainable HUGE. And I wanna keep them in some boxes like match boxes. I actually having this habit also when I was cutting my toe nails or finger nails when there are awesomely huge and unique nails and I'd like to keep it.

Then, one day I found out my nose shit to put inside the match boxes is a bit too dala dala.. As in, it'll lost easily. And then I was looking for a solution to solve this problem la apparently. THEN!!!!

You know what I was thinking? HAHAHHA!!

I was thinking to have a special room to store all my nose shit for my whole life. Unfortunately my house is too small to accommodate all my nose shit for 60 years ( I assume I'll survive until next 40 years la). So, ya baby,  eventually I didn't do the crazy thing. If not I'll be very rich now selling my nose shit to the whole world.

Because there is a doctor from Australia stated that eating nose shit is good for health and improves your lymphatic system, provided the nose shit is freshly dig from your nose.

p.s. I never denied all the doctors are having Permanent head Damage problem kays.

If you don't believe in me you can read this short article (in mandarin wan la paiseh) and it tells you everything.

p.p.s. This entry is for entertainment purpose only. However if you really tasted your nose shit please lemme know how it tastes like I desperately wanna know XD XD

Sheebai thing with sheebai people...

AT 1:53 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I am now in my genomic practical and crap happened.

Clement is looking at what I am typing so I am not going to continue now HAHAHAHAH!!!

Deng I overhead a lot people scold vulgar words due to the horrible and vegetable internet connection my univerisity has. They created the firewall on the wi-fi for rubbish's sake and I don't know what is the point.

Even in the computer lab we couldn't get online burh~~~ What is the purpose? We've a president graduated from MMU the so called Multimedia Univeristy and the wi-fi or whatever internet connection in our university makes the entire world scolds endless vulgar words.

It's time for lab now kthxbai.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance.

AT 7:45 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Courtesy of Lancôme and SinChewJitPoh, I've gotten a sample of brand new Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance.
Stupid me was thought of to pour the entire ml of the fragrance to my car fragrance container X.x since my Ambi Pur lavendar container unfortunately luckily this bottle thingy cannot be opened wan HAHAHAHAH!!!

After few days of using Trésor In Love Fragrance, I was in  with myself cause I smell so good T__________T It's so easy to fall in ♥ ~~ 

And the good smell last for whole day also. People pass by me also  me more I think HAHAHAHHA!!! And when I sleep on bed and I wake up the good smell is on my bed and I don't wanna leave me bed!!!!! wakakakakaka.....

Lancôme Trésor In  Fragrance is selling at RM200 for 50 ml and RM260 for 75 ml.

In  with me now with Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance XD

Nang me~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My dad's impression towards Nuffnang (Malaysia) Office.

AT 4:14 PM 6 beep(s) to KahYee
If you all are wondering why the heck my dad did in Nuffnang office,

lemme tell you why now la kay.

Last Friday, I was supposed to go Nuffnang office by 6 p.m. from Kampar but due to the delay of the Genomics practical session that I had, I couldn't be there on time cause the practical supposed to end at 4 p.m. but I told you there were some delay things going on. I cannot reach KL like in 1 hour and 15 minutes la kay from Kampar.

And why would I go to Nuffnang office in the first place?

Cause I won the Nuffnang Project Alpha Season 2 contest. Not the grand prize no worries the result isn't out yet I think.

I am one of the daily quiz winner.

So, since Nuffnang not going to open for me on Saturday and Sunday, and how coincidence it was my father going to accompany my sister for VISA interview (she's going to the States) therefore he went to Nuffnang office for me to collect the prize la. Then!!!

Then!! My father text me when I was in the 8 a.m. class once he reached there and told me that the place there like very hidden and shaded =.= I do not know what does that mean la. But anyways!!!

Then finally Nuffies were there liao (so early and punctual) then he told me things he got was a cap and a lotion.

Most importantly, he described Nuffnang office as like those ciplak companies trying to con little girls or so.
He said:"ah girl, the company combined two rooms together wan and there were only few tables in the office and that's all. It looks like you being "utilized" already."

But I thought from the "coffee with nuffies" images on Nuffnang blogpost the office looked quite okay wan?? =.=

And I have told my dad for quite some time I win this and win that from Nuffnang and he doesn't believe in me. He said:"recently there are a lot of cases where those people let you win something as a bait then they require you to pay back few thousands ringgit. DO NOT GET CHEATED! (with the attachment of newpaper news about some auntie or uncle being cheated wan)"

As for me I won't give any comment about it cause I never been there before HA!!

For nuffies, that is merely my dad's opinion. No offense ya!!


After I give you kisses, now NANG ME!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 for 1980s and 1990s, etc.

AT 10:00 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
These few days, I took my luggage bag to class because I need to put my entire world into it. This is mainly due to every single day, I have to go class from 8 a.m. and back at 6 p.m.

Inside this luggage bag, it has file, laptop, camera, sweater, few packets of biscuits, pads, purse, wristlets, pencil case, and handphones @@ freaking heavy.... T_____T

Attended the lab session on Thursday which is almost like a drawing lesson because....
.... we were required us to draw this machine.


On Friday, during the morning lecture, the lecturer bribed us to the HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) talk by some commercial company so that we get to know more about the latest news about HPLC.
This is the reason why we were bribed.

If we weren't being bribed, the room will be only 7 person include the speaker =X

Clement was sitting beside me and we were camwhoring cause apparently the talk wasn't that fun =X

Luckily we've got a free bag XD XD

and the mouse pad =.=

Clement has another cardholder cause he very kiasu stay till very late for the talk. HAHAHHAHAH!!!

Right after the talk, me and Kari headed back to KL cause out of sudden there is somebody wants to buy the rice cooker I was selling at

The buyer is from Putrajaya and YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to Putrajaya!!!!

View of Elite Highway.

After handed the rice cooker and grabbed the money, we went to One U for confirmation of Toy Story 3 tickets (more please scroll down) and a supper at New York New York which is so far my favorite dining place .

We both had the seafood pasta. This is the second time I went there. The first time was in Ip Man 2 premiere screening and it also one dish was enough for both of us =)

And yup!!!! We went to watch Toy Story 3 as I mentioned before.

The confirmation of ticket was needed due to the tickets are free from GSC courtesy of Nuffanng, GSC and DiGi in the event I attended early....

And for your information, this is the very first time in my entire 20 over years of live I watch 3D movie.
And I don't think it's so embarrassing to let you know cause that is not a big deal.

3D movie ain't that 3D and ain't that good ohnee =X

And I realized I have not entered cinema and pop the pop corn for quite some time too. 
Kinda excited cause feedbacks over Toy Story 3 were all kinda good.

And that is the bad thing cause people say good and I kinda put a lot of expectation on it and it ends up like a mix feeling of "good meh? actually not bad la.. um, okay lo kinda good.. and um... actually just okay la" =.= isn't a good thing though.

Actually, to be honest, I went for that movie for one reason only.
which is.....
... to support peas in a pod!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!!

For those who were born in 1980s and 1990s Toy Story when it first appeared in 1995 which we were still in primary school or in kindergarten (like me). Toy Story 2 was out four years later which is 1999.

Then, after 11 years, Toy Story 3 comes out when those notty ginna (kids) are now teenagers or 20 over year old (like me).

It's kinda touching for me cause ya, Toy Story was the very first cartoon I watched in cinema with my dad and watched plenty of times when the vcd comes out. Now I feel touched dee T_________________T cause they grown from 2D to 3D wtf =.=

Some extra "yield" was obtained cause I gotta realize
during the commercial time.
And it replaces Toy Story 3 in my heart =X

Watch the trailer below and you'll know what I mean!!!!
Especially the last part HAHAHAHHA!!

If you're a man and you do not know what I mean, I can understand HMPH!

Lastly, after the movie back to home for mum's home cook.
She cooked the entire house for me I guess.
From tomyam ikan pari to bah kut teh, every single thing.
If you don't believe please ask Clement Wong cause he came to my house and eat like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

He was claimed to be perverted by my sister due to....
the overwhelming "long hair" that he has on his FB HAHAHA!!!

and of course the ba zhang =X

The final piece for me hope it's not too late.

Tomorrow 8 a.m. class.

Good night all~

p.s. Kari was right. I took 2 hours to complete an entry T__T


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid [revisit]

AT 9:29 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
In these few days, my routine goes like... 
Wake up ♥ Class  Finish Class  Wanted to do report and thesis  Ended up FB and watch plenty of videos  Sleep ♥ Wake up ♥ Wanted to do report after nap ♥ Dinner  Feel sleepy after dinner  Sleep.



Just after a few day I had Dragon-i at Bukit Tinggi, I went to Dragon-i again with my dad and two sisters located at Sunway Pyramid.

The same ginger sesame muaji I had the other day.

SzeChuan Mala (spicy) Ramen.

Mushroom Ramen.


Yam ball fuyoh I  yam so much!!!

Red bean cake.

For four persons!!!!

p.s. this is a very boring entry I know cause I have suddenly lost the motivation to blog.

NANG ME!!! regardless you  or don't  me~ Xp 

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