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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 for 1980s and 1990s, etc.

AT 10:00 PM
These few days, I took my luggage bag to class because I need to put my entire world into it. This is mainly due to every single day, I have to go class from 8 a.m. and back at 6 p.m.

Inside this luggage bag, it has file, laptop, camera, sweater, few packets of biscuits, pads, purse, wristlets, pencil case, and handphones @@ freaking heavy.... T_____T

Attended the lab session on Thursday which is almost like a drawing lesson because....
.... we were required us to draw this machine.


On Friday, during the morning lecture, the lecturer bribed us to the HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) talk by some commercial company so that we get to know more about the latest news about HPLC.
This is the reason why we were bribed.

If we weren't being bribed, the room will be only 7 person include the speaker =X

Clement was sitting beside me and we were camwhoring cause apparently the talk wasn't that fun =X

Luckily we've got a free bag XD XD

and the mouse pad =.=

Clement has another cardholder cause he very kiasu stay till very late for the talk. HAHAHHAHAH!!!

Right after the talk, me and Kari headed back to KL cause out of sudden there is somebody wants to buy the rice cooker I was selling at

The buyer is from Putrajaya and YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to Putrajaya!!!!

View of Elite Highway.

After handed the rice cooker and grabbed the money, we went to One U for confirmation of Toy Story 3 tickets (more please scroll down) and a supper at New York New York which is so far my favorite dining place .

We both had the seafood pasta. This is the second time I went there. The first time was in Ip Man 2 premiere screening and it also one dish was enough for both of us =)

And yup!!!! We went to watch Toy Story 3 as I mentioned before.

The confirmation of ticket was needed due to the tickets are free from GSC courtesy of Nuffanng, GSC and DiGi in the event I attended early....

And for your information, this is the very first time in my entire 20 over years of live I watch 3D movie.
And I don't think it's so embarrassing to let you know cause that is not a big deal.

3D movie ain't that 3D and ain't that good ohnee =X

And I realized I have not entered cinema and pop the pop corn for quite some time too. 
Kinda excited cause feedbacks over Toy Story 3 were all kinda good.

And that is the bad thing cause people say good and I kinda put a lot of expectation on it and it ends up like a mix feeling of "good meh? actually not bad la.. um, okay lo kinda good.. and um... actually just okay la" =.= isn't a good thing though.

Actually, to be honest, I went for that movie for one reason only.
which is.....
... to support peas in a pod!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!!

For those who were born in 1980s and 1990s Toy Story when it first appeared in 1995 which we were still in primary school or in kindergarten (like me). Toy Story 2 was out four years later which is 1999.

Then, after 11 years, Toy Story 3 comes out when those notty ginna (kids) are now teenagers or 20 over year old (like me).

It's kinda touching for me cause ya, Toy Story was the very first cartoon I watched in cinema with my dad and watched plenty of times when the vcd comes out. Now I feel touched dee T_________________T cause they grown from 2D to 3D wtf =.=

Some extra "yield" was obtained cause I gotta realize
during the commercial time.
And it replaces Toy Story 3 in my heart =X

Watch the trailer below and you'll know what I mean!!!!
Especially the last part HAHAHAHHA!!

If you're a man and you do not know what I mean, I can understand HMPH!

Lastly, after the movie back to home for mum's home cook.
She cooked the entire house for me I guess.
From tomyam ikan pari to bah kut teh, every single thing.
If you don't believe please ask Clement Wong cause he came to my house and eat like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

He was claimed to be perverted by my sister due to....
the overwhelming "long hair" that he has on his FB HAHAHA!!!

and of course the ba zhang =X

The final piece for me hope it's not too late.

Tomorrow 8 a.m. class.

Good night all~

p.s. Kari was right. I took 2 hours to complete an entry T__T


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