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Friday, July 31, 2009


AT 1:22 PM 6 beep(s) to KahYee

LOCOROCO!!!!! This is what I played yesterday and I found it very very interesting lors. Thanks to him introduced me this game. See the video below to see their cuteness!

p.s. this is the first time I play psp in my life FML.

Yesterday in my stomach:
Ya, I had this in the morning cause whole day going to eat watery porridge due to the celaka diarrhea and today migraine T.T why such thing happen to me I wanna do my report lerh!!!

Yesterday at Kampar:

The scene of Kampar all very nice cause I suffered from eating those plain white T's porridge T.T

Fav restaurant at Kampar:
All the food here very nice cause it's all nice lar kays. It's beside island red cafe (i hate island red thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much).

Yesterday in my class:
All of us very sien + studying for moral test on coming Saturday. Today lagi sien not even half of the class present. SIEN! not unity, at all. How to apply oneMALAYSIA like that?

Yesterday before I sleep:

My bro (12 years-old) sent me something like this and below is our conversation:

Me: means Ejaculation.
Him: what is that? Can you explain it in more detail way?
Me: Ask er jie (another sister 19 years old sleep at home cause UiTM closed one week to clear H1N1) la... I wanna sleep already.
Him: She is very busy. You think about the answer la tomorrow I ask you again you explain to me ok?
Me: No reply. (just pretend like I didn't receive any message from him anymore)

WUHOO~~~ come add me @ Twitter

p.p.s. you see me having good mood in typing this entry but actually am still suffering from migraine. migraine migraine go away to some other people you like don't stick on me already it has been 8 hours liao kay T.T

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Up! Premiere.Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AT 3:49 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
Must see:

wanna know how my man looked like?

This is how he looked like (the one eating jagung not the baby or auntie), when he was still a kid XD XD XD XD XD
(laugh at me la laugh laugh laugh now I let people laugh at you!! nenebubu Xp)

WARNING: this is a looooooooooong entry.

What is UP!? what's up?

Alright it is the movie that I mentioned in my previous post that the release date falls on my birthday (20th AUG).

See the trailer. May be some of you (like me) will find it interesting but some will find it boring =)

AnD!! Why am I keep posting about Up!? Well, it's because I just won pair tickets from fourfeetnine girl, the girlfriend of Nuffnang co-founder for UP!'s PREMIERE!!!!!!! XD

She requested her blog readers to give some funny and/or touched story to win the pair tickets.

Story before climax:
I was pretty upset yesterday cause I just got my result for the test on Monday and the result is as below.

61/100 convert to 15 is only 9.15 left T.T sorry plant tissue culture. I was really really upset and deep down mood like a useless worm.

I had diarrhea at the night after back from assignment so I couldn't do my report and etc so I lied on bed from 9pm till 4am only I slept. So I was hesitating whether to go class.

The proved I went for assignment =)


The next morning then (means this morning), I received an email from fourfeetnine girl that announcing the 20 winners that win the pair tickets. I was totally forgot about everything for Up! until I saw the email in the morning and it made my day wuhoooooooo~~

This is what she sent me ah ha ha. Soooooooo happie~~

Wanna know what I wrote for fourfeetnine girl to win the tickets? I think it's lame and normal not funny thing but it made her happy so I guess she is someone satisfy very easily lol.

Well, this is what I wrote to her........................

Please don't scold me if it's not funny kay!!!

Declining part (but still interesting!):
Then later on I decided to go class already cause it's a lab and I need to fetch Momo, Angie and Jing Jing.
This proves I went to lab today. Objective: is to observe the enzyme activities. (I'd rather observe my tummy's activities instead am so worry)

After the class and had brunch with Clement, I went to see doctor with dear. The doctor is a DATO level of DATO (see photo below to find out la). BUT!!! I wanna say something that I do not satisfy with the clinic T.T (the clinic is some where near the police station)

  • The dissection room for that doctor is not sterile, at all. I saw some split of blood (omg I wanna puke already)
  • When I once entered the doctor's room, when the doctor is taking my blood pressure reading, the nurse just pulled up my shirt (to let doctor read my heart beat) without telling me or asking me. I am a 20 year old lady already okay!!! wtf.
Nah, PMP DATO's bla bla bla...... at 04-08-2006 blah~~
  • Third the nurse so hamsap when the doctor trying to listen to fluid in my tummy from my anterior (front) part of my body ( I was lying down), the nurse just pull up my shirt almost can see my boob liao wtf now is listen to tummy not heart why the hell you pull so high!!! wtf.
That's all for my complain. Well, after all I spent RM49.00 due to the expensive medicines so that is all T.T I really hope all these helping me cause I always don't believe to doctor.

And I HATE TO SEE DOCTOR CAUSE THE WAY THEY TREAT PATIENTS IS LIKE THE WAY WE (science students) TREAT DROSOPHILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka fruitfly in experiments

never respect the patient one wth we all also human kay we are the same one HUMAN and the one accompanied me see doctor still laugh at me!!!!!!!! KETERLALUAN!!

p.s. I really hate to see doctor due to above reason. Oh ya add another one I didn't get sweet from doctor anymore so I don't like to go =.=
p.p.s. Really so happie I won the premiere tickets! the best present for me and his' birthday XD
p.p.p.s Thanks for your companion yesterday when my stomach very naughty =(

Monday, July 27, 2009'm.BIG.

AT 5:32 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
Sources are ALL from Mr. Nicholas Lee Yi Gang.

Below is the conversation between Yi Gang and that guy Ewai Ken.
We understand that Yi Gang really don't want to have any relationship with me =.=

Then the above is Ewai Ken's explanation to me ma =.=

I always suspect that,

everything starts after seeing this photo in the video in SRC handover ceremony wth.......................................~~ pearly yuen and KLCK why put such photo in wan??? T.T

p.s. DONE WITH CTC MIDTERM WUHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~ so happie but a lot more to goooooo grh..

Wanna see me play dota? Click here. LAME! Ya la actually I play for very long time already lar hahahahahhaha.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


AT 8:24 AM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
Must know:

I want the latest toyota prius that only cost us RM4+ for 100km. iwaniwan!

There is movie named Up (by Pixar) is going to release on MY BIRTHDAY!! who wanna watch with me? (hints: Mr. K you want ma?)


The dead town of Kampar. This is how Kampar looks like recently.
Like those dead towns in lame horror movies mar right?



Photo by: Detective Wong K.C.
Models: Cm and Manju

The emo me in class. The class in EDK is freaking cold okay the aircond no need money ar? T.T all of us are going to be Eskimos by the end of semester I tell you. Seriously. Those who use EDKs will know SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The very first ORIGINAL text book I bought in my degree life. Miracle**

Genetics. I think I don't like you. I am now falling in love with cell tissues culture liao. I admit that I used to like you. But, just somehow our attitudes are not suit each other. kay?

Sunday morning in Kampar old town:
If you see this guy in Medan Selera of Oldtown Kampar, please help him by buying newspaper from him. Please. Thank you. Touched x 3 T.T

It does not look like worm this time. I always order rm1.50 campur (yun yiong) and put all seasoning they have except the sweet sauce. This is real nice man. Real nice!!

He had his nasi lemak and roti planta + newspaper cause Yahya (from Selangor team) goal-ed yesterday LOL! Is YAHYA not YAYA kay~~

Yee Mee, with all sorts of plastics. I hate fish cakes cause it tastes like plastic. And I hate sotong too cause it tastes even more like plastic. I hate the chicken and the pork too (not because I am going to marry a Malay guy soon kay Slement!!) cause the smells are yucks sob T.T

Fed my celcom with RM10 hope can last long lar haha. If it last long means I argued lesser with him and if it last very short period of time means I keep sending booms to him lar pity him HAHHAHAHA!! got touch or not dear XD XD XD

p.s. cell and tissue culture technique here I come!!!!!!!!
p.p.s. Kampar want rain then rain la this nafsu not need to tahan wan mar kayyyy...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


AT 11:10 AM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
must know: I said: Ms Sum, finally I handover already!!

Ms Sum: Ya!!! It's good that you handover already!!!!!! wth


Alright the two and a half hours distance to Pj, something like this happened.

Something like this I gone through.

Something like this I have.

Something like this I had @ Wendy's.

p.s. Mr Dorae-ong is getting slimmer and slimmer & Ms Audrey is pregnant.

p.p.s. everything changed. but the smell of PJ PA block never changed.

p.p.p.s. I am in deep deep down mood. leavemealone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


AT 10:05 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
I don't know what happened.

My health is getting worse (I think cause I know how well it works sob).

I am so worry.

I have already cut down the intake of chicken and pork not purposely one cause out of sudden I just cannot stand the smell of chicken and pork. I hate their smells. Then, I am vegetarian don't know for how many days already.

I still feel I am not healthy.

Oh bi god..

help me.

My heart feels pain occasionally recently. Why?

I still have a lot of things haven't done yet so please don't...........................


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AT 4:13 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee

May be I should give you more space and freedom

May be I should be much more independent

May be I should be your friend and your chairman

May be I should not join SRC

May be I should not available last year

May be I should not open my heart

May be I should not give you the key of my heart lock

May be I should single by now

May be......

All the above is just for you to be more alert for my existence; is for you to allocate me at a higher position in your heart; for you to think and consider more for me from my perspective;

for me to be happier.

you made me confuse and you made me doubt. whoamitoyou?

Monday, July 20, 2009


AT 4:51 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
must see:

I, Lim Kah Yee IC: 890820-10-xxx6 hereby, declare that, my entry only exhibiting the master piece of some random students in UTAR. Please don't ask Badan Pencegahan Rasuah to interrogate me!!!!


KLCC becomes one tiang only. No longer twins.
The existence of this photo is due to the 6 hours journey from Kampar to Klang. Because we need to meet his parents at KL first only can fetch me down to Klang. So.... But it's interesting cause get to see his cute pa lol.

Kidding kay the other one still exists. Please don't ask Badan Pencegahan Rasuah to interrogate me!!!!

Festival of mind V in my campus. I should upload a lot more photos but all the photos are in his handphone and I always don't have fate to transfer so that is all of it. depressed*

This is the first time I don't know how to reply his message. Dear, mark my words below kay. Time management is always important. I know Business students always busier than science students one but you need to eat also right? I really don't know what to reply. I am sorry.

My uncle that fixing the lining for my car. He accidently made her wife pregnant. Remember the twins cousins that I have? This is the father of them. They are having a baby sister (provided the parents did not spend RM600.00 to abort the baby). The people one generation older than us do not have the habit of using condom. sigh. Talk about condom, please do not ever ask a girl to buy condom kay. No matter what happened. KAY! (he is not the one using don't misunderstand cause my mum said i can have boyfriend but cannot have sex tq)

This photo is taken when I teach my fat her to capture photo using my handphone. I love my Fat Her.

This is just for fun. Can't you see the 2 shadows meh??

This junk food is nice. From the Japanese junk food shop in Midvalley. But then, very expensive lor. If I do advertorial for you got discount or not? =.="'

This is what I drink all the while in mamak. Air suam is the best air(water) ever. Trust me.

p.s. To prevent Influenza Ah hee nee [A[H1N1)] virus, please eat lesser meat, more vege and fruites, and keep yourself clean and clear.

p.p.s. I am goddamn moody right now (probably is because of his last text message) so leavemealone.

Friday, July 17, 2009

AT 10:48 AM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
must go: to watch the 35 secs transformer video. No watch, sure regret.
must know: there is some people watch transformer for nine times just to catch the moments recorded in 35 secs video above. cheers.


Last time, few years ago. I thought of to get a boyfriend that is:-
  1. taller than me
  2. older than me
  3. smart than me
  4. rich
  5. handsome
  6. pro-active
  7. caring
  8. loving
  9. sharing
  10. no bluffing
  11. good in sports
  12. have huge social circles
  13. well-behaved
  14. etc etc etc
After a while, I found out, if that the guy chases you with all the requirements that you asking for, he fulfilled all the requirements and qualifications, that is only last for the period of few months. Or, even weeks. That is while they are chasing you, they put 100%. After they got you, they deduct 10% then 30% then left 50% then you are only worth 20%. not-worth-it.

A lot of girls never realize this. Included me, last time. Now I know, relationship that I desire is something last long but not the requirements. this is what i say before i get into marriage stage kay.

Now, the thing I asked for is the maintenance part for a relationship.

  1. distance
  2. affairs
  3. jealousy
  4. boys prefer football than you
  5. girls prefer spend time together for nothing
  6. small tiny thing (e.g. dinner place, who suggest dinner place etc)
  7. both the couple's schedule (e.g. Uni timetable, assignment time)
  8. how much time you need your partner to stay with you per day
  9. rumors aka desas-desus
  10. and I couldn't think of anymore cause all those are real real tiny thing kay
Above is the list of thing that what every couple will argued most probably every single day. Ya, is every-single-day.

What I can suggest is guy should be more sensitive towards girls cause female does not have the gene of saying what they want. Like, what they expressed is not what they want and what they do not express is not necessarily what they want to.

There is a quote from my friend:" if your girlfriend act like a bitch, just hug her tightly without letting her go no matter how hard they refuse"

The only controversial part for me is the bitch part. Other than that, what he said is holy real true.

I talked too much for this. sien liao.

Going PJ tomorrow to attend charity presentation.
Then back to Klang coming back on Monday I think. Or might as well just skip the MONDAY CLASS!! im.possible lors. I am a good student.

and I am a good student who under severe pressures. (not stress yet)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

AT 8:59 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
People I am so high now. I mean, my brain is so high now.

  1. MB report
  2. Genetics report
  3. ATC report
  4. PTC report
  5. revision for C&C and CTC
  6. genetics test2 and MB test2 coming
  7. C&C presentations
  8. lab tests
  9. the end of the sems
So fast!! How Can I Appreciate the Uni Life Like That?
One blink eyes then gone my undergraduate life. I need more entertainment but I just cannot.
I cannot breathe at the moment.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AT 6:57 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee

Halo Monica,

Happy 21st birthday. No gold key for you cause it can only be given by your papa and mama. And you told me you want my car key I couldn't cause my papa and mama will kill me XD

It's very nice to meet you.

In foundation year, I thought you are someone odd cause you acted so odd and laugh till so funny. And we were not in the same tutorial group =)

After entering degree I found out you are someone really humor (but not humor than mE!!!! Xp) and I liked you so much.

There is no need to say pretty sweet words here cause you know I liked you so much. I back stab everybody (which I didn't) also I won't back stab you (you know that right).


I wanna say,

I love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Birthday~~~ XDXD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009!!!

AT 9:43 AM 0 beep(s) to KahYee

This is what people searched on google/yahoo/whatever to come to my blog (X.x)

two second lame video.

Part of my class!!!

Some other part of my class!!!

Another part of my class!! (if you see the people's face keep repeating means they are real annoying high on that day Xp)

The best couple of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooou laflieeeeeeeeeeee!!

The best picture of the year cause all in slow motion, the water drops so slowly.

The most artistic snap of the year with smokessssssssssssssssss!!

The best bbq+steamboat pair-organizer of the year HAHAHHAHA!!!

p.s. I am the initiator HHAHHHAHAHA!!!
p.p.s. that day very the happie!!and FULL~~

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