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Monday, July 20, 2009


AT 4:51 PM
must see:

I, Lim Kah Yee IC: 890820-10-xxx6 hereby, declare that, my entry only exhibiting the master piece of some random students in UTAR. Please don't ask Badan Pencegahan Rasuah to interrogate me!!!!


KLCC becomes one tiang only. No longer twins.
The existence of this photo is due to the 6 hours journey from Kampar to Klang. Because we need to meet his parents at KL first only can fetch me down to Klang. So.... But it's interesting cause get to see his cute pa lol.

Kidding kay the other one still exists. Please don't ask Badan Pencegahan Rasuah to interrogate me!!!!

Festival of mind V in my campus. I should upload a lot more photos but all the photos are in his handphone and I always don't have fate to transfer so that is all of it. depressed*

This is the first time I don't know how to reply his message. Dear, mark my words below kay. Time management is always important. I know Business students always busier than science students one but you need to eat also right? I really don't know what to reply. I am sorry.

My uncle that fixing the lining for my car. He accidently made her wife pregnant. Remember the twins cousins that I have? This is the father of them. They are having a baby sister (provided the parents did not spend RM600.00 to abort the baby). The people one generation older than us do not have the habit of using condom. sigh. Talk about condom, please do not ever ask a girl to buy condom kay. No matter what happened. KAY! (he is not the one using don't misunderstand cause my mum said i can have boyfriend but cannot have sex tq)

This photo is taken when I teach my fat her to capture photo using my handphone. I love my Fat Her.

This is just for fun. Can't you see the 2 shadows meh??

This junk food is nice. From the Japanese junk food shop in Midvalley. But then, very expensive lor. If I do advertorial for you got discount or not? =.="'

This is what I drink all the while in mamak. Air suam is the best air(water) ever. Trust me.

p.s. To prevent Influenza Ah hee nee [A[H1N1)] virus, please eat lesser meat, more vege and fruites, and keep yourself clean and clear.

p.p.s. I am goddamn moody right now (probably is because of his last text message) so leavemealone.

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Anonymous said...

Your post always Funny. I love it. keep it on. ^^

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