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Sunday, July 26, 2009


AT 8:24 AM
Must know:

I want the latest toyota prius that only cost us RM4+ for 100km. iwaniwan!

There is movie named Up (by Pixar) is going to release on MY BIRTHDAY!! who wanna watch with me? (hints: Mr. K you want ma?)


The dead town of Kampar. This is how Kampar looks like recently.
Like those dead towns in lame horror movies mar right?



Photo by: Detective Wong K.C.
Models: Cm and Manju

The emo me in class. The class in EDK is freaking cold okay the aircond no need money ar? T.T all of us are going to be Eskimos by the end of semester I tell you. Seriously. Those who use EDKs will know SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The very first ORIGINAL text book I bought in my degree life. Miracle**

Genetics. I think I don't like you. I am now falling in love with cell tissues culture liao. I admit that I used to like you. But, just somehow our attitudes are not suit each other. kay?

Sunday morning in Kampar old town:
If you see this guy in Medan Selera of Oldtown Kampar, please help him by buying newspaper from him. Please. Thank you. Touched x 3 T.T

It does not look like worm this time. I always order rm1.50 campur (yun yiong) and put all seasoning they have except the sweet sauce. This is real nice man. Real nice!!

He had his nasi lemak and roti planta + newspaper cause Yahya (from Selangor team) goal-ed yesterday LOL! Is YAHYA not YAYA kay~~

Yee Mee, with all sorts of plastics. I hate fish cakes cause it tastes like plastic. And I hate sotong too cause it tastes even more like plastic. I hate the chicken and the pork too (not because I am going to marry a Malay guy soon kay Slement!!) cause the smells are yucks sob T.T

Fed my celcom with RM10 hope can last long lar haha. If it last long means I argued lesser with him and if it last very short period of time means I keep sending booms to him lar pity him HAHHAHAHA!! got touch or not dear XD XD XD

p.s. cell and tissue culture technique here I come!!!!!!!!
p.p.s. Kampar want rain then rain la this nafsu not need to tahan wan mar kayyyy...

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