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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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In starbuck, I am sitting with my sister in Starbuck at AEON Bukit Tinggi online cause my house wifi has been cut cause we have no money to pay the streamyx for its terrible internet connection.

So, me and sister decided to spend an amount of money to online here. For whole day. I spent RM22.05 (RM0.50 paid by 2 ang mohs cause they see me so pathetic don't even have 5 cents T.T)

Potato. I love potato, I am potato lover. I am doing Physiology report and Principle of Biotechnology report. I think I am the only one who spend my Chinese New Year holidays staying in Starbuck and online!! doing homework. Ahh.. I should get 4 points this semester. ==

Actually, I prefer book than searching info online cause I opened more than 20tabs and none of it is useful to my report. Hence, later on, I need to go Popolar bookshop to copy some info. TBE TAE Tris base/Cl kanasai. Haih~~

Before CNY,

These are the random photos I took when I was in class. Lame. Cause classes are boring so I had to do this.

Friday I back to Klang, my dad so happy and excited and brought all my siblings and me eat Korean food. Spent around rm100 there. So so so so so so full.

Same photo la actually. 2 versions for you to choose. Oh ya, please read my blog. Else, I need to close it already T.T sien Chinese New Year cannot read blog one meh? Sien. Analytics dropped 80% what is that? T.T

See I so hardworking do homework on the 2k sofa. See or not!!?? Sigh~

Went shopping with them and I did not buy anything cause I have no $ to buy even a piece of cake SAD!!
Pasar pagi. Morning market. Nothing also. Nothing special. No leng chai No leng lui.

I really don't feel like going out for this CNY I do not know why. I just wanna stay at home watch my drama and sleep and do homework that's it. However, the temptation of going out get ang pao is really horrible. It made my legs walk without me can control it. How it happened? I don't know.

Ah... What to buy for Prom Night. I am 20 year-old soon. Ahh.... What is that.... Ahh....

p.s. I am so hungry because I am fasting today. But I just had the potato.
p.s.s. Please view my blog. I need to please people to view my blog. Pathetic. T.T


After reading this, do you feel my moodiness? If you did, please sponsor me or subsidize me for some items that I bought or I soon-to-buy. THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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I was quite busy recently. I mean, very busy. Ha~~ I could hardly find one strategic time slot to blog. Can only simply upload some photos. Gee. So, ya.

These days, a lot things happened, a lot things have been changed, a lot things remain unchanged etc. I don't know what I am saying actually.

When I sleeping or napping, I must turn my hp to flight mode, so that no one can disturb me from resting. I need rest. Proper ones. I put 80% of my concentration in classes, which is really tiring. During break hour, I have to go to booth for some recruitment activities and also ticket selling for some events. For more, you go cafeteria you can see already. There is like a market. Full with promotions.

Every Wednesday, I need to see my lecturer Dr. Choo (as shown below, the right ones) for 6 hours. Kampar is really really warm. I sweat like being barbecued.

4 hours lectures, 2 hours laboratory, 1 hour meeting.
Of course, I gained something through out the whole day. I meet friends, I love my friends, my course mate, and I feel sorry to my lecturers cause in order not to fall asleep in class, I asked a lot questions and make loads of funs. Sorry, but without joking I guess most of us will be sleeping for all lectures.

See that purple thingy? I'll face this kinda DNA thingy for my entire life. Wahaha~~ Interesting. Gee, I am actually waiting someone now, okay.

I need to study real hard to maintain my CGPA and loans and etc etc.

Those rooms are seriously cold, until my body dehydrating. Even after I wear sweater and scarf still very cold. And you can see how concentrate I was in class. XD

Microbiology, Principle of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Cell Metabolism, Physiology, Organisation and Human Resource, Labs. All killing subjects.

And I want Chinese New Year holidays. 9 days. wuhoo~~ wahaha~ I am going back Klang this Friday. By following my first love's car. Wanna know who he is?? Um, he is a construction management student. ;)

I really think I should spend more time with all my cute friends. I really like them. Like them a lot until you could not imagine how much I liked them. xoxo~~

That's it for now. Tomorrow I have Human Resource classes. Hopefully the lecturer will say something funny or allow me to speak la if he don't mind. Ha~~ Eyes closing. Tired. Sleepy. No yawn. Oh, bit hungry. Nothing to eat. @@ Cont watching HK Drama.

Ja ne~


Sunday, January 18, 2009


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UTAR Song Composing Competition

UTAR night view


Mua Penang Trip.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Happy. New. Year. 2009.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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- to be continued -

Saturday, January 10, 2009


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If I were a boy,

  1. I will just go forward without hesitating like a girl;
  2. I will still take good care of my skin and hair to look presentable and good!
  3. I will play any sports I could to make myself healthy and fit;
  4. I will only find a girlfriend when I have capability to take care of her, instead of her taking care of me. I won't let her worry but only happy.
  5. I will treat my friends as my buddy.
  6. I will go many places for adventure journey.

However, I am a girl,

  1. I cannot go forward without hesitation because my family will worry about me getting rape because girls are weak. I am weak.
  2. I always take good care of my skin and hair but a lot of girls doing that so it makes no difference.
  3. I could hardly play sports because Iron in my blood is not enough to provide me sufficient amount of oxygen in short period of time. My heart does not beats fast.
  4. I am a girl and I extremely disagree with "girl can/have to/must take care of guy". IMOP, if a guy needs a girl to take care, he is a failure!
  5. I cannot treat my friends as bubby because: male friends, they will tend to think too much and eventually cannot tahan; female friends, could hardly treat them as good friend cause girls are bad and darn good in jealousing and envying. shit*
  6. I cannot go now because of the reason no.1.

I just don't care I wanna get very good result for this semester and get all the thing in my to-do-list done smoothly.

SRC=Student Really Cacat by wilsonteohwoeisheng

AT 9:09 AM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Click on the image for bigger view

I don't know which part of my arse flame him on. wtf.

For more info, you may send him email at
visit his wordpress @  *must read, something interesting is there!! read it before he deletes it!!

For those who don't know him, please have a look at the UTAR Orientation January 2009 booklet pg.10.

p.s. thanks for the photo provider.
p.p.s I do not have any negative intention to reveal identity of/promote/hurt/insult/tease/threaten any party.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


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There are a lot of cosmetics skin beauty deep breathe** cleaning toning moisturizing watering (or aqua-ing) sun blocking pore reducing whitening products.

Some the prices are cheap, some are expensive. I mean DAMN expensive.

The Biotherm pore reducing serum, rm130.00 for this 30ml liquid. Worth it or not? Well it has been 2 weeks I using it and it shows some positive effects on my dust-sized-pore. I hate pores on my face cause it makes me looks like a moon. Ya you know the surface of a moon is like........ T.T

So, I'll use myself as a rodentia to test this Biotherm, a product that never have any promotion or discount whether it is really working, or, bullshiting.

In the market, apparently there are a lot of skin beauty products. My definition of buying it is: I don't care how much it cost as long as it is effective. I said so it is not because I am rich. Instead, I am poor. I won't spend those money to apply something useless cream or lotion or whatsoever on skin. It is like... argh so waste!!!!

You'll sure ask, which product is the best. For normal useless fake hypocrite answer: it depends on your skin to determine which product/brand suits you. Tuuuuuuuuuuuut......

Now, I'll analyze it for you, one by one.
In normal hypermarket/market/supermarket such as Giant, Tesco, etc.
They sell products like: Nivea, Olay, Garnier, Neutrogena, Nanowhite, L'Oreal, Biore, etc I couldn't remember others anymore.
Nivea: The quality of the product is average. However, it is famous because of it has much variety and the fragrance.
p.s. After asking so many consumer who used Nivea, they told me it helps to grow your hair so perhaps can apply it on your hair la!
Olay: which I think is most useful among all the above. The what 7effects cream is good.
Garnier: shit. Never use that. Use= did not use. You are like throwing money into water. Not helping at all. Product use by Zhang Ziyi. She is bad taste. And her eyes so ugly in the ad on TV.
Neotrogena: I would say the best among Malaysia Products.
Nanowhite: bullshit. what what from Japan. BULLSHIT get the lab's name from Japan only it is actually buatan Malaysia.
L'Oreal: I think it is expensive but, useless.
Biore: too rough for skin. No way. Makes me skin argh...can't breathe!

Those boutique such as Skin Food, Body Shop, Face Shop, only those the minor small tiny products eg mask.

In Guardian(no.3), Watson(no.2 because more variety than Guardian and the uniform is nicer too Xp), Sasa (no.1 no doubt!) and some other pharmacies.
Products they have included those I mentioned above. The difference is, they have more more more more more more more more more more much much more variety eg, avenue those Germany Italy French Denmark products all they have.

It depends on your luck whether you buy the right product. Those their bombastic products are up to certain quality but the prices are almost the same as famous products eg. SK II, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Biotherm so why don't you get something well-known since the prices are quite the same? Reason? To show off. BD

Okay, do not ask me on wrinkle anti aging products. I don't know.

p.p.s I do not use any cosmetic products but some brand like M.A.C, O.P.I, Dior, Body Shop, Sasa (dejavu the mascara), Maybeline (skincolor-liked-foundation) I know they are not bad.

Bah.... Kampar's weather very warm I sweat like what whOle day night long.. siao..really siao..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Being Student Rep for half a year....

I have learned a lot, even though it is only half way of my term.

First of all, I'd like to share with you regarding my committee members.
To be honest, I did not treat them as committee member (at first) I was trying to be friend with them and wanna do thing without ordering them. Undoubtedly, they are all excellence students in UTAR with their own unique personalities. This is a strength, also a weakness. As in, they are some of them that are very keen with their own opinions. Some of them, they have more experience than me. They came to Perak campus earlier than me. They are older than me. Thus, sometimes, they are a little too hard for me um... How to say.... To control them? It is not easy to lead them to the path which I think is more appropriate. To be frank, I can see the 2gangs in my SRC that encompasses of 13 Homo sapiens. Due to the objectives from all of us is actually the same, henceforth, we are here together as a team. I really really hope we can work together and most importantly respect me as a leader even you have more experience or older or whatsoever. I may sound soft and begging them here but please do not doubt my words. I mean it.

In the process of getting the Chairman post, I sacrificed something. I understand the fact of give and take. Thus, I do not feel any regrets even the negative impacts have came to me. People starts to like me and dislike me. Those who like me, they can really support me. Those who dislike, they can spread a lot of exaggerating rumours around with I don't know what kinda heart they have. At the end, I won by gaining almost 50% of the votes out of the 1000+ voters. That shows my capability and also the team that supporting me. The "SERVE" team which consists of ahxian, eng aun, Khairil, my ex roommate Sam, Clement Wong, and Rachel, a great lady. They do helped me a lot. They make the meaning of team work clear for me. A thousand thank you for them.

After winning the post, I do have the opportunity to approach more people either in or outside my University. There are changes in my life, too! I am like celebrity. People starting to pin-point on me when they see me. Again I give out something, which is, personal private time for myself. People tend to take my personal life as the topic after their meal or when they are too free. Some people said that the KahYee in front of the scene and behind the scene are very different. I do not deny the statement and in fact it is very true. Imagine: I cannot use my loud and ordering tone to talk to my boyfriend, right? (p.s. I am still single). I keep emphasizing this is not because I am hiding something. I am just don't want any inappropriate news/rumours being spread to my parents. I come from a conservative family. They do not allow me to do something that affect the reputation of family. Actually I don't really care about my family's reputation instead, I care more about my reputation. That is why I care a lot of how people see me and how they look at me.

After entering 1st year of my degree, I found out I do not have much friends even though I know a lot of people and more people know me. Some of them, they approach me is because they wanna get themselves famous. I don't mind but not to be over. Ivan, Pearly, KLCK these 3 persons, I really like them a lot and I treat them as my good friends. They are SRC from other campuses. We have almost the same status in our campus. They don't need to parasite on me to get the popularity in fact they are much more famous than me. Getting so close with them is really an out-of-sudden-incidents with each of them which I am lazy to mention here. 3 of them are great. Real great. Nah nah nah don't fly with you guys read this. XD

Oh back to emo side. Sometimes, I really need to be extremely careful to cover this and that in order to prevent chaos. Ya I understand that covering makes thing even obvious that is why I said extremely careful.

Ok this entry is way too long already I guess I need to stop here. Oh ya, I wanna use my birthday wish this year right now. I wish my housemate the one stay next door to keep the toilet clean, and clear. PLEASE!!! ahmen** =.=

Monday, January 5, 2009


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I am back to Kampar and there is internet connection but I cannot online cause I do not have the password of the wireless of my new house. wth?!

I am starting to be xx already so if there is xx please xx me what the xx

I don't know what to say now I am going to UTAR soon


Thursday, January 1, 2009


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After some sort of certain unexplainable reasons, finally I can online. I cannot tell you the reason because it is too private. On the last day of working at Tesco Bukit Tinggi and I saw Nicholas Tan there, I know there are a lot of people actually viewing my blog.

Back to New Year topic. First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~~

Basically, I just don't wanna stay at home because I don't wanna answer I was at home for New Year countdown. As simple as that.

So I went out with some (a few) of my friends to SS2 (you see this place name already you know how boring I am la) a K-box there to welcome my 2009.

After celebrating my twins brother birthday's dinner and cake session, I went to meet up my friends at Klang Parade then heading to SS2. I knew it gonna be a not-so-fun New Year cause be honest I just wanna celebrate my new year with one person however ( we always have however ==) he is not around me at the moment.

I went to K-box. Even though it was so so and it gives me a lot of uncomfy moments (see below for more) but I would not regret for being there. I entered, we ordered drinks. This K-box is like kinda Pub/Club thingy people can dance around and WTF!? smoke around and caused my whole body my garments bag scarfts all "haunted" by the second hand smokes.

Why must new Year smokes?
People surrounding all smokers wth I don't know what so yao yeng == okay, may be I don't have the right to complain this and that because I am not belonged to that area. Yay!! But still I wanna say. 5 minutes before 0000, I went out from K-box cause I have got a call from my VIP and so I decided to stay down and on phone and countdown with the person on the line. When the time comes, I saw a couple wth each holding 2cigs and blamed it and take picture. New Year = burn cig? I bathed for 3times and washed 3times hair per day because of that swt! And I need to throw all my garments and everything I brought into washing machine. Well, ehm ehm..back to the topic. After the second gone I went back to K-box again then I saw some people dancing very shyly like those gay boys or lesbian girls. They are like beginners and trying to act like those who go clubbing everyday.

Why must new Year drink beers?
Everyone of them holding a glass of Heineken and yet in the whole K-box I am the only and only and only lemon tea!? Gee.... == People called me siu mui mui. I am super fine with that in fact my new hair style does makes me looks younger Xp

Ok I gonna pack stuffs now going Kampar while later to drop my things there == only to drop my things ya.


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