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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2012

AT 7:00 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
Since May last year, I stopped updating my blog. Plenty of things could just happen within a year. I resigned from Swatch Group in June 2012 (which was a year after I joined them) and I'm with Breitling now. Well, frankly, I would never expect I will still be with the watch trade. But I thought I'm really into it now, which possibly would be my career for my entire life. My first younger sister that I have not met her physically is returning home this Dec. I cannot recall when was the last time I met her but didn't felt it was long. May be she's not so important to me :p My second younger sister joined baking school at Apr this year. And I know she is in love with what she's doing now. I hope she will be a very successful baking master in name and fame in the near future. My younger brother is taking his PMR in a month time. I thought he has been trying to impress everyone with his performance. But too bad, he is too lazy. Haha!! My mum's health is declining. I hope she really takes care of her diet to prevent her health turns from bad to worse. As for my father. Gettin more professional in talking cock and sing his songs. Just skip him. And about my bf, the former one (yes, its the ex already) has disappeared to nowhere. He left me without a goodbye. Lying to me about his location and eventually he is gone. I was told by one of my best friend, saying the ex did contacted him and ask about my condition. To me, I would say just fuck off will do. When we were in a relationship, friends around us thought I will not appreciate. But at the end, he was the one to let me go. In fact, I knew when it was the last time I will be seeing him when we were in Melaka. I was feared when I know he has the intention to leave me. And this is being brought to the current relationship I have. Which was very bad. But thanks to my current boyfriend, guided me very well and I feel very comfortable when I know him since the first day. He gave me the safety feeling which the past can't. In fact, the past even want me to know more male friends and commit myself into another relationship. I should have known when he has that intention. And now I know. However, I do not have any regrets of my history. At least, that could probably be the biggest lesson in my life. Thanks to the ex given up on me and I found my real man after the ex disappear. One told be, if God taken something from you, he will give you something back as a return, which he did, perfectly. nd today, what leads to me writing a report here was the very massive jam in KL Jalan Raja Chulan due to the insane drovers and heavy rain. Also because my boyfriend is very sick now. I really wish I could be staying with him now to take good care of him. Too bad he is 350km away from me now. I can't too much with my current condition. I hope he will be recovered soon. Hope he will be alright when I wake up tomorrow. Hope hiss career is running smoothly, etc etc.

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