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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick sick sick...

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Ah man!! I am sick.. SOOO sick...
Less water
Less veges
Less fruits
Less boys

So, I am sick. I am so heaty (til I people around me can feel the HEAT of mine!!)

Running nose, sore throat, no cough cause it's still not yet the time to 100% cure.

I am going back to kampong soon. We'll see you guys then!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

- i will be back SOON -

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The busy me

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It's been very busy. Very very busy.
Whenever my long-lost-contact friends ask me "How are you?"
I'll always give the same answer(since I were in Form4). I am always busy(my MSN status always appear busy tho).
Then they'll ask, do you really that busy?
Kinda think of it, I am really quite busy, but not til those extend la. Haha.
I am always sleepy.
After being the Course Representative of BSc (Hons) Biotechnology in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman , Kampar, Perak that only have 25 students in this course, it's actually quite a lot of things to deal with(part of the reason is my asst....) sigh!

No internet service in room-Boring.
No money-Lame.
No boy friend-I got nothing to say.
No leng chai-I really wanna complain lo!!
No time-It's an excuse for myself.
No good food-New town really no good food lo. Sien.
No room-mate-This is what I want.
No chaos-This is even sien.
No eyes to see-One leng lui is standing in front of me right now. I don't like her just because she's leng lui.(yeah, I jealous. SO?)
No laundry service-My hands are becoming an Ah Po's hand already lo everyday wash my garments like that.

10 NOs of myself for all of you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My video part II

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Part II

When we're boring in Kampar, this is one of the way we they spend our their precious weekend - FIGHTing!!!
Starring by: clement wong kiing fook, monica hii hung ling, Lim jing jing, Ta kaihung.
OS:lim kah yee, kylie
Recorded by:lim kah yee, kylie

Of course they will always be some "normal" one who spending weekend by ....

In this kinda weather, ...

We study comics...

We go fun fair!! That I think no longer exist in City.
yeah yeah~~

HE cut his nose hair. hehehe.

Shopping at the BIGGEST market in NewTown of Kampar.

Mamak here.

Or with this kinda nice scene, we....

BARBEQUE!!! yeah! Love it man..
We're the pioneers of doing BBQ at Kampar. lol.

See? Candy grabbed the whole BOWL of salad.

Nice right?? Hehe...
It's not that bad actually.


They are preparing for me. Lol.
and smokes like me alot. =.=

Guess what they are doing??
Eating la!! ahahah..



Then, we enjoyed the night view(that's new kampar) and the lake wind! haha.
Oh yeah, Kampar rains almost everyday. 1/3 days per year are raining. Wee..

Friday, January 11, 2008

My 1st video is about... this!

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When we were so free in Awal Muharam public holiday, they did this.
It's too free. Too restless. Too boring. Too hyper. Too lame plus.... too happy? Perhaps.
Guess what, they continued for around half an hour, LIKE THAT!
Starring by: clement wong kiing fook and monica hii hung ling.
Recorded by: lim kah yee, kylie

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pocket Picker Picked Me

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4th of January 2008
Sunny day
Kl Central KTM

I was waiting for the KTM at platform 5. The train came, I quickly walked to the entrance of the train. When I stepped into the train, suddenly "gling gling" then my KTM card dropped from my pocket. I quickly took up the card cause I felt my pocket was so empty, someone took away my hand-phone and I wanna see who the celaka took it.

Then I said:"I lost my hand-phone!!" Trying to hint others to look up the phone for me. I see here and there. Could not find.
KH:"Sure or not? See properly. Did you dropped it outside the train?"
I:" I am sure someone stole it."
KH:"Who took it? Did you recognize the fellow? Tell me, I'll get it back for you."
Now, still no one walk out from the train. So, I decided to stay inside the train.

Then, I look at the people that passed by me when I entered train. I suspected a few of them. But I am not so sure who's THE ONE! So, I tried to read their facial expression to see which one to catch. Then, I have a feeling a "Songkok Malay man" did it. His hand was inside his the right side pocket(probably trying to stop my bell strap from ringing). But I am still not so sure. AHH!! Kinda think of it, I should ask KH to call my phone. Lol.

A few minutes before the door close, the "Songkok Malay man" trying to walk out of the train. He walked very fast. Then I said:" It's him. He is the one who steal my hand phone." Actually I am still not so sure. But VERY fast one, I jumped out from train and walked to the idiot "Songkok Malay man". I don't know whether KH following after me(cause I jumped too fast and without seeing behind and scared the idiot will disappear from my eyesight).

But luckily, KH was behind me. We trying to approach "SMM" by walking not so fast(I scared SMM will run). However, he just stand there without moving.
So, KH said:" Saya mau saya punya hand-phone."

Celaka "SMM" took out the phone from his pocket(yeah, the one I saw, the right side one). Really that one. haha. Then imagine what, I said thank you to "SMM" cause I thought he said:"Oh, ini phone kamu ke?" LOL!! What a funny thing. Well, I got back my phone and it was really him, who pocket picked my phone. STOLE LA!!! Damn him!

I told people. They said I am lucky cause SMM is not with gang and he seems new.

A freshmen for Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pick Pocket. I think he just enrolled to this Degree course. Sien. An advice for him, Can you please you choose a REAL stupid person next time!!!

I know I LOOK stupid la KH! Wahlao.. lol..

** I have a SMM's (stupid idiot celaka dump freak) look but with a Dragon's brain**


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Well, it has been one week.

View from my bed at 12pm.

Kinta bus to OldTown.

I love this picture. 'cause I think it has some 70's "smell".

Er, Tiger and Clement said it's nice. So, I ordered it and...
It was ok.(may be due to I am not feeling well)
Oh, it's prawn and char siu inside.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

.: My First Week in Kampar :.

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Ah, finally I can online. Thanks to Clement's house mate Mr Sze Chuan (Yaya the SzeChuan flavour). lol.

Well, my first week in Kampar was quite interesting.

I reached Kampar around 3.30pm on 1st Jan 2008. Then, I checked into my room (i'll provide the photo on next entry). Then put my stuffs, my parents and my uncle auntie(aunt is kampar people) move my stuffs for me. Then, we went out for lunch, then they chao, then I unpacked. Around 9pm I finished. Then, I slept.

2nd day, went out for brunch(I woke up at 12pm.) with Mr. Yian(I am his loong-term enemy). Then Clement came then hanging around with them (very good and funny friends) for whole day.

3rd day, still sticking with them and found out Westlake is really a small place. I went here and there and eventually I met many friends and enemies as well!! LOL!

That's it. Things are so unpredictable. I have a feeling my 3 years in Kampar wil be very interesting and full of suprises. Well, we'll just see.

Ah, I miss all my friends. Aquarium, how are you? Miss Wong PT? Agnes? Ah, a lot la.

Suddenly, I found out people that are behind me just now all gone. Clement, Jing Jing, Monica, Kai Hung, Sze Chuan. Where they went? Hiding and trying to scared me? Oh man.. That's it for this time. Take care all my friends and family that I love. MUACKS**

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

.:: 2008.My Year ::.

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Well, my birthday is on 20th of August. So, it's also 20.08 ... MY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahahahha!!

People asking me about my wishes. Well, I am a very greedy one. I made a lot of wishes. But I am not going to tell cause after I tell, they won't come true. Gee!

I spent my New Year eve with Nic and CCS. These 2 guys were my secondary classmates. They are so cute. LOL! 1 Tall 1 Short.

It's a brand new year and I am still super single and available. I am quite exciting to go Kampar cause can't wait to see the people there, and hunt for guys?? Perhaps. But I told myself don't put high hope. LOL!!

HappyNewYear to all my family and friends.

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