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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Coursemates

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To my dearest Course mates:

This may be nothing for you, but it's special for me.

p/s to clement: try to recall back what you did on 1:10 onwards. So professional until poured all the content into crucible. I really wanna laugh til kao kao lo!! (SALUTE)

Updates on me. Me. ME!

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Short recap:

I am just so busy these days. Mom called me and ...
she said:"Girl, what are you doing there? Me and Pa thought you being kidnapped already ler. Long time never hear from you. Thought you lost already. So when are you coming back? What were you doing and didn't reply Pa's sms?
Me:"Well, I was at down stair with my friends. I didn't reply 'cause I was thinking the answer of 'when to go back'."
etc etc etc...

Things happened like waves. In a very short wavelength, high frequency that kind. Ups and downs drastically in a very short time.
So, it's a+a=2a or a-a=0? You figure it out y
ourself la. la la la!


Sorry guys, for the caption in the photo. I am so sorry. 'cause....
'cause I PURPOSELY ONE lo!!! la la la la..
I looked at him playing la and the time now is 2.55am in the morning la. I've been looking for few minutes la. Then la, I really don't know what so fun about Dota lo.
I myself prefer those flash games. Hehe... But now I am going to sleep la. haha.
After posting this entry.


He just won my "photo of the entry" award!!! Congratulation to Clement aka UTAR Idol!!
That's my hand!! (peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace)

The handsomest bus uncle ever at Utar, and he's so nice 'cause stop in front of my house for me.

Oh ya, this is the so called my-master-slide. Tehee...
(These are onion cells FYI.)

A typical student's room lar.. You can see how hardworking I am lo.. Right??

This cute boy, Ken. He's the one who accompany to play ping pong most of the time (other than Q la, he's the one lo). And he always forget to take his lanyard one lo. Ha-ha-ha!

Clement took this when we were in Political Science lecture.
He said I looked cool wor. Not cool at all lo!!!

Well, KC took this when I was pig-ing in lecture. I am so tired lo. Really lo.

Monday, March 24, 2008

24th March 2008

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A trip to Klang?

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"Love at first sight" can never happen to ugly people.

Day after day...

Week after week...
One month and one week I didn't back to Klang (the crowd town) already.
I miss the food there, the air (full with CO2), the water(lack of O2), the hazy sky, the rude hokkien, and......
the traffic jam! -__-


I always have the opportunity to capture picture of light or lamp like this when I am with Q.

This is apparently an onion lo!! Onion in mandarin is "chong".
The last name of Q is also "chong".
So, onion is his symbol when he draw comic.
(Actually, he has a bit look like onion also ler!Hmm..)

Oh, this is my master piece of onion slide.
I am looking for the mitosis process in the nucleus. Unfortunately the microscope from Uni is too "pro".

This is one of the best slide, according to my samseng cell biology lecturer.

Wuu, dis is nickel. Damn smelly la. Added with your pee (ammonia) one.
You'll get cancer of nose if you smell it ofttimes.


Ok, now is the Klang part. I went back to Klang right after the Nickel lab the other day.
Musta mention that the bus uncle drove damn steady.
9km in 7minutes. For me, I really cannot stand it lo.
Some more, the air-cond is damn cold lo.
Some more, I am so tired.
Some more, Q is not with me. (this is definitely the main point. =D)

Told you guys I miss the food.
MOST of the restaurants at Kampar (New town) is trying to imitate the styles of Klang Valley and of course,
They FAILED!! Badly...

I eat the food there till wanna PUKE and PUKE and almost spray blood la!!

Well, I went to Aeon with my sis, Kathy. We went out for a fine-dine(should be consider as one 'cause we I spent Rm40 on that.)

Kinsahi, for me, it's a restaurant that can go for the second time.

The decoration is so nice.

Restaurants always like to put some MEANINGLESS WORDS to make people fascinate one.
I don't like lo.. =.=

My big sis Kathy aka KT.
(she has a bit look like ET lo.hehe >.<)

This waitress ah, I noticed her for quite a long time already.
Still I could not find out she's Malaysian or Japanese,
and I don't understand what she speaks.
(Problem is my 'caused by my poor English or what? I don't know.)

Grape juice.

I don't remember this name already lo 'cause normally we remember Jay Chow,
not the other K-leh-feh.

Potato potato potato.
Kew aka Q (from now onwards, I'll use Q as the term to call my bf),
I fancy POTATO; not Onion!!!

The Miso Ramen.
I love Miso, but never thought the taste will be like that lo!!

See la see la. This is the last photo before I eat cut my hair.
Ya it's shorter AGAIN!!

After the dinner that cost me so, I decided to go shopping with my big-full stomach.
It has been a month+week didn't go shopping. My purse hand is so itchy till wanna puke out all the money in my purse (what an excuse).

I bought this!! ONLY!!!
(If you believe in my purse me.)

Kla kla, THESE instead of this.

And also some Skin Food products lo.
(Mask, hair wash and peel-off-mask.)
They cost me Rm100.

FYI, I bought pair of sandal also la.
You know la.
Girls buy shoe = Guys see girls.
Unless one day guys never peep those babes that pass by, otherwise, the possibility for girls to stop buying shoes is almost 0.00.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

eleh eleh...

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This view, I took it at 4 in the morning.

This shows things.

Loo Yen Da (coolest guy) and Tan Chee Wah(steadiest guy).
There's another blow water king.

Cheah Chern Swern (aka Candy), Chandra(aka CM), Sanjaya, and Iyngaran.

Mr. Grasshopper.

FYI, this is not grasshopper juice. Haha.

My color.

Just nothing better to do.

This is really nothing better to do.
Clement Wong Kiing Fook, our UTAR idol.

The bulb.

The benzoin(top) and cinnamic acid (bottom) are melting.

The cutest CM and handsomest ChernSwern.

We were in Chemistry lab. They are my friends.

Lab lab lab...

The blow water king is courting our TA. Saw him?
The smallest guy there!!

Ok, that one, the only one who does not face us, the one at the middle there,
she is actually my lecturer.
Well, who say lecturer cannot be small?

Jenny, WKF(see his face! argh~), Candy and Iyngaran.

This is the view from Grand Kampar Hotel (GKH).

GKH's lobby.

My brother, mom and sister.

Not bad leh.. Really not bad.

Guess how much this room cost??
Ta da~~

RM61.00 (Utar student's rate, we've 50% off)

view from my room's window.
It's a rainy day.
Love it!!

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