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Saturday, March 1, 2008

15 Paragraphs 1 Heart

AT 6:22 PM
I would never say Love Is Blind,
I like him with reasons.

Time flies.
It's already the 3rd month since I came to Kampar.
this is so an unfamiliar place to me.
the first day I reached,
I saw Candy and Lawrence (they were there few minutes after I reached).

the next day most of my course mates from foundation reached Kampar.
We everyday go Uni together.
We cooked almost every day.
We played.
We gossip.
we had so much of fun.

I become the course representative.
Get to know many new friends not only from my course.
I love this job a lot.

We'd the first BBQ session that no one has it before beside the lake.
I get to know one guy.
Q one.
When I first saw him,
I have one kinda feeling...
I so wanna bully him and kacau him.
It just somehow I have the feeling.
Of course the BBQ was not just about him.

After that,
things got back to normal.
My kinda normal means study eat sleep shit and of course,

I am more used to life at Kampar after that.
Candy said I look more happy after I came here,
and I agreed with him.
I like this place,
a lot.

I studies,
I assignments,
I presentations,
I labs,
I tests.

I found someone who play table tennis on that day Q having meeting of setting up his WeiQi club.
Michelle, is her name.
Right after the meeting,
I met Michelle and friends were playing table tennis.
I am so glad that I finally found someone who can play table tennis with me.

2 weeks after that,
I've made an appointment with Mr.KC (not KFC),
to play table tennis with him.

Half way playing,
a guy,
Q was there and looking at us.
He looked tired and grieve.

He suddenly have the passion to play together with us.
Then he talked his stuffs.
I listened.

He rode me back after that.
We talked.
He smiled.
He laughed.
I happy.

The next day,
again we talked,
until 4 in the morning.

I found out I *heart* him.
And so do him.

things took 4 days,
it just happen...

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