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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

eleh eleh...

AT 6:58 PM
This view, I took it at 4 in the morning.

This shows things.

Loo Yen Da (coolest guy) and Tan Chee Wah(steadiest guy).
There's another blow water king.

Cheah Chern Swern (aka Candy), Chandra(aka CM), Sanjaya, and Iyngaran.

Mr. Grasshopper.

FYI, this is not grasshopper juice. Haha.

My color.

Just nothing better to do.

This is really nothing better to do.
Clement Wong Kiing Fook, our UTAR idol.

The bulb.

The benzoin(top) and cinnamic acid (bottom) are melting.

The cutest CM and handsomest ChernSwern.

We were in Chemistry lab. They are my friends.

Lab lab lab...

The blow water king is courting our TA. Saw him?
The smallest guy there!!

Ok, that one, the only one who does not face us, the one at the middle there,
she is actually my lecturer.
Well, who say lecturer cannot be small?

Jenny, WKF(see his face! argh~), Candy and Iyngaran.

This is the view from Grand Kampar Hotel (GKH).

GKH's lobby.

My brother, mom and sister.

Not bad leh.. Really not bad.

Guess how much this room cost??
Ta da~~

RM61.00 (Utar student's rate, we've 50% off)

view from my room's window.
It's a rainy day.
Love it!!

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