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About Queen Kylie

I am not princess, I am Queen.

Name: Lim Kah Yee, Kylie (林嘉怡)
Date of birth: 20.August
Time of birth: 4.20 p.m.
Place of birth: Klang
Current town: Kampar, Perak.
Blood type: O+
Horoscope: Leo
Zodiac: Snake
Attitude: straight forward; 
Hobby: Table Tennis; Music; Taiwan shows; TVB drama
Profession: Biology; Plant Tissue Culture; Clarinet; Blogging
Languages: Mandarin; English; Hokkien; Cantonese; Malay
Best friend: Clement Wong Kiing Fook; Teoh Yong Jian
Highest Education Level: Bachelor of Sc (HONS) Biotechnology 08' University Tunku Abdul Rahman
就读科目: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Tissue Culture, Culture and Communication, Pendidikan Moral.
Extra-curriculum activities: Biological Science Society Committee Member.

Relationship: -ing.
Favorite Food: cheese; cakes; strawberries; waffles; 
Favorite color: Purple; Pink; White
Favorite Pet: I dong really like pet, may be not yet.
Favorite Singer: too many.
Favorite Actor: Used to be Stephen Chow.
Favorite Movie: Good movies.
Dong like: cigarettes, back-stabber, hypocrite and many. 

Bad habits:
Only eat certain brands of ice-cream (Häagen-Dazs、BaskinRobins、Walls、Nestle)
Order air suam at mamak stall
Dong drink cold drinks
Particularly love Korean Instant Noodles.
Never comb my hair
Only wear short pants if can.
SK II and Methode user.
In love with Esprit and MNG
Never wear ear rings
Never sleep without brushing teeth
Dong feel safe without my Pilot shaker.

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