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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Butt off la!!

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Butt off you all cheap spies..
and shut your beak!..
Get out of my life!!!

I've just got a damn from Stupid!
People, I am just a normal + ordinary human and you bitches are like the dogs that cannot stop barking like that spy on me. What the....
I have my own privacies. Stop stalking at me.
I won't ask bitch to respect me cause they'll never know what is "respect".
Damn it.
What the hack is going on now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clement versus Monica.

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When we're waiting bus, what can we do??
On the phone?
Chit chatting with friends?
See the sky?
Observing people?

(See below)

That's definitely not enough lo....

Both of them just cannot stop doing that.
We predict they'll become couple soon.
Wanna bet?? Ha ha..

The Magic of KC

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Starring by: Wong Kar Chee
Recorded by: Me

Friday, February 22, 2008


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Shits happened

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Some day, it was just like....................


I don't really know what happen but I am Goddamn lazy these days.

Anyone can gimme any idea? To solve this stupid problem?? =.=
Because of I don't wanna have a situation as below!!

I seriously nearly fail all my tests.
I knew I have to study. My brain wants me to study, rather somehow,
my heart just wants me to stick my body to the bed.

And now,.........

........this is my kind of feeling.

Monday, February 18, 2008


AT 9:36 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
Your asst. course rep said...


Let you know the real reason why I'm angry.. Next time please don't simply write things that you don't understand fully...

Ask yourself first:
How long did u took to give the money to me?? (It took you HALF A MONTH to pay me!!! Even that is AFTER I ASKED YOU TO PAY ME!!!)

I'm someone very careful with my money...
You think I'm so rich, can USE MY OWN money to pay for all the photostat, which can amount up to A LOT....
Then suddenly you come on that day, say you cut this, cut that, and reduce the amount of my money...
If you're me, you'll be angry when someone is reducing the money you suppose to get!!

I'm already under a tight budget every month, and I still need to pay for my living expenses PLUS all the PHOTOSTAT MONEY. You think I have that much money??And I'm not the type who simply spend.

You can ask anyone who have meals with me before, what type of things I eat.. .
Ask them do I go out with them every night...
Ask them do I simply buy things that I don't need...
Ask them do I spent any of my money on entertainment...

Most of my money is spent on photostating...

I already said I'm Sorry for doing what I did..
And you still have to announce to the whole world...

I already told you, pay what you think is correct..
And you still post this...

I'm someone who hates to fight, and I hope this will end right here..
I don't want what happened to you last year because of your blog happen again now...

I have nothing else to say...
You might think what you did is correct..
But have you considered my own situation?

He's the one who proposed to photocopy "that much" then he can fuck.
He's the one didn't tell me he needs money then he can fuck.
I wanna explain to him and pay him, then he don't wanna listen to me, then straight away fuck.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
His conclusion is angry can scold fuck,
scold it to a girl.

I am ok with everything, even you scold me, but no the FUCK in front of so many people. I just don't like.

If say sorry means all can back to the beginning,


I don't know what organism you are.

AT 3:36 PM 5 beep(s) to KahYee
Monday Sunny Day 18th Feb 2008
Venue: CaddLab, Block E, Utar, Jalan Universiti, Kampar, Perak.
Time: around 3.30pm

Some people, although they LOOK like human, but they don't really can understand human language, English Language for example.

When I talked to him, the people behind, in front and beside him can really know what I am saying but the thing he replied me was

"what the fuck

what the fuck
what the fuck
what the fuck and ....
what the fuck!!!"

I just cannot stop mentioning about that, you Mr. F! aka Assistant Course Representative. The purpose of your mother give birth to you is just to let YOU, this particular organism F the whole world? Well, if it's so, I've got nothing to say.


The conversation sounds like this:

Me:" Hey, about the money that I am going to pay you right, um... Ok, you listen to me. I calculate it for you ah.."

Mr. F kept silence.

Me:"Um, you haven't pay for the class fund for first 2 months right, so, RM20 each month, 2 months are RM40, correct? Then I am going to pay for the ink, how much is the ink again?"

Mr. F:" Rm20, it's not Rm 15."

Me:"Ok, so until now you still owe me Rm20 lah. Cause Rm40-Rm20=Rm20 (I still haven't finish talking but.....)"

Mr. F:"Wait!! What the... What are you talking about? I photocopied so much thing (around Rm50) then you didn't pay me and now I owe you Rm20?"

Me:"AHhh.. Can't you just listen to me first? Okok, Sanjaya, I explain to you and then you help me to explain to him, he cannot understand me."

Mr. F:"What the FUCK!! What the fuck are you talking about? What the fuck!!"

Me(SABAR AND SABAR):" Ok, Sanjaya, his ink is Rm20 and for the photocopy $ that he paid for us SAY is Rm50. Then he owes class Rm40 so I still owe him Rm 30 right? Do you understand me?"

Sanjaya:"Yaya, correct."

Mr. F:"What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck!!!!!!!! I photocopy is more than Rm50 la! (P/S:He really don't know what is the meaning of SAY that I mentioned above)"

Me:"No no. Do you know what is the meaning of say!?"

Mr. F:"What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck,what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck,!!!!!!!!"


I am not sure how many times he said these 3 words but that is the only phrase that came out from his mouth.

Well, the conversation is true. If you don't believe me, I think Mr. Sanjaya, Mr. Chandra and Mr.Iyngaran can be the witness.

Ahh, I really don't know how is he going to communicate with people. He's even worse than those Ah Long. Ah Long uses parang and for Mr.F I think he's going to use his testis and
penis. Oh Gosh...

Tell me if you think I made a mistake.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Miracle of Chemical

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Chemistry is very beautiful. Those reactions will make you fall in love with someone. Really. If not, there would not be My Chemical Romance.

This is some crystal. Nothing special. I posted it for fun only.

This is interesting. The fire(green flame) is really on top of the test-tube.
If photo is not convincing, then see below...

Pay attention on top of the test-tube!!

So, how was it? Hmm...
May be this is just something I can do to make myself love Labs.
I mean, Labsssssssssssssssss.

cont.. Chinese New Year 2008

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Chinese New Year has come to the end.
Here, I would like to make an appointment with all of you,
we'll celebrate CNY again at next year 初一 (cho yat)
12am sharp!! Haha...

Kachak Kachak!! Good bye 年兽...

This probably will be the last gathering for so many of us together 'cause
whoever wanna leave is left, whoever absent will never attend, whoever outstation is me, whoever busy is...
Idiot! Haha.

We went Shi Xian's house for lunch when half way visiting.
Spaghetti was nice. Thanks.

Saw the way they sit? Can you guys guess what are they going to do next?
See below below and.......

Well, some of the guys that PRETENDING good boy, they rather sit in fronta tv.

Some(the white fellow), is playing some tricks with poker. Haha!!
He's quite pro tho.

Ta Da~~~

Guys there!! Remember to throw me some mandarin for me at 十五 (chap goh meh)!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

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First of all, I wanna wish all of you 身体健康,平平安安,学业猛进,突然发财!!
This is how I celebrate CNY...

Decorations that took at Dad's friend's house.

This also curi one.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

I went my uncle's house. He's the 1st one we visited.
His children are really naughty.

Other than visiting, of course wanna 发财 (huat chai) also la. LOL!!
p/s: I am NOT SURE whether there is C-A-S-H "trading" here.

Nevertheless, CNY food, that will make me become pendiam. Haha!

Or may be you can choose to play with pet la. Lame!

I choose to watch movie.

My idol, Stephen Chow's movie CJ7 (which I don't recommend you to watch, although I like Stephen a lot =.=").
Then, I found out something interesting...!!!

See this big girl(white)?

See her back??Then...........
See below!

You guys can tell me anything happened??
What the.....
p/s: no cut and paste on to those pictures.

Other than lame stuffs, I met 12 of my high school friends also at SeeGuan's uncle's house.
(SeeGuan, LayHui, Cheryl, Sk, Juncat, ChunAw, AhGiam, ChongLei, ATT, GiapSheng, ChinEeLing, and FongQi.)

His uncle invited 醒狮 to make the house owner "ONG" a bit. haha.

It's interesting tho.

To be continued......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jalan Tepi Sungaism

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Nothing much other than BUSY!! I am really busy until no time to shit. Really do.
Basically, my life back to Klang is merely be everyone's driver, help solve my siblings problems, help mum do house hold chores and buying CNY stuffs together with mum.

It's quite fun tho.

This is some place called Pandamaran (my mum's hometown) near Port Klang one la.

Then, we saw something like this here. Lol. This "choy san" was sent by "rocket" la apparently!

Then, went EngAnn aka the center of Klang. Not really Klang actually.
Bought this lo. Mum said pretty. Haha.

Ah, I love fruits.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I, LimKahYee, DON'T eat this!! lol...
So next time please don't buy this for me.

Wuu, "年糕". Very sweet. Used to fried it with ubi keledek. Yeah~

One pasar pagi full with this kinda stalls. They selling the same thing basically.
How are they going to survive?

p/s: Ah, I myself went to some shopping complexes to buy my CNY garments also. Hmm. But this is the first time I felt my money is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis limited. So, buy not much thing and didn't get money from parents also. I "开不了口让他知道"... So, how much I left then I buy; No more then I die. I did not expect anything from parents this year.

I hope they will happy and healthy, this is very enough for me.

Small gathering

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Well, these are my so-called "long lost friends"......
They are my bunch of gang when I was in secondary school. Miss them sooooo much eh!!
It's just a simple lunch at Sakae Sushi.
We had this lunch 'cause some are going overseas already. Ah~~

These are they. Blue guy(Ng Ee), white guy(my "sister", YongJian) and black gurl(cutest gurl I've ever met, TanHuiXin).

Sushi will never make me feel full.

This green gurl, Michelle, she's going to Perth soon. 14th of Feb.
Yeah, Valentine's day.

Pin-pointing what oh?(Yellow man, YeowKienAnn)
(Kinda sad 'cause she's leaving. Sob.)

Black top with blue bag, Devon. She's going to fly soon to Australia also.

He was testing a small little bumpy. We bought it as a present to Michelle.


AT 10:51 AM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Some day, some where, some time, some people, somehow~~

I still love this view a lot.

Sometimes in class/lab, when we feel bored, we can just......

Shake your bom bom yeah~~
Starring by: Alien Cheah Chern Swern aka Candy Wolf aka Handsome Wolf aka Stupid Candy

Capturing lame pictures..

See those friends? lol..

And this cute friend? Ahaha...

Or we can eat as much as we want, but of course you need to pay for it.(Gain weight 1kg per month instead of loss 1kg)
I get the vegetables as much as I can as long as the plate can contain THAT much of vege cause the price is the same punya la..

However, when you look at this face (Clement's), will you be able to finish your food?

Of course sometimes must sayang myself a bit. Go for some nicer food at Kampar.
Claypot Chicken Rice, that only sell at night.
People queue up like tooooot....

I ate 2 and half plate * this. Lol.

This "nga choy" is ok only lar actually.

But this is nice wor.

Apart from eating outside, we do cook ourselves also.
Take this bus go old town.

Then we decided to buy some chicken. This is before.

It's very obvious this is after lo.

We bought this. Quite a lot actually.
We as a student really look like those auntie uncle when we go into pasar. Really...

They are so tired. But Mr Tiger just so....

This uncle, he collect money from passenger one la.
He's waist/kidney really keng one 'cause can stand-still very stable when the bus is moving.

The other day, Chandra Mohan actually introduced us to have dinner in an Indian restaurant.
With these people lo.

And of course these!!

This roti tissue is what JingJing and XinYing LOVE the most. Haha.

I had this banana leaves...
Leave's rice la.. Taste good! This was consider as "The Last Supper"...
Before we all go back to our hometown.

Ah... Waiting for KTM! to balik kampong.. oh oh oh balik kampong!!

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