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Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

AT 8:42 PM

First of all, I wanna wish all of you 身体健康,平平安安,学业猛进,突然发财!!
This is how I celebrate CNY...

Decorations that took at Dad's friend's house.

This also curi one.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

I went my uncle's house. He's the 1st one we visited.
His children are really naughty.

Other than visiting, of course wanna 发财 (huat chai) also la. LOL!!
p/s: I am NOT SURE whether there is C-A-S-H "trading" here.

Nevertheless, CNY food, that will make me become pendiam. Haha!

Or may be you can choose to play with pet la. Lame!

I choose to watch movie.

My idol, Stephen Chow's movie CJ7 (which I don't recommend you to watch, although I like Stephen a lot =.=").
Then, I found out something interesting...!!!

See this big girl(white)?

See her back??Then...........
See below!

You guys can tell me anything happened??
What the.....
p/s: no cut and paste on to those pictures.

Other than lame stuffs, I met 12 of my high school friends also at SeeGuan's uncle's house.
(SeeGuan, LayHui, Cheryl, Sk, Juncat, ChunAw, AhGiam, ChongLei, ATT, GiapSheng, ChinEeLing, and FongQi.)

His uncle invited 醒狮 to make the house owner "ONG" a bit. haha.

It's interesting tho.

To be continued......

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