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Saturday, February 16, 2008

cont.. Chinese New Year 2008

AT 12:56 AM
Chinese New Year has come to the end.
Here, I would like to make an appointment with all of you,
we'll celebrate CNY again at next year 初一 (cho yat)
12am sharp!! Haha...

Kachak Kachak!! Good bye 年兽...

This probably will be the last gathering for so many of us together 'cause
whoever wanna leave is left, whoever absent will never attend, whoever outstation is me, whoever busy is...
Idiot! Haha.

We went Shi Xian's house for lunch when half way visiting.
Spaghetti was nice. Thanks.

Saw the way they sit? Can you guys guess what are they going to do next?
See below below and.......

Well, some of the guys that PRETENDING good boy, they rather sit in fronta tv.

Some(the white fellow), is playing some tricks with poker. Haha!!
He's quite pro tho.

Ta Da~~~

Guys there!! Remember to throw me some mandarin for me at 十五 (chap goh meh)!!!

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