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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Small gathering

AT 12:01 PM
Well, these are my so-called "long lost friends"......
They are my bunch of gang when I was in secondary school. Miss them sooooo much eh!!
It's just a simple lunch at Sakae Sushi.
We had this lunch 'cause some are going overseas already. Ah~~

These are they. Blue guy(Ng Ee), white guy(my "sister", YongJian) and black gurl(cutest gurl I've ever met, TanHuiXin).

Sushi will never make me feel full.

This green gurl, Michelle, she's going to Perth soon. 14th of Feb.
Yeah, Valentine's day.

Pin-pointing what oh?(Yellow man, YeowKienAnn)
(Kinda sad 'cause she's leaving. Sob.)

Black top with blue bag, Devon. She's going to fly soon to Australia also.

He was testing a small little bumpy. We bought it as a present to Michelle.

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