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Friday, November 30, 2007

FALE1043 English For Communication

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Well, first of all, thanks to our dearest Ms. Phaveena, my coursework mark for this subject get 34/50. Which is the lowest if compared with the other two. It's really low one. Initially, I wasn't this angry. But after knowing Ms. Wong Lisa which is a lecturer from other tutorial group actually reminded the students to add in the Agenda into the layout, even after they pass up. Life is just so unfair. I knew it since I was born. But still, I am really on fire.

When I told Ms. Phaveena that my mark is really really really low, she can still show me my mark. Well, she is really good in doing this thing. Initially, I still give myself a little hope that I MIGHT get scholarship, now, I think I can think no more about it.

You might say I am a kiasu because I have such a BIG HUGE reaction on this "accident". It is because I really need scholarship to pursue my degree. I really need it.

In a nutshell, verpiss dich.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

United Democratic Bribery States of Malaysia

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Capital :
Tanjung Rambutan
Previous capital :
Largest city :
City Nurhaliza
Official languages:
Rojak - consist of Malay, Chinese and English.
Government :
- Paramount Ruler - Prime Minister - Head Of State - President
Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Abdullah Ah-MAD BAD-awi Mahathir Moha-MAD Anuar I-Bra-Him
National Carp :
Plotong, Beroktua, KiaNasa
Major exports :
Durian, Jihad Terrorist, Quran, Moral Book, Pirate VCD & DVD, Pork, Water, Sewage (to Sinkaypoh ONLY), Cooking Oil, Condom, Hand gloves, Belacan, Nasi Lemak
National Icon :
KLCC, Toll, Duit Kopi, Unlawful Taxi Driver, Roadside Rubbish, Dirty Rubbish Bin, Polluted River and Beach, Vandalism, Snatch Theft, Double Parking and Dirty Toilet.
National Hero(es):
Mawi, Mat Rempit, Kerisman, Cicakman, Orang Utan, Ah Seng, Ah Long, Mamak, Macha, Gay 'Astronut'
Declarationof Independence:
If you're not lazy, you're not Malay,
If you're not greedy, you're not Chinese, If you don't get drunk every night, you're not Indian
Currency :
Religion :
I-Slamit, Rempit-mic, Rasuah-mic, Bogel-internet, Ayah-Pin, Mawi
26 million and 1.5 billion (Indonesian and other immigrants)

For more information, please lauch:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hulk-You won't like me when I'm angry

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"I more happy
if they pukul me
cause i have no reasons to forgive them for wat they did to u..."

Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Alright alright. I saw someone's blog just before I write this entry. He posted something on his blog. Well, I have something to say here.

Hey there,

If you saw my blog, next time if you wanna scold me whatever thing you wanna scold, please scold it in front of me. Thank you. Because until now, I still cannot find out the reason why you scold me and tease me behind me, but not in front me since you HATE BACK STAB SO MUCH!!! Although I know you are the person, but I prefer you scold me in front. Don't tell me you scared and coward which I don't think you are.

Not forget to tell you, if you wanna find out who the hell back stab you, just go ahead. I also wanna know who is he/she. But please don't hurt my innocent friends. Thank you so much.



My Kingdom

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The Kingdom, not for the kids.

Well, this movie, is a GANAS one. Really ganas one. Kids can never watch this.

I *fancy* 3 parts of this movie. Really do.

There are some booming scene. People were running here and there to save their life. The explode happened in Saudi Arab. Apparently, those Arabian police sure will control the situation. One of the police, asked the people don't be nervous and follow his way. When more and more people ran to his way, suddenly "ka chak"... Boom in his hand explode and those innocent people die.

It was so cool.

On a roof of a flat or something, 2guys were chatting.

An American was doing some scene investigation things.
Then he said:" @#$%^&*()*&^%Then he said:" @#$%^&*()*&^%$&*()%#@#$%^&*@#$%^&*...F***, B****,W****..."
amp;*()%#@#$%^&*@#$%^&*...F***, B****,W****..."

Arabian Sarjan:" Why so many dirty words come out from your mouth? You all American love to say dirty words? Do you want me to use the soap to wash your mouth with you?"

Love it.

It was in a car. Jamie Foxx and al-Ghazi were chatting.

al-Ghazi:" Hey, I watched American Show. I love the green man. He will be very big when he's angry."
JF:" Oh yeah yeah, The Incredible Hulk. The "You won't like me when I'm angry". Yeah. I shit it also. Shit it. Yeah yeah."
al-Ghazi: Oh you wanna go toilet? Are you wanna go to the toilet?"

SHIT it man!

These are the 3 scenes. The show is really nice. Not forget to mention, GANAS..

About the cinema, for me Cathay Cineleisure still the best.

The GSC in One Utama shopping complex.


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文章裁至<<爱你妈妈>> 你爸爸 著


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These are chaos. They have a name called "the butterfly effect". It looks so nice for me. Chaos happen at anywhere anytime. It just so nice.

No matter what is the shape or color, it won't affect the main object but make the main objects become even nicer. I personally like the shape of butterfly, that's why I love chaos as well.

Papa Mama

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When I was in standard5, if not mistaken, in front of the refrigerator in my house(the refrigerator is still at the same location now), my dad and mum were quarreling for the same reason with majority of the adult that quarrel with their partner. Suddenly, my dad called my name and he said:" Ah girl, now I ask you, now you wanna follow you mum, or me?"
I was only standard5.
If I have the brain that I have now at that time, I will say:" Hell!! Why ask me this stupid question? You wanna divorce then go ahead!! But please remember to gimme my allowance every month!!"
Unfortunately, I have only a 11-year-old brain. What I did was standing between both of them and non-stop crying.

Years later....Today,

they quarrel with the same reason and did mentioned about "divorce". This time is very serious one 'cause my siblings didn't tell me anything about that(I was in PJ when they started the war) until my uncle text me(imagine even my uncle also cannot tahan already) only I know. I cannot do anything. I cannot call my parents 'cause my siblings might be blamed if they know I know about this war. Well, I tried to control myself for calling siblings, and in the end, I didn't call. I don't want my parents scold my siblings.

It was really torturing moment whether to call my parents. I text my sister to keep myself up-to-date with the war. This is part of the conversation:

KahSin(Form1 My sis):" Hey jie, what are you doing now? They started the war again. I just pretend like nothing happened. I now trying to sms you secretly 'cause I scared papa will scold me if he saw I text you."
Me:" Oh, then be careful, don't let papa saw. I am now eating. What about you? You had your dinner already? I am eating Marcopolo's biscuit."
KahSin:" Wah, so good! You get to eat that. I haven't eat. We've got nothing to eat. Yesterday also we ate instant noodle only. I didn't eat for this whole day already."
Me:" Why? You faster eat something. Not good for health if starving. Never mind, I'll bring you out for dinner once I back to Klang, ok? What you wanna eat? ( I am trying hard to let my sis feel better) Once I back to Klang, everything will be ok already. They will stop the war, ok? If anything happen, I'll always be there. You have nothing to worry. No worries. ;)"
KahSin:" Oh, you say want ah, you going to treat me fast food, long time never eat already. Jie ah, what does ;) means?"
Me:" Oh, ;)? Nothing, it's just a thing that can make you feel better. ;)"...................

Well, this is the reason why I looked so depressed for one whole week.
I don't know whether these incidents will gimme a trauma with my partner next time. I hope it doesn't affect anything.

Now, if you give me my only wish for my whole life......

"I wish
I can see my parents and my siblings' smiles every morning
once I open my eyes"

Sunday, November 18, 2007

So sick of you

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I am now half way doing my portfolio that I have to submit tomorrow. Not forget to mention, the celaka assignment that given by Wilson. I have been sitting in front of my laptop for more than 12 hours per day. My back is pain and my eyes are dry. My skin keep complaining to me they cannot stand the heat from laptop anymore. Nevertheless, my butt become so big 'cause sitting too much (sigh). The time I facing laptop is n th times more than the time I see my mum.(sorry mama!) I saw her for twice a day even though we were under one roof. How could this happened? Oh no... Feel like run away from sitting in front of you Mr. Laptop. That's why when you guys ask me to MSN with you all, I refuse to do so. Because, it is tiring. sick of it.. I need some "Happy Candy". Anyone, please??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

KFC - "jia eh C"

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Secret Recipe with "original recipe 100% chicken"??

Yeah, it is. Because I'm in KFC having a very celaka dinner on Monday. There are a lot differences with my dinner in the real Secret Recipe with Sus Domestica on Tuesday.

At KFC, I spent Rm11.00 for 1 spicy chicken breast and 1 spicy chicken wing. 2 DAMN small glasses of Mirinda orange juice. Half of a big size whipped potato. Quarter of tangy coleslaw. 1 piece of potato wedges (damn it)!! And of course the chili sos and the ketchup there. All these cost RM11.00. What the heaven??

Not forget to mention, I was eating with whole bunch of people that do not listen to what I am talking. Basically, majority of them(I did not mention their name, so please do not blind guess) just treat me as an invisible girl. Yeah, invisible; not invincible.

Oh, the KFC-It's finger lickin' good. Now I know why they put it Finger linkin' good. It means, if you don't feel full after having the meals, please lick your finger to make your stomach feel full.
RM11.00 for that amount of food. Sorry to say but I have to say. I don't like it. "jia eh C" is in hokkien(In English means will eat til you die), I said that 'cause you'll hungry til die. I will not eat KFC anymore. Unless, you pay for me then I'll eat. But, if you're those who willing to pay, try your best don't bring me to KFC. Thank you for your cooperation. Haha.

Half-half Meltz

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Sesiapa boleh dapatkan saya kedua-dua ini??
Although I have seldom eat fast food, but I would like to try you, Mr. Half-half Meltz.


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He:" As long as you are happy, I am willing to be clown for you."


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16th November 2007
8.14pm, while I was in my sweet dream, Chouji called me.

KahYee:" Haloo..."
Chouji:" Hey, I tell you ah, my area internet broke down. Cannot go online......."
KahYee:" Oh, okie. Then you do things tommorow la......."
Chouji:" Did PooiTing send you her codes?"
KahYee:" No, she hasn't."
Chouji:" So do you want to send me the codes you have done?"
KahYee:" No, I haven't done yet. Tomorrow only I will do it."
Chouji:" Oh, okie..."
KahYee:" Bye..."

Chouji was MSN-ing with Gaijin, and he told Gaijin I sound like Zombie. Derr...

P/s: The conversation above is based on my limited memory 'cause I don't really remember the dialog that we've said due to I am in a sweet-dream-condition.

Celaka Assignments

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Stupid celaka idiot assignments!!! Yeah, YOU!!! I am talking about you! You made me become an idiot. Slept for only one hour just for you. My EQ getting lower and lower just because of you. Satisfy with it now?
I am so sick of you now. Please run away as fast as possible before I screw you using screwdriver!!! Shooo... Shoo... Gee!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


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Someone:" No worries. Whatever happen I'll just always cherish the moments we had together. I will not forget all the things we do, unless, I die or suffering from mental illness."

"... This is a promise."

Colors Of My Life

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My dad said I am red+purple
- Purple, because he said I used to like purple a lot.
- and now, I still like it.
- Red, because I am fierce enough to say I am "hot".

Chouji said I am red+pink
- Red, because I am hot,
spicy, prideful, confident..and straightfoward.
- Pink, because I am sometimes soft but I don't really show them out.

Gaijin said I am black+green
- Black, because I am tegas with my choices.
- Green, because I act naturally.

Razor said I am blue
- Blue, because he likes blue.

Sus Domestica said I am white
- White, because he said I am pure like an Angel.

LimZiHoe, my bro said I am black
- Black, because he does not like me.

LimKahWei, my sis said I am red
- Red, because I am fire and "hong"(means Famous in english) enough.

Well, I am greedy, thus, I said I am white, because white is a combination of all wonderful colors in this world.

Lee Hom

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LEE Hom and me were having a 25cm distances only.

Finally, I got to see him with "such" a distance. Thanks to Gaijin. I was actually quite excited that day, 9th of November. LeeHom is very punctual, the event started at 8pm sharp. He sang 3 songs there, at Sg Wang a.k.a Money River 4th floor car park. I was quite lucky, too! People were pushing here and there, it was pretty pack. Crowd was like "people mountain people sea". Somehow, I got his autograph at 9.15pm. Thanks for those who pushing me to the entrance to get LeeHom's autograph!! Thanks for your support!! Hahaha.

After got his precious autograph, I walked to TimeSquare with my sister, LinJiaXin
and we'd BaskinRobins there while waiting my wunderbar dad. By the way, Sus Domestica, don't you ever forget about the lecca lecca.

P/s: Phone was out of battery, thus, photos are really limited.

Complicated One

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  • Distributing forms to get a number to queue after me.
  • Organize a fans club to deal with them.
Things are just so complicated. I am just about to enjoy my happy time with my friends. Somehow, things always get more and more complicated when I am almost there. I don't know what's the purpose of it. But, I just don't care. C'mon!!!
I did not do anything wrong. But things really happened like that. Just like that. Gaijin and Chowji should know that, I guess. Wanted to ignore anybody for one day. No online, no phone reply. I'm just feel like chating with Sus Domestica. Sus Domestica, can you wake up earlier later today? I think I need your help. Guys, forgive me for my ignorance. You should understand.


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He:" You are an Angel for me."
KahYee:" Yes, I am an angel, perhaps? I'm heartless. If I were an angel, I would be a bad angel that keep hunting for heart. Hunt for a suitable heart to put inside my body to start-up my soul."

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