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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Papa Mama

AT 9:57 AM

When I was in standard5, if not mistaken, in front of the refrigerator in my house(the refrigerator is still at the same location now), my dad and mum were quarreling for the same reason with majority of the adult that quarrel with their partner. Suddenly, my dad called my name and he said:" Ah girl, now I ask you, now you wanna follow you mum, or me?"
I was only standard5.
If I have the brain that I have now at that time, I will say:" Hell!! Why ask me this stupid question? You wanna divorce then go ahead!! But please remember to gimme my allowance every month!!"
Unfortunately, I have only a 11-year-old brain. What I did was standing between both of them and non-stop crying.

Years later....Today,

they quarrel with the same reason and did mentioned about "divorce". This time is very serious one 'cause my siblings didn't tell me anything about that(I was in PJ when they started the war) until my uncle text me(imagine even my uncle also cannot tahan already) only I know. I cannot do anything. I cannot call my parents 'cause my siblings might be blamed if they know I know about this war. Well, I tried to control myself for calling siblings, and in the end, I didn't call. I don't want my parents scold my siblings.

It was really torturing moment whether to call my parents. I text my sister to keep myself up-to-date with the war. This is part of the conversation:

KahSin(Form1 My sis):" Hey jie, what are you doing now? They started the war again. I just pretend like nothing happened. I now trying to sms you secretly 'cause I scared papa will scold me if he saw I text you."
Me:" Oh, then be careful, don't let papa saw. I am now eating. What about you? You had your dinner already? I am eating Marcopolo's biscuit."
KahSin:" Wah, so good! You get to eat that. I haven't eat. We've got nothing to eat. Yesterday also we ate instant noodle only. I didn't eat for this whole day already."
Me:" Why? You faster eat something. Not good for health if starving. Never mind, I'll bring you out for dinner once I back to Klang, ok? What you wanna eat? ( I am trying hard to let my sis feel better) Once I back to Klang, everything will be ok already. They will stop the war, ok? If anything happen, I'll always be there. You have nothing to worry. No worries. ;)"
KahSin:" Oh, you say want ah, you going to treat me fast food, long time never eat already. Jie ah, what does ;) means?"
Me:" Oh, ;)? Nothing, it's just a thing that can make you feel better. ;)"...................

Well, this is the reason why I looked so depressed for one whole week.
I don't know whether these incidents will gimme a trauma with my partner next time. I hope it doesn't affect anything.

Now, if you give me my only wish for my whole life......

"I wish
I can see my parents and my siblings' smiles every morning
once I open my eyes"

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Anonymous said...

b strong arr...i gt an experience same wif u.."who u 12 follow" tis sentences i was heard since tis few years..tat is hurt much..wat i hope too jus same as tat sentences at the end of ur blog~

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