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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lee Hom

AT 2:38 AM
LEE Hom and me were having a 25cm distances only.

Finally, I got to see him with "such" a distance. Thanks to Gaijin. I was actually quite excited that day, 9th of November. LeeHom is very punctual, the event started at 8pm sharp. He sang 3 songs there, at Sg Wang a.k.a Money River 4th floor car park. I was quite lucky, too! People were pushing here and there, it was pretty pack. Crowd was like "people mountain people sea". Somehow, I got his autograph at 9.15pm. Thanks for those who pushing me to the entrance to get LeeHom's autograph!! Thanks for your support!! Hahaha.

After got his precious autograph, I walked to TimeSquare with my sister, LinJiaXin
and we'd BaskinRobins there while waiting my wunderbar dad. By the way, Sus Domestica, don't you ever forget about the lecca lecca.

P/s: Phone was out of battery, thus, photos are really limited.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you enjoyed ur day :) no worries, before have lecka lecka as dessert, there's a nice Spanish restaurant nearby. wanted to go there for a very long long time....looks like we are on for another feast lol

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