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Friday, November 30, 2007

FALE1043 English For Communication

AT 8:50 PM

Well, first of all, thanks to our dearest Ms. Phaveena, my coursework mark for this subject get 34/50. Which is the lowest if compared with the other two. It's really low one. Initially, I wasn't this angry. But after knowing Ms. Wong Lisa which is a lecturer from other tutorial group actually reminded the students to add in the Agenda into the layout, even after they pass up. Life is just so unfair. I knew it since I was born. But still, I am really on fire.

When I told Ms. Phaveena that my mark is really really really low, she can still show me my mark. Well, she is really good in doing this thing. Initially, I still give myself a little hope that I MIGHT get scholarship, now, I think I can think no more about it.

You might say I am a kiasu because I have such a BIG HUGE reaction on this "accident". It is because I really need scholarship to pursue my degree. I really need it.

In a nutshell, verpiss dich.

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