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Saturday, November 17, 2007


AT 11:13 AM
16th November 2007
8.14pm, while I was in my sweet dream, Chouji called me.

KahYee:" Haloo..."
Chouji:" Hey, I tell you ah, my area internet broke down. Cannot go online......."
KahYee:" Oh, okie. Then you do things tommorow la......."
Chouji:" Did PooiTing send you her codes?"
KahYee:" No, she hasn't."
Chouji:" So do you want to send me the codes you have done?"
KahYee:" No, I haven't done yet. Tomorrow only I will do it."
Chouji:" Oh, okie..."
KahYee:" Bye..."

Chouji was MSN-ing with Gaijin, and he told Gaijin I sound like Zombie. Derr...

P/s: The conversation above is based on my limited memory 'cause I don't really remember the dialog that we've said due to I am in a sweet-dream-condition.

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