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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


AT 9:01 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
After 3 consecutive days of loading the photos finally I am now finished uploading and able to load. SO SAD!!! The pathetic internet connection sometimes make you high and sometimes ...

Today is the 11th day of CNY. Still happy!! Missed the food I had in Penang T_____T

This is what I had the day before I went back hometown Klang for CNY celebration.

+ this.

And this.

Then, the next day, I headed to Sunway Pyramid for a date with Kari.

That is the first time we went Pasta Zanmai. And it will be the last time also because the food really makes us puke (real puke).

This is still okay like 25% acceptable but for what I have ordered omfg cross cross CROSS!!

Due to the disappointment at Pasta Zanmai, and I wanna make myself faster shit out what I had, we went
Tutti Frutti.

We had the original and strawberry flavors.

Like this cost RM12++ I think if not mistaken.

Well, it is a lot better and worth than Pasta Zanmai that cost RM55 for sh*t.

But I will only try this for once la cause don't think I will taste some other flavors cause Original and Strawberry are the best dee.

Then, I went and bought this. Go google CyberClean if you dong know what is this.
I am rushing now cause I am supposed to be in University now for my FYP =X

Got this....

And this from Brands Outlet. RM50 for 2. For sleeping. XD

My sister's awaiting-to-be-tidied-garments.

My bed. Told ya I have a lot a lot of pillows on my bed XD XD

my 娘子汉大丈夫 brother. 174cm and 73kg.

Reunion dinner for ancestors.

This is the only time my second sister keep her room clean and tidy. Very accurate and constant one. One year one time.

Then, me and the siblings went VIVO for lunch.




Then, my second sister

made this. I am not sure whether she consumes it @@!!

Newly built staircase and the twins of my uncle.

The newly bought pregnant lady.

Went to an open house that give us see the very leng fire crackers.




and gave everyone of us RM20 of cash without angpao. COOL!

Then, went SASA for this facial foam cleanser.

RM84. Originally from SWISS.

And this, I love this so much. Original price is RM14 but I got it for RM9.90. Because I sticked the RM9.90 price sticker on the RM14 ones.

To make myself survive from hunger in the morning, at times. Not often.

My messy ones.

My Kampar bed again full with pillows. Like my pillows? LOL!!

p.s. FYP TIME~~~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Penang CNY 2010.

AT 7:42 PM 3 beep(s) to KahYee
After visiting relatives at Klang on the first day of CNY, me and the family headed to Penang and we departed early at the dawning 7am from house.

We dropped by Taiping for a prayer because we are used to have prayer there with a sifu there that can be known as our family-sifu for years.

Did the tattoo while playing fire with dead-people-money.


After so so so many hours finally I see this and WUHOO!!! I am prepared for the food there RAWR!!!!

As usual,

We visited the Myanmar and Thai temple and Jalan Burma if I am not mistaken. Click here for the routine I do every time I come here =))

Ok la things that I will always do is change the strap on my left hand I change it annually if not mistaken means I will visit Penang at least once a year la.

Then, I went to one of the temple and throw coins into the turning bowl that written "Wealth" "Health" "Luck" "Harmony" etc etc and this year I got myself "Luck" and "Study"!!!! Then, I threw in "Health" for my fat her so happy!! Thing is, total coins used is only 10 for 2 successful throws and 5 for another 1!!

After that, there is a machine that you insert 50cents that it will show you a number then you take the paper read your luck wan and after 5,6,7,8,9 times I tried, the meaning is almost the same so YAY it is quite accurate I THINK.

Next, I will pay RM2 to have this for the love and peace of everybody =))


Then, reached the beach.

Just to enjoy the wind of the beach.

And see people do something.

This is the place I am staying which is the nightmare. This is the last time I will be here. I SWEAR!

This is the reason why it's a nightmare. The toilet is horribly short and dirty and the bed is terribly stink and don't know how to describe the horribleness anymore I dong wanna recall back the nightmare T__________T

The two images below will be my blog's theme image soon.
Choose one for me THANKS!!




Then, the main purpose of coming Penang is to visit the very respective relative.

I no need to tell you who's the relative la you can guess also.
She is not my grandmother nor great-grandmother.
It's just complicated to be explained here.

Her living place. I this shot.

My fat her has very deep feeling towards her.

At night, we visited Kek Lok Si.

This is the first time I visited Kek Lok Si at night and it is beautiful.

The construction of Guan Yin is almost done and so many people were there to kepo kepo.

My 173cm 74kg brother. And the sampat sister.

Night view of half Penang.

This is the Guan Yin. Not me.

The lights are really nice.

View from the top.

0 distance with Guan Yin. Feel so faithful LOL!!! X.x


The breakfast next morning. #1


We only had two dishes here cause not so special the food.

My siblings. Without me, as usual.

LOOK AT MY 173cm 74kg 13 year old brother!!!

My family, without me.

This, is the place that everybody should come and eat.

It's very near to the Myanmar and Thai temple. Just cross one road you can see already.
But after 30987509834759 times I visited Penang, last trip was the first time we saw this.




#4 I like this.



#7 ♥♥

#8 ♥♥



#11 ♥♥♥

I bought myself this "seng pua" aka "suan pan" aka calculator at Kek Lok Si so that I have many many $$$ to be counted in the coming years ;)

That is all. Good luck for my pathetic test tomorrow!!!

p.s. WELCOME BACK all Perak UTAR-ians Xp

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