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Monday, August 24, 2009

AT 3:19 PM
Updates for Bio-Carnival:

We're having dissection tomorrow 11-12 pm. These are some stuffs for our events. Do come and have a look cause you won't lost your eyes by visiting out booths XD XD XD

Today a lot people came over to support. Some are ridiculous cause act smart etc. feel like shout "EH IS NOT EASY TO BE SCIENCE STUDENTS OK!!" to them T.T

Ok back to title.

Finally, I sacrificed my study time for quiz tomorrow to blog. Argh..... Takes century to edit and upload all these photos. Well, my family came over to pick me up for some ceremony @ Taiping. I make triple sures they only go to Taiping cause I need to busy for Bio-Carnival and study for quiz. HOWEVER! They conned me apparently that is why I was in Penang yesterday T.T

This is a very famous Char kuey tiao in Kampar and according to some Auntie in Medan Selera Oldtown Kampar, there are some Astro "wah lei toi" came purposely to shoot this kuey tiao and it's so famous etc blah crap. You can find it easily cause the boss char kuey tiao till quite late around 2pm he is still char-ing. And he is very easy to find cause he is sitting when he is char-ing =O For me, the kuey tiao nothing special except not that oily lar =X

Do we look similar? Oh damn, I looked so phat beside my 1st sister puff**

The pao in red are so nice. They called it as "mi ku" in hokkien haha. Love it so much. Only Taiping's mi-ku can eat. So far what I have tasted la. Penang's haven't test yet cause no fate XD

Tell you all a secret, I fat already after came back from Penang T.T cause I ate a lot. The food all so tempting kays. So nice also so suit my taste bud omg think also will stimulate my saliva gland =X

This is the best shoot I had for two days trip haha. My fat her, bro, mum and two sisters. And the candle light up by me =)

More food of course!! mmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm.........
In this Myanmar temple, we can throw coin into the moving bowl (top right) and for so many years I didn't manage to throw even a dust in and now finally I got it for the second try =D =D =D and the bowl written lucky on it XD XD XD so happie. My mum lagi keng threw in twice XD both times also health XD

And when way back to Kampar we past by this prison SOLELY for those "dak zui" (offended) ISA wuuuuu.. So scary. Can feel the sorrowness even though I passby only grrrr....

Past by Ipoh and got this for tea time =) salted chicken and mixed fruit ice blended.
Some people buy one dozen of the chicken as if the chickec owe them one million dollars like that @@

I ended up being dropped at Ipoh to meet some friends for Geeee Joe, the movie and went Assamhouse for dinner =) wOw~~ Never thought Gee Joe is a nice movie but sien is it going to have 2nd episode SIEN!! why can't the movie producer put everything in one piece??? WHY!!??

The moral of story for this entry is family will con you too. And you'll ended up with a failed grade of Molecular Biology T.T

p.s. my skin and hair quality become worse don't know why leh?? Hmmmm..
p.p.s. After busying for one day I still cannot rest and need to be someone's chef/cook whatever la but still happy of course =)
p.p.p.s. hope i can pass my quiz tomorrow beautifully heartcrossed**

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Angel Wong on Aug 24, 2009, 9:26:00 PM said...

Oh my....didnt know its miku festival now. Okla, Ipoh's miku very nice also, serious!

LimKahYee, Kylie on Aug 24, 2009, 9:30:00 PM said...

Angel W you know miku also? surprisingly you know that cause miku not in hokkien you also know wuuhoo~~ kk will try it next time XD XD.. love it so much although it's plain ones....

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