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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AT 2:33 PM
You see, people post their entries on Nuffnang innit is to gain attention and stuffs.

Once, Sotongzai told me to be a featured blogger I cannot complain too much and I'll just need to post something special in my life etc (as if I have so many interesting in my life. My life is boring kays T.T) so that is one of the reason I am still not a featured blogger yet.

You see, again. I am just some random people in one of the corner of the world.

No offense for this entry kay just illustration for following words.

Like some famous blogger, she use her height as the title of the blog. She becomes so famous. She has something unique like this I cannot use cause my height is nothing special and my weight, oh may be can try but I don't see 50kg has any special in it.

Some blogger, famous in purchasing cheap but nice garments and so sweet with the bf even though they are far far apart.

Some, famous with criticizing Dawn and Apple products and she loves tan so much. She uses Fxck so much and no one says anything but when I use one word fxck my blog readers will wanna sue me till kao kao. (We can see that a lot of people view my blog is those who does not like me that much XD)

Some, famous with fooooooooood.
Some, with handsome face, joined nuffnang's events and half naked acted like Spartans.

Some, I think she is a bit like Dawn's style I don't know, has very good body shape (with BIG boobs) and is real one of course unlike.............. Very good in make-up, which I severely sux in. (oh, may be that is one of the reason XD) Some, travel around the world and even acted one role in advertisement and can be so humor. I did travel. But from KL to Kampar. Furthest is Taiping then Penang wtf.

Some, has Japanese boyfriend travel around too joined MDG now became so famous with her wardrobe and busy with her holiyear now so shocked.

Ok la these are the seven bloggers that I frequently view their blogs. Their most in pink cause they said good blogs (for lady) are all in PINK!!

Can guess who they are or not? See how many you can get it correct HAHA!!

They have all these. What I have?

Ehem ehem..

May be something like I am a UTAR biotechnology student in Year 2 semester 2 (this is so ordinary) and I have a firaun-liked hair style (may be a bit special but a lot of people have it too) and I travel from Kampar - KL and KL - Kampar very frequently (like another 5 k students did here also) I have a normal average family (a lot are worse than me T.T x 5) I am not so pretty (but presentable so no special) I don't know make-up stuffs or those brandy stuffs (cause I tarak duit may be is an excuse la whatever) and I don't often join nuffnang events cause I am so far away from KL like some of my friends laughed at me cause I purposely drive down from Kampar to KL for UP! premiere wtf T.T and I don't have money to buy Photoshop so I use Picasa to edit my photos all the time T.T x 2 and I don't have camera so I am still using 2.0 Megapixel camera on handphone without 3G and people already using touchscreen blackberry or iPhone. So funny!!!

All in all, the only acceptable reason for me to be special is things I write is funny and influential at times =)

Recently there is a extremely very famous event coming up this is the Nuffnang Regional Blog Award 2009.

In less than 24 hours there are 800 nominations which means even ah dog and ah cat like me can also be nominated. Unfortunately, I have no supporter (even one) that is the point.

Nominations going to run for one month. One month = 30 days and we assume averagely one day has 800 nominations so 800 x 30 = 24000.

Out of 24000 and numerous of guests, only 400 will be invited so meaning the chances of entering the kastam of Singapore and eventually sitted in the Grand hall being served with Gala dinner mmmmmmmmMMMMMMuahahahaha~~ is freaking LOW. And thing is all expenses are being covered by nuffnang. Thanks to Mister Potato LOL!

Let's calculate the chance of get my butt into the hall kay? it's 400/24000 = 0.017 x 100% = 1.7 % (excluding those Honorary guests kays!!)

Let's dream about it T.T

I am an old bird in bloging cause I blogged for 3 years already but am blardy fresh in blogsphere cause almost no one knows me burh.. T.T x 3

The awards given out are so................. May be they can do it more unique next time. Because we already know the winners for

Best Blog Shop
Best Food Blog
Because my blog is something personal life regardless of the above.

Why they don't have something like the cutest blog or funniest blog one? May be entertainment blog can cause there are a lot of drama in my blog one XD XD

As for

The most possible for me is the Best Hidden Gem. Because I am not well known now. And I am hidden in the deep hole so please nominate me if you think I am able to win this category XD XD XD

But still I think there are a lot people better than me even their hidden so I should put zero hope for myself.

Time to nap!!

Typical innit blogger would say: NANG ME ON THE LEFT! ha ha ha ha.

6 beep(s) to KahYee:

seon on Aug 26, 2009, 5:59:00 PM said...

cool down down.....soon will be you too.... anyway, kampar is a nice place..

~dolly~ on Aug 26, 2009, 8:08:00 PM said...

interesting! droppinh by from innit

1st: use her height - fourfeetnine? XD

2nd: cheap stuff -
suet li

3rd: xiaxue, [dont care wat ppl think la, feel like use fuck, justt use la... =.=]

4th: food? KY?

5th: handsome face? dont know who leh

6th: dawn yang style? -tziaa?

japanese bf - cheesie.. LOL~

looks like we stalk the same person.. wtf..

LimKahYee, Kylie on Aug 26, 2009, 9:14:00 PM said...

seon, Kampar is a sien place LOL!!

Dolly, u got it all right. the handsome face half top naked is Kevin Aug featured blogger la AHAH

BB= Blur Boy on Aug 26, 2009, 11:16:00 PM said...

so long leh...

lazy to read all...

yenniedoll on Aug 27, 2009, 7:13:00 PM said...

Hmm, i know xx, 4feet9 and ringo.. duno d rest xD haha

Anyway, best is when we dont hope for it, it may appear right infront of our eyes. =)

unexpected things happen.

LimKahYee, Kylie on Aug 27, 2009, 11:28:00 PM said...

EV, thank you so much!! that's true yennie.. really true =)

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