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Saturday, August 22, 2009


AT 7:51 AM
Yayaya I know a lot a few of you waiting for my birthday entry. Please don't put high expectation cause I slept 12 hours out of the 24hours. Ya, it means I sleep 50% of my birthday =)

Before that, a day before my birthday, I went dinner with Jeanlicious, Amu, Ray, Amie, PuiYee, Kim, Khairil, and Andrew C. Ya, they are the former SRC team. Have dinner with them is totally different feeling one. Can you imagine different people from Mercuri, Mars, Earth, Neptune etc sit down together and still can eat happily talk loudly laugh beautifully?? We went MM cause MM is air conditioned. I personally don't like Ghani cause the way they calculate for me I think is ridiculous some times. And they have a bad habit of returning lack-of-few-cents-change. Means when they give back the change sure they keep few cents of it la sien. Hate that so dishonest, thumb down to Ghani.

The receipt for our dishes. We calculated this for four times by the waiter, Amie, Ray and Pui Yee (budget, she was Tresurer for SRC). Total RM 55.60

ADV: I personally like the original Brand's. Not the kid ones with banana flavor yucks and even with chong cao (some herbal) KC told me it's nice but it tastes weird for me. Hmm...... So, I will only buy the green in original one. But the prune ones not bad that's for leng leng lady ones XD

The left ones is my medicine for kidney I lazy to see what brand it is even though it's just behind me right now.

Even display picture for FB also I put with Brand's liaos. LOL!! No la just to show yall my new hair style. All my friends WOOT with big big eyes!! IT's NOT MUSHROOM!! IS FIRAUN (pharoah)!!!!!!!!! where got mushroom looks so pretty one!!?? ROAR!!


Best luck of UTAR students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that?

For non-science student,

you are able to,

EXPERIENCE AS SCIENT STUDENT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by using your naked eyes~~~ XD XD
First of all, would like to thanks for those feedbacks that are given by friend. Click here to view some other designs.

Oh ya, the announcement is the date has been changed to 24th to 26th of Aug (next Mon to Wed) and the venue is beside the staff cafeteria. Do come and support me =) well if you do not wish to support me, can come to support my friends!!!!!

3 hampers worth rm30 each are awaiting for you ;) I was the one who purchase and wrap the good so I know how worth it the hampers are kays...

Yesterday, I was busy decorating for Bio-Carnival. Even forgot to shit so FYI I just shitted =D I always blog after shit cause I can sit and let my butt relax also after war booming the Nagasaki XD XD XD

This is what I did yesterday woke up @ 7am 21st Aug (slept @ 6pm 20th Aug) class till 9.30am then busy decorating cutting pasting buying wrapping driving till sunset and back to sleep. Having fun with my team XD XD so wanna know how fun I had with them you can see more in next Monday - Wednesday 10am to 2pm at Block C cafeteria beside staff's cafe =)

Alright alright, back to my birthday. Told ya I slept 50% of it so nothing interesting.
10pm on 19th Aug, he came over to my house and how sweet he is. He knocked my door and when I open, he was holding present behind him and holding mousse in fronta him. I told him I don't want cake because of THIS incident. Is not detail in that entry so I will elaborate it here la. Is basically the two cakes they bought to celebrate two persons' birthday were on floor all around. Imagine the tiramitsu so nice and it was on the floor, on people's hand throwing around and they can still eat it. OMG!! I used to like cake a lot. But thanks to them yeah~~ argh think also angry let's forgot about it lar.

Alright, after finish the mousse and took several minutes to open the present I got these baby bolster (as expected) and necklace (so damn unexpected). I first thought it would be ring in the purple box XD

The next day, he required me to ikat my hand with this ribbon because I am a birthday girl LOL!
And when I was having presentation, Angie Ng asked me to stand at the middle front of class and I thought what but ended up they sang me birthday song and gimme a simple sweet home =D It was really a surprise but TO CLEMENT WONG KIING FOOK WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP I CANNOT BELIEVE IT YOU DID NOTHING FOR ME AND NOT EVEN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.T T.T T.T x 10000000000000000

Before the end of the stories, this year, many people gimme belated wishes I don't know why. Next year may be no more wishes from them or may be late for one week SOB!!!

And I cannot imagine fourfeetnine Aud will purposely come to my blog and wish me in my Cbox cause I thought she is so busy with her Project Alpha =O

And still remember I said Sotongzai looks mature in the real person? He viewed my blog but did not wish me happy birthday pun sien lo hmph~~
May be this is a photo he captured looooooooooooong time ago. But he looks good now. So man =) It's true sotongZai, KahYee don't bluff kay~~

from 20 years-old Kylie L

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