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Saturday, August 8, 2009


AT 10:22 PM
Plain entry.

I thought I am unable to blog. But blogging is already part of my life. Like, bath, eat, shit. Routine that I have to follow every-single-day.

I thought I am unable to blog because I am sick. Not just because I am sick but because he is sicker than me. And also I am not just sick but period pain at the same time. See the seriousness of it?

Supposedly I should have my Genetics test today. But, yesterday after I woke up from nap I text him and he did not reply. So I called him and no one pick up the phone. Then he called me back and tell me he is sick. I thought is just normal sick won't be that serious (cause before nap we just had Thossai together kays).

Then, again he called me for porridge (that I cooked cause I am still sick need to eat porridge and he wants too so I cooked for him also) then when I reached he is unable to take the key and open door for me. Instead, he just threw me the keys (I was like what the....... ) When I approached him nearer, then, I can feel his heat and he is freaking hot and warm. FEVER la in short. So, whole day I have been taking care of him blah till late night I did not sleep well etc studying while taking care of him etc blah then I text Clement and I told him:" Clement, I think I cannot d."

So, I really cannot cause I am not feeling well and HE lagi not well and I cannot study so, NO TEST. wuhooooooo so happy =.= need to make-up another test kay!! grrrr.. Need to spend $ buy MC some more cause without it I cannot make-the-test-up.

Plus he is much more okay today and I can study for my lab test on Monday who knows MC (menstruation cycle) came and say Hi to me with the pain together and visit me.

So, while taking care of him, and I keep coughing sneezing and paining, how to study? Oh crap. What is all these happened to me at the same time kuang? T.T

I needa sleep now cause yesterday night did not sleep well and his warmth can cook eggs already I tell you seriously and I think I am going to get fever soon cause I feel the heat in my body waiting to come out already so excited kuang T.T Mon test, Wed/Thu test next Wed report + test another week test.

no more birthday liaos T.T

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Lyan.H on Aug 9, 2009, 12:22:00 AM said...

Take care oh. If you fall sick worst than him, i cannot read ur post liao. your post also like my daily routine.if din read, cannot sleep one. So, DUN SICK. God will bless you hard hard for me. yee yee yee

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