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Monday, August 17, 2009

AT 5:13 PM
Must see:
my 2ns sister's master piece =D I always know she is talented wan lo.. She is going to have her PMR soon~~

Must know:

For the very first time or may be the last time also, fourfeetnine Aud viewed my blog. May be the last time cause my blog not so interesting mar T.T

For those who don't know who fourfeetnine is, apparently fourfeetnine is the height but she is very kawaii lady. For those who using nuffnang, the Nuffnang co-founder, Tim is the bf of fourfeetnine =)

Must not learn:
I also don't know why the plug burned just like that T.T it has been following me for 1 year and 8 months and it burned a week before my birthday SAD!

Must understand:
This is the amount of tissue I used the other day and now still a little bit nose running.

Must don't know:
Something don't know effective or not. I went to recycle seminar. This project is to inject the knowledge of recycling for primary and secondary students.

They have some improvements at least. I guess.

They came out with this mascot that makes me forgot the definition of cute when I overheard someone said it's cute =X

Must feel:
This is what he drawn me when I angry with him cause of mis-communication he caused.
It's drawn using mouse so is not bad =D

Must refer:
Anagrams for my name. Above and below too. Not bad =D

My first sister Kathy Lim's:

My second sister Kassie Lim's:
So, you don't feel the messy right? Let me tell you now. This morning I received two messages from my fat her and he somehow hinted me I am doing something wrong because of my man. It's sort of like a fat her of a daughter don't like the daughter's boyfriend. @@ confused. oh man!! it's all crap. After so so so many hours, I replied by saying:

"I will only focus on my studies now. No worries."

I lied.
And, I hate to lie.

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