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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life: the culture of 4D.

AT 3:20 PM 2 beep(s) to KahYee
Just fetched my fat her to repair his kemek car cause was kicked by samseng jalanan the other day and that kick cost him rm40 wtf man!

Then I headed to AEON to feed my celcom.

And also buy something for myself. Loacker my favorite, greentea, Maggi for winning rm5000 purposes!!! and meiji biscuits etc.


Tada~~~ nice ma that is me in restaurant city HAHAHAHA!!!


That is the place I have to stand for 6 hours burh. Above there written no Islam and no people below 21 enter that area. BUT it seems like a lot of people did not see that blue in color notice =X Some more ask their children to buy like ask child to buy sure kena wan O.o

My statistics:
People who smoke: 20%
Male: 94%
% to kena 1 word: 0.005
% to kena top 3 prizes: 0.000014
% to kena jackpot1: 0.000009
Thus, 99.5% of them will say "4d mana boleh beli punya la!!" when the 4d result is out. Then tomorrow they will come back again with RM250 for another round. That is the culture!

There are a lot of them stay there for whole day one. And most of them come in the morning, then noon come again, then evening come again.

I was standing beside the counter and I see a lot of 60s 70s years old ah pek or aunties can spend rm250/day ONLY for 4D. And they don't have money for their family and keep saying no money. Those people who go and buy 4D are really fascinated on 4D wan. They like being rasuk dee 走火入魔 wtfart. Really don OMFG I JUST ENCOUNTERED EARTHQUAKE AT KLANG WTF!!!! SO SCARY!!!!!!!! EVEN THOUGH IT'S JUST A FEW SECONDS!!! wtf!! Real wan ok!! ok come back, really don't understand. Then, when I was sitting down in front the shop at peak hours, a lot of people peep at my breast one lo. But they didn't manage to see anything cause I have three layers of protection XD XD

Suddenly, there is a guy that came that shop for three to four times already. Then suddenly he put something on my hand. I threw it away without seeing it cause I thought it's something useless that he scribbled on it he don't want already so I just threw it away.

Then suddenly he smiled at me like what, so yam (mean and keji) so I picked up the paper and see what he wrote then I saw the below =O.
His phone number, his name ah boy!! he is 30++ years old dee lo I think, and he said the flower is his heart. My 2nd sister said that means he is flower heart wtfart so true =X When I was leaving he kept asking me to call him LOL!! wait till next century may be I will la =) Else Kari will be sad I guess.


Went for a hair cut inside a container.
It's called wheel cut. (cause they use wheel to cut your hair XD XD XD)

I think they are famous now =)

RM12 in 10 minutes.

It's air conditioned and fully equip with everything. You see the black thing beside the mirror? That is the vacuum or aka blower HAHA!! So cute. Should go for a try so funny cause everyone is looking at your outside when you are cutting your hair XD

Alright, needa rest now.. Don't wanna sit in front laptop dee..

Ja ne~~

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life: omfg I am going to work as Magnum show girl.

AT 10:25 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
I miss him very much and I wanna meet him right now but he's extremely busy every time we're far apart. And I don't know whether long distance relationship is good or bad. And, I NEED TO DIET DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! wtfart.


And ya, I am going to work as magnum show girl. Actually is a promoter but I never see promoter in hypermarket wear spaghetti strap and miniskirt wan?

Because I am wearing spaghetti strap as below, the length of spaghetti strap is apprx 30cm and my body is 45 cm (without counting below neck and above chest) so I'd be showing my extra-white phat meat tomorrow to those uncles, ah pek, perverted people whoever it is that enter Magnum will come out with nose bleed. Eh I have at least a C k don't pray pray.. But who the heck so stupid did that for rm120?

Some more I have innocent face like this as what my fat her said =.=
Innocent meh? Sight why everybody likes to bully me wan. Like ages ago what happened at KTM station, where, pocket picker picked me wtfart cause I look innocent T.T

Actually, the work load is only to give out rm2 ang pow so that people buy 4d at Magnum. Then you need to buy a set of digits which is 1234 and 5678 then if both on first and second or first and third or second and third place then you kena jackpot liaos.

And etc la of course not so easy.

BUT BUT BUT!! The thing is I am going to encounter a HUGE problem, which is, the language problem. Because those ah pek can only understand Hokkien and a little mandarin and my mandarin now I add in a lot of English unconsciously wan so how ah?

I'd be like:"eh uncle, lu ai boi Magnum 4d bo? If lu boi 1234 ka 5678 then if ji neng geh diu first prize second prize lu eh tiu rm2,000,000 eh." wtf right? Then ah pek will say:" lu gong ha mi?"

Also because I need to distribute angpows that have rm2 in each pow so when I am distributing I can imagine the situation where like those beggar rampas for the rm2 angpow so that they can buy free 4d on that day ma. Yor, then they might accidentally touch/pinch/eat my C cup taufu how?? T.T I previously thought I only need to wear mini skirt and got at least a collar t shirt wan but when they informed me it's a spaghetti strap at those place I was like Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

YOU CON ME!!!!!! I mean SHE CONNED ME!!!!!!!!!! T.T cause when she asked me that time she said you cannot regret wan lo after that, even though you house burn or whatever it is you still have to work wan lor. After I think think then since they are paying for RM20 per hour then ok la being forced to do. sien!

Kari would be ON FIRE if he sees me doing such thing or bring along his parang as well fly from JB to Kelang just to safe me from perverted eye sights (or may be he wanna join them wtfart).

Before I end my entry today, I'd recommend for those who wanna grow taller you can eat more sushi cause that's my 174cm 73kg 12-years-old brother fav food. He can eat it everyday O.o

I guess there will be a really wonderful tomorrow wtf T.T

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life: The free lancing world.

AT 11:04 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
I am now messing with free lance works since the second day of my three months semester break.

Free lancing is now not necessarily hit and run jobs anymore, even though some are still hit and run.

Like promoters they actually wanted a permanent one because the experienced promoters can work better.

I actually search online for jobs and I didn't know I can really get replies from them or not. I sent out many emails that written my profiles on it. Thus, if one like me, all like me, vice versa.

I made many phone calls to ask for vacancies.

Me, Lim Kah Yee proved that online searching is a lot a lot a lot better than walk-in interview when you are shopping with your bf or family. Seriously!!!

So actually happened? I got lectured from both my parents for these few days FEW DAYS!!! because of free lancing. wtfart man!!!

First day, I called Kumon and they hired me as maths teacher for rm5/hour means rm30 for 6 hours at Setia Alam, Subang. But after my mum's advice, the rm30 cannot even cover my cost for going Setia Alam so I rejected it on that day itself.


Then on that day itself also another agent called me on 1030pm for an urgent job at Taipan and he can fetch me to Taipan for that 8 hours of work that can gimme RM80 cash after work done. But my house ran our of current so my dad asked not to work for him cause it's dangerous and he might rape me kill me eat me and so ever negative stuffs. So I listen to him and I rejected that work at 2am. And that fella so angry and wanted so send my profile to other agencies to blacklist me which I think he did nothing wrong cause it was my fault in the first place. But at last I managed to find him a substitute at 430am so it settled. But the experience was sux, seriously. But since that, my dad keeps on nagging besides me saying how dangerous and how this that blah crap etc. I really wanted to ask my dad to shut up cause if he worries so much, how am I going to work next time wtf! Like he can gimme the amount of money that I want and now I managed to find work and all he thinks was those fxcking negatives stuffs.


Alright then another case, today, just now, there is phone call from an agent, again, it's for survey purposes for my car VIVA and they gonna pay me rm200 for 3 hours of survey which I think is really really good. The agent of course has to ask details from me of my car plat, address (in order to fill in the form for the company in charged ma), they also asked how many family members, family annual income etc. Then both my parents were in front of me that time. I seriously fxcking frus when they keep showing their hands asking me to hang up the phone. Then both wrote me notices asked me who's that person in the phone. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the more I think the more I feel angry what-the-fuck!! I don't care this is the only way I can scold what the fuck so just let me k!! Then after I hang up they asked me questions like asking questions to a criminals. WTF MAN!!! This job is in KL so they asked why can't you work at Klang? Klang got so many jobs blah crap. EH PA AND MA!!!! KLANG WHO GOING TO PAY YOU RM200 for 3 hours!!! (may be got but I don't have the channel you und??) WTF!!!!!! They just don't understand.


Out of the negatives world for now. There is good thing also at the same time because I am now writing reviews for websites so there is a small amount of income also la and all I need to do is just blogging which is one of the thing I like the most HAHAH!!


Don't suspect why I am so eager for money. The only solely reason is I don't want take $$ from parents since I am able to work in these three months semester break. I am now thinking I am 20 already so I can work already lah. Need not to depend on family anymore. Also can lighten my parents' burden cause I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger bro ma.

Another very selfish and idiot reason also. HA! Is because I always buy and eat expensive things. So I need to work for that. =) Is better than get $$ from parents, right?

Ah.. And I am going for an interview tomorrow. Hope I get it. heart-crossed.

Wish me good luck people. Night.

Review: Hartanah @ RealEstate

AT 9:48 AM 4 beep(s) to KahYee
Prop is for property, wall is for wall. In short, it's property wall. I know it's lame. Please forgive me.

What a Biotechnology student can talk about property/real estate when all she knows are Parameciums, DNA, proteins, amino acids, transition mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, single cross over, DHA and AA?

Yes, I admit. I don't know anything about property and all the only solely thing I can think when I see "P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y" is, jeng jeng!!!!! Donald Trump XD XD I am apparently a noob in property field.

However, I now discovered a website that is so so sou and sou convenience for a beginner like me who's looking for cheap beautiful jeng venue for any events or any purposes it is OR if you're an agent who's looking for people to rent/buy your place like below:

The left wan is The Avare, KLCC, right one is Dua Residency, KLCC.

It is........................

Jeng jeng jeng!!! Excited or not? =X

The first impression when I enter PropWall is :" wahlao eh so simple wan where got people wanna see this website for their property."

It's really as simple as ABC, if not you click here and see it yourself. I really really impressed by the owner of the website because dare to do it in a so simple way leh~

May be because I am so used to those wondercolorful bling bling websites already.

However!!! (things always come with a but wan) after a few comparisons I have made, I think I'd choose this website to get my first hartanah (means property in English).


We've always looking for simple things since we're born rather than complicated ones (except for relationship XD XD XD) So, this PropWall provides us a simple and clean website with a professional sense along with photos and top properties rank list in the homepage. By comparing it with some others website which for me are like pasar borong so damn complicated and troublesome, I seriously recommend PropWall for you.

With the Top User feature in homepage also you can know which agent is more suitable (or more pretty handsome =.=) for you by reading their profiles. Oh ya, for those agents also, if you are looking for people to buy hartanah from you, right. PropWall is bestest choice for you because I think that is the first website that shows agent's profile in the homepage.

One thing that I like it the most is you are not required to fill in so many grandmother details in order to register as a member to have your own profile under PropWall.

I am also very satisfy with the details they give for all the hartanahs.
For instance like One Menerung, Bangsar. All the descriptions are professionally key-in by the agent and I think it's much more reliable than all those forum with not-so-useful comments from outsiders. I said, I think!

Ahh.. I cannot stop mentioning all the good points of PropWall right now.

I'd highly recommend PropWall for those who's looking for Malaysian luxury property resources.
Kindly visit for more info.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life: is all about eating.

AT 6:59 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
Long say: F.O.S my mum says it as "F.O.C", Harvey Norman my mum says " Hanni Vee"
I am busy searching for job in few days.
1. Rejected one job due to numerous of reasonable and unreasonable reason and ALMOST being blacklisted by all agencies at Klang. So yesterday I had to stay up until 4am to find replacement for me. I search the whole world and finally I found one. I cried wtf. Cause I don't want being blacklisted dammit. Thanks to Jason in Aussie that helps me thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Thanks to San San who replaced me today. TQ!! T.T

2. So, thus, therefore I slept for four hours only because I woke up at 8 something. Kari got accident at Sg Long. T.T So worry. But it seems like all the worries are ketam for him T.T

3. Found a job. All I need to do is just review a blog and write the review post it on my blog and I get RM20 for each review. Am going for an interview on Monday, too!! Wish me good luck~

4. And I still need to write another two entries to win Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards Entrance. I WANT IT!


Alright back to food.

You know how fat I have been fatted these few days?

My knee-length skirt now became miniskirt dee T.T wtfart man!!

Lucky 10 Bandar Baru Klang:
This cheesy fish is the nicest one EVer than any fish and chips in Tony Romas or wherever it is!!!

Then black pepper chicken chop, drinks, onion rings (sux), mushroom soup okay lars.


冰点 @ bukit raja Jusco and Klang parade:
The food here normal only. All these food were right after lucky 10 wan. How can be no fat gained? T.T

On the way back to Kampar after Raya break:

Dunkin' is a lot a lot a lot better than Apple's =X


25.09.09 The wedding Ceremony @ V Garden

The place was not as grand as 5 stars hotel but still consider okay.

The food, is the best among all the others restaurant I have eaten la I'd say =O The nicest was the first dish at the center ones. Then because he attended as neighbor. My mother and uncle saw a lot long-lost neighbor and they exchanged phone numbers. And a lot aunties also say:" WAH~~ your daughter so big oredi, so pretty oredi leh!! next wedding ceremony is yours oredi la!!" Mum:" No lar not so fast la. Still need to eat a lot of rice, your children first la HAHA!!"

Then I told them I don't want wedding ceremony next time. I don't want nice dress also. And I only take one wedding photo. =O


26.09.09 The seafood lunch @ Port Klang Hai Nan Village:
The scene was not bad.

But the food were so so only la. Mama tei nia. The best dish was the taufu lors. Ha~~

I came with my 2nd uncle's family.
And that's is my 2nd sister and brother (the 174cm 73kg wan)


Lastly, as dessert:

My sweet photos of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! These photos are nice because the blanket covered my phat face! sien!


The final wan:
My 2nd sister took this cause she said I looked similar with Stephen Chow Seng Chi in Shaolin Soccer. Got meh?

p.s. Kari where are you? You've been MIA for whole half day dee. Dammit so frus now lor!! That is why I hate when we're far apart cause he always very busy one with damn reasonable reasons that I cannot even fight with him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Life: Busy FLUCTUATED holiday.

AT 11:08 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
I don't even have time to plan my holidays and here comes my first job for this holiday!!

Nivea, tomorrow 10am to 8pm.

--------------> three hours later

wtfart suddenly blank out for three hours kay! So there will be no work for tomorrow. Ya I ffk!!!! Cause I need rest k!!! T.T I rejected two jobs in three hours wtfart cause money is like sand and shit to me (是金钱如粪土).

Going for an interview on Monday 11am at Wisma Genting. Please let me get the job k!!! I want the job cause it's selling HealthCare products one k!!! Eh I am bio student I cannot work for that who else can?!! RAWR!!!

And the wedding ceremony I went just now wasn't that good cause I have numerous of phone calls coming in asking me to go interviews etc. Ended up I failed to get any of those calling during the ceremony T.T sad x 9872497823

And OMG!! just a second ago I refreshed my gmail and I got a job!! It's all about blogging. It requires me to blog only. I just need to stay at home writing review for some websites and I got rm10 per entry if not mistaken ya~~

wuhoo so happy. But now I don't know people will pay me for that or not sien. Don't tipu me k T.T

I need to sleep now liaos. Hesitating how to send sms to the one I am going to ffk. I mean, you know I am a kind-hearted girl. That agent was looking for a promoter damn urgently kays. Paiseh.

you can scold me vulgar words, but please don't hate me. Or it should sound, you may hate me but please don't scold me vulgar words.

Ahhh!! dammit which one to choose ler??

sien Time to oioi.

p.s. V Garden food ok only la!!

Issue: Samseng Jalanan @ Kelang.

AT 6:19 PM 1 beep(s) to KahYee
For those who don't know what is Samseng Jalanan, it's also known as MAT REMPIT.

This is what he did to my fat her. He kicked my fat her's ass left back car door while my father was driving on road. Reason is what you know?

It's because my fat her loves to see the scenery besides the road and he always drive left right left right and so the motor do not know where to turn to. Thus, malapetaka happened XD XD I used malay!! (don't correct it cause I simply ketam only kay)

But still right, because he is my fat her so I wish the polices again use the big wardrobe to block KL to catch numerous of Samseng Jalanan cause most of them are below 15 so we need to educate and rescue our country's future pillar wtf (国家未来的栋梁) LOL!!


This is what I have been doing for whole day other than searching job online =O
The advantage playing Restaurant City is you can put you and your lover as chef together with you and put your enemy as cleaner XD XD XD but this principle doesn't applicable on me.

Cause I put my former SRC boss as cleaner and put both my lovers as waiter. But I really hate to see my waiters there so free nothing to do want lo haiz...

By the way ah, I am going to attend a wedding ceremony in V Gardan in half an hour time so I need to bath now. The effect of booming China in toilet yesterday last until now. It takes century to recover I know wtfart XD XD

bui bui.

p.s. you will know then what they serve in V Garden =) and I don't like when I saw the invitation card written 7pm SHARP then my mum said:" ah girl, we depart at 7pm k!!" cause she wanna watch ntv7 =x

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random: the day before tomorrow.

AT 10:20 PM 0 beep(s) to KahYee
It's a lame title.

I have not been updated for feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew days liao.

Why? Because I was busy moving my belongings out of the idiot room that I was living now, for one year already, and ya, I AM MOVING OUT FROM WESTLAKE DANISH!!!


There are few reasons:
  1. no place to park my car indoor dee cause another house mate's Peugeot BIGGER and more DAI LOU than me viva ma is lidat wan.. People Peugeot, me Perodua only leh!! even though both also start with "P" T.T
  2. Second, a lot of houses like renovating for no reason like suddenly got people was on top of the roof means in front of my first floor roof wtf. And then Momo thought it's ghost HAHAHA!!
  3. Very noisy cause getting more and more people staying in danish houses already.
  4. The rental fee expensive, I think.
  5. The security, sigh x 8734987124873

What I have been doing? Final examinations. and Boomed the whole Republic of China in toilet XD XD

No lar, busy with shifting all my stuffs and I don't where to move to yet I keep all my stuffs in Kari's house luckily he didn't (actually he did) ask rental fee for storage from me. T.T

Anyone has free room available ma? I want!!!! Single room please =)

By the way mentioned about the final exam, screwed la of course!! Cause I am not a selfish person XD XD XD kidding (no offense kay people).

And I have been busying eating too. Playing Restaurant City (RC)
XD XD I seldom play games and now finally I am!! burhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

A lot of photos not yet upload cause still in a car lag situation =O instead of jet lag =X

It's time, it's time for RC.

bai!!! =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life: 174cm, 73 kg, SRJK (C) Kong Hoe, Starbucks, TonyRomas.

AT 9:22 PM 7 beep(s) to KahYee
My first sister sleeps with cucumber? Don't think else where. I think she eats it la.


Time flies like flies, I left one more subject, which is none science, it's culture communication (with hopefully useful study guidelines). And, been busy editing blog template. I always want a three columns template, but it makes my photos look so small. Don't know which one I want now. Hmmmm...


Photos taken when I was studying. I spent 4 brands for Genetics and you know how hard it is. Almost everyone's face was green after the genetics paper last Saturday. wtfart kononnya easy to score cheh!!

On my way back to Klang. Those cars from south to north need to spend 10 hours from KL to reach Penang on that day. Sigh. And they still need to pay for it.

The red-wine-vege-meesua cooked by mummy. Delicious. She always said outside foods a lot MSG, not nice + expensive so always cook this at home. The red wine is home made also given by some chef friend of mummy.


Morning went to SRJK (C) Kong Hoe (my primary school). Finally the hall is done. They start the construction since I graduate and they finish it when my brother graduating.

The hall is so grand. Still remember this photo (please ignore the first left girl, that is not me T.T) in this entry with Jessica Alba in it? LOL!
The classrooms still very cacat and old. The first year I entered the classrooms were made up of wood. Cool not? Now so grand dee...

By the way, this is my brother in Std 6 with 174cm and 73kg. Tallest in my house now and remember, he is not fat, he is big bone Xp

TONY ROMAS @ Sunway Pyramid

With this attire (without the shoe la ignore it)

I phat already I know cause I ate a lot in exam period one forgive me okay!! =.="'

Tony Romas has not much variety. My 1st sister said Italianese is plenty lots better than TonyRomas which I sou sou sou and sou agree with it after had my meal at Tony Romas. May be I am not too much or fascinated on steaks, beer and most of it are beef and I don't eat beef since I was born. Hmm...

Guardian and Watson
I entered Watson 3 times, Guardian 2 times (told you before people who entered Guardian sure enter Watson also I suspect both are having the same boss cause wherever has Watson, we can see Guardian too), to compare the price and search for the items I want. L'oreal hair spray only available at Guardian. All the cheap masks only in Watson. Sigh. Luckily they are near like 100m only =O

Bought something in this shop too. Some plastic candy and baby biscuits. I like baby things but I am not sure I like baby or not. Read this if you wanna know how I feel if I have one. Burh.


AEON Bukit Tinggi
Back through Kesas Highway so I reached AEON Bukit Tinggi. Basically my whole day is about eating. I have more foods photos tomorrow I tell you. Two meals for dinner x.X diet plan-failed. o.O"

Had this TAZO Brambleberry from Starbucks. It's a very nice and healthy drink. RM10 each bottle. Caffeine free and with 24% juice in it unlike those with colorings sien. Only Starbuck sells it in Malaysia, I think.

And I see a lot bags today. But I have phobia of buying leather bag now wtf. Damn angry you know why? Remember I bought a bag below just week ago?

Ya this one which I posted in the 400th entry. The second day I used it and the color dropped already wtf. I can tell you it's from Eyusa AEON Bukit Tinggi. This burn me 5o bugs lo c'mon and only two days (one and a half to be precise) then it just fxcked.

And make me phobia sien. DON'T BUY CHEAP THING ANY MORE!!! sien.

Forget about it. The boss of this shop sure kena one. KARMA!!! and I will think I donated it to OKU for the sake of consoling my broken heart T.T

Alright, then I head to dinner with siblings and mummy. Photos still processing.

Do tell me whether you prefer three columns or two columns for my blog kays!!
I become so in-deciding after enter degree. My IQ has turned down T.T even simple math also I cannot do sien.

p.s. Still angry with the bag lo!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Life: cicak know physics.

AT 9:41 PM 8 beep(s) to KahYee

A stupid day a stupid night(last night), when I was walk walk walk walk and going to kitchen, suddenly...


Some organism sticked on my arm (I'm wearing sleeveless shirt OMG!!). Then I thought it was something like fly or cockroach or cricket then I wave my hand la. Manatau, the organism doesn't fall. SHIT!!

Then I have a look and see see. HOLY PIG! It was a lizard aka cicak!!! Of course I have waved my hand harder la. Cicak is so disgusting you know?
you KNOW!??
YOU KNOW OR NOT!!!!!????

(FYI, I scared those like cicak, crocodile, snakes and 4legs snakes aka 四脚蛇 I don't know what its name in English la)

And hor, the stupid cicak is not stupid at all lo. Because based on what's happening that day, the cicak shouldn't have reach my arm punya la. But it did lo!!! OMG! (o.O)

Because, in order for the cicak to reach my arm, it has to:-
  1. Calculate the degree it has to fall when I am approaching.
  2. Assume my speed and get the momentum of mine and ASSUME again the time to fall.
  3. Test the speed of wind and the value of gravity in my kitchen (whether is same as Earth or Moon swt =.=) and determine the speed it has to use (how many Energy it has to use for its legs' muscles so that won't over-jump) {swt^infinity}
  4. Do above 3 in few seconds ONLY.
You may say the cicak is lucky la. But Got so LUCKY boh??

So people, never says cicak is stupid cause 分分钟 they can do better than homo sapien.
Pilots, engineers, sailors, programmers will all become
(人不如cicak) =.= swt^infinity

p.s. this is a long-time-ago entry

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