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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The 400th entry.

AT 9:52 PM
Must know: This is the product that is going to be very famous among the girls. The price is affordable. For the smallest one, it only cost RM32.95.

It's specialist skincare for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin.

Before I use it, I thought it will be very oily and have those stink smells but in fact it smells good and not oily at all after you apply. Should try! You can get it in many pharmacies outlets =)


This is the evolution of my infected-sensitive-skin. Now is a lot better already but still itchy T.T Not pain anymore luckily =D

Day 1:
After I back to Klang, the very first thing I did was watch the movie below with sisters cause I promised my second sister, Kassie Lim already cause she wanted to watch this very badly.
It's actually a ShangHai movie starring by Zhang Ziyi and some other actors. That day was Thursday and afternoon. The historical moment in my life was there is only three of us (me and two sisters) in that cinema. It's freaking scary I tell you. But it's like I buy the whole cinema for that two hours LOL~

After that, shopping spree of course. But the first day I went there for testing only =D to hunt for some goods, have to think twice before I buy it.


Fuh, damn nice weh this one. My mum very good in cooking one. That's why my size now is XL wtf.


Day 2:
So, with my PADINI birthday card, I got 30% off for normal and value buy items, so of course I bought three of the above are normal items =) the right dress and the bag my mum commented says they look like Auntie T.T IT IS NOT LO!!! Total damage RM 300


Day 3:
Then this is the third day. Pandamaran got no more nice food deee. Cook myself better. The burger was superb!!! I put a layer of egg yolk on the bread, then put ham and meat and another slice put black pepper with cheese mmmmmMMMMmm... That's the recipe =O
Thumbs up for mum's cook!!

Special promotion for JCard members, a lot of people don't know we can BUY ONE FREE ONE pizza at Papa John's with JCard. I overheard it when I had pasta here with him. Worth it 80%!!
The sauce for pizza DAMN NICE!


Day 4:
Cannot resist the temptation at SUMMIT. Both Lavendar and SUMMIT are from Johor. Love their quality so much! Make myself be a member of SUMMIT can get 5 pairs of shoes with 30% off on my birthday!! Worth till death!!

Wasn't plan to buy it but once I tried, feel it suits me so much so I bought it even it's a display unit.
Mum likes it too. Not aunty at all kay! Xp

I hide this from mum cause she sure will nag aunty aunty aunty again beside my ears so =D
Like it or not? The first time I buy this kinda heels Ha~~ So comfy. I always thought heels are sure torturing but in fact, they are not =)
Another best thing of SUMMIT is their heels like this came with the base for heel and you can change it when you spoiled your heel part THUMBS UP x 3~

Night dinner here =) the food is nice. Half thumb up given LOL!


These days was busy watching these anime with Kassie Lim. So creative. Thumbs up x 2 only cause some are boring =X Love that PONGO!! =D
That's my bro with his new hair style XD XD XD


Total damage RM 50 for spree in AEON ah ha ha. Just bought something that is usefull nothing much.

p.s. I have a dejavu that I dreamt this scene before I was typing this entry in the dream and it hits to 200 views and Lyan Huang scolded me in the comments haha. Don't know whether it's going to happen or not Hmmm.
p.p.s. So fast this is my 400th entry liaos after 3 years of blogging experiences. Average statistic for my blog now is 70 uniques, 90 views per day =) Thanks to all my readers, regardless of you like me or not ;)

6 beep(s) to KahYee:

The Death Lord on Sep 2, 2009, 12:52:00 AM said...

That wound of urs will probably leave a scar.

kenwooi on Sep 2, 2009, 12:37:00 PM said...

haha everyday shopping and eating =P

LimKahYee, Kylie on Sep 2, 2009, 12:46:00 PM said...

Lord, I won't leave a scar there kaY!

Kenwooi, yeah that is cool you know =)

The Death Lord on Sep 3, 2009, 6:15:00 PM said...

yesla yesla.. WOn't la ok?

Anonymous said...

When I scold you huh?! I dun wan to be killed at half road leh~~~~~

LimKahYee, Kylie on Sep 4, 2009, 7:22:00 AM said...

Lyan, it's in the dream la.. it did not happened at all in real life k haha. relax la.. no one wil kill you ler.

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