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Friday, September 25, 2009

Life: Busy FLUCTUATED holiday.

AT 11:08 PM
I don't even have time to plan my holidays and here comes my first job for this holiday!!

Nivea, tomorrow 10am to 8pm.

--------------> three hours later

wtfart suddenly blank out for three hours kay! So there will be no work for tomorrow. Ya I ffk!!!! Cause I need rest k!!! T.T I rejected two jobs in three hours wtfart cause money is like sand and shit to me (是金钱如粪土).

Going for an interview on Monday 11am at Wisma Genting. Please let me get the job k!!! I want the job cause it's selling HealthCare products one k!!! Eh I am bio student I cannot work for that who else can?!! RAWR!!!

And the wedding ceremony I went just now wasn't that good cause I have numerous of phone calls coming in asking me to go interviews etc. Ended up I failed to get any of those calling during the ceremony T.T sad x 9872497823

And OMG!! just a second ago I refreshed my gmail and I got a job!! It's all about blogging. It requires me to blog only. I just need to stay at home writing review for some websites and I got rm10 per entry if not mistaken ya~~

wuhoo so happy. But now I don't know people will pay me for that or not sien. Don't tipu me k T.T

I need to sleep now liaos. Hesitating how to send sms to the one I am going to ffk. I mean, you know I am a kind-hearted girl. That agent was looking for a promoter damn urgently kays. Paiseh.

you can scold me vulgar words, but please don't hate me. Or it should sound, you may hate me but please don't scold me vulgar words.

Ahhh!! dammit which one to choose ler??

sien Time to oioi.

p.s. V Garden food ok only la!!

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