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Friday, September 25, 2009

Issue: Samseng Jalanan @ Kelang.

AT 6:19 PM
For those who don't know what is Samseng Jalanan, it's also known as MAT REMPIT.

This is what he did to my fat her. He kicked my fat her's ass left back car door while my father was driving on road. Reason is what you know?

It's because my fat her loves to see the scenery besides the road and he always drive left right left right and so the motor do not know where to turn to. Thus, malapetaka happened XD XD I used malay!! (don't correct it cause I simply ketam only kay)

But still right, because he is my fat her so I wish the polices again use the big wardrobe to block KL to catch numerous of Samseng Jalanan cause most of them are below 15 so we need to educate and rescue our country's future pillar wtf (国家未来的栋梁) LOL!!


This is what I have been doing for whole day other than searching job online =O
The advantage playing Restaurant City is you can put you and your lover as chef together with you and put your enemy as cleaner XD XD XD but this principle doesn't applicable on me.

Cause I put my former SRC boss as cleaner and put both my lovers as waiter. But I really hate to see my waiters there so free nothing to do want lo haiz...

By the way ah, I am going to attend a wedding ceremony in V Gardan in half an hour time so I need to bath now. The effect of booming China in toilet yesterday last until now. It takes century to recover I know wtfart XD XD

bui bui.

p.s. you will know then what they serve in V Garden =) and I don't like when I saw the invitation card written 7pm SHARP then my mum said:" ah girl, we depart at 7pm k!!" cause she wanna watch ntv7 =x

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