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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random: the day before tomorrow.

AT 10:20 PM
It's a lame title.

I have not been updated for feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew days liao.

Why? Because I was busy moving my belongings out of the idiot room that I was living now, for one year already, and ya, I AM MOVING OUT FROM WESTLAKE DANISH!!!


There are few reasons:
  1. no place to park my car indoor dee cause another house mate's Peugeot BIGGER and more DAI LOU than me viva ma is lidat wan.. People Peugeot, me Perodua only leh!! even though both also start with "P" T.T
  2. Second, a lot of houses like renovating for no reason like suddenly got people was on top of the roof means in front of my first floor roof wtf. And then Momo thought it's ghost HAHAHA!!
  3. Very noisy cause getting more and more people staying in danish houses already.
  4. The rental fee expensive, I think.
  5. The security, sigh x 8734987124873

What I have been doing? Final examinations. and Boomed the whole Republic of China in toilet XD XD

No lar, busy with shifting all my stuffs and I don't where to move to yet I keep all my stuffs in Kari's house luckily he didn't (actually he did) ask rental fee for storage from me. T.T

Anyone has free room available ma? I want!!!! Single room please =)

By the way mentioned about the final exam, screwed la of course!! Cause I am not a selfish person XD XD XD kidding (no offense kay people).

And I have been busying eating too. Playing Restaurant City (RC)
XD XD I seldom play games and now finally I am!! burhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

A lot of photos not yet upload cause still in a car lag situation =O instead of jet lag =X

It's time, it's time for RC.

bai!!! =)

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