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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life: is all about eating.

AT 6:59 PM
Long say: F.O.S my mum says it as "F.O.C", Harvey Norman my mum says " Hanni Vee"
I am busy searching for job in few days.
1. Rejected one job due to numerous of reasonable and unreasonable reason and ALMOST being blacklisted by all agencies at Klang. So yesterday I had to stay up until 4am to find replacement for me. I search the whole world and finally I found one. I cried wtf. Cause I don't want being blacklisted dammit. Thanks to Jason in Aussie that helps me thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Thanks to San San who replaced me today. TQ!! T.T

2. So, thus, therefore I slept for four hours only because I woke up at 8 something. Kari got accident at Sg Long. T.T So worry. But it seems like all the worries are ketam for him T.T

3. Found a job. All I need to do is just review a blog and write the review post it on my blog and I get RM20 for each review. Am going for an interview on Monday, too!! Wish me good luck~

4. And I still need to write another two entries to win Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards Entrance. I WANT IT!


Alright back to food.

You know how fat I have been fatted these few days?

My knee-length skirt now became miniskirt dee T.T wtfart man!!

Lucky 10 Bandar Baru Klang:
This cheesy fish is the nicest one EVer than any fish and chips in Tony Romas or wherever it is!!!

Then black pepper chicken chop, drinks, onion rings (sux), mushroom soup okay lars.


冰点 @ bukit raja Jusco and Klang parade:
The food here normal only. All these food were right after lucky 10 wan. How can be no fat gained? T.T

On the way back to Kampar after Raya break:

Dunkin' is a lot a lot a lot better than Apple's =X


25.09.09 The wedding Ceremony @ V Garden

The place was not as grand as 5 stars hotel but still consider okay.

The food, is the best among all the others restaurant I have eaten la I'd say =O The nicest was the first dish at the center ones. Then because he attended as neighbor. My mother and uncle saw a lot long-lost neighbor and they exchanged phone numbers. And a lot aunties also say:" WAH~~ your daughter so big oredi, so pretty oredi leh!! next wedding ceremony is yours oredi la!!" Mum:" No lar not so fast la. Still need to eat a lot of rice, your children first la HAHA!!"

Then I told them I don't want wedding ceremony next time. I don't want nice dress also. And I only take one wedding photo. =O


26.09.09 The seafood lunch @ Port Klang Hai Nan Village:
The scene was not bad.

But the food were so so only la. Mama tei nia. The best dish was the taufu lors. Ha~~

I came with my 2nd uncle's family.
And that's is my 2nd sister and brother (the 174cm 73kg wan)


Lastly, as dessert:

My sweet photos of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! These photos are nice because the blanket covered my phat face! sien!


The final wan:
My 2nd sister took this cause she said I looked similar with Stephen Chow Seng Chi in Shaolin Soccer. Got meh?

p.s. Kari where are you? You've been MIA for whole half day dee. Dammit so frus now lor!! That is why I hate when we're far apart cause he always very busy one with damn reasonable reasons that I cannot even fight with him.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

The Death Lord on Sep 27, 2009, 3:38:00 AM said...

I dun reli un u la. The more u complain ur fat the more fats u consume...

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