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Monday, September 28, 2009

Life: omfg I am going to work as Magnum show girl.

AT 10:25 PM
I miss him very much and I wanna meet him right now but he's extremely busy every time we're far apart. And I don't know whether long distance relationship is good or bad. And, I NEED TO DIET DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! wtfart.


And ya, I am going to work as magnum show girl. Actually is a promoter but I never see promoter in hypermarket wear spaghetti strap and miniskirt wan?

Because I am wearing spaghetti strap as below, the length of spaghetti strap is apprx 30cm and my body is 45 cm (without counting below neck and above chest) so I'd be showing my extra-white phat meat tomorrow to those uncles, ah pek, perverted people whoever it is that enter Magnum will come out with nose bleed. Eh I have at least a C k don't pray pray.. But who the heck so stupid did that for rm120?

Some more I have innocent face like this as what my fat her said =.=
Innocent meh? Sight why everybody likes to bully me wan. Like ages ago what happened at KTM station, where, pocket picker picked me wtfart cause I look innocent T.T

Actually, the work load is only to give out rm2 ang pow so that people buy 4d at Magnum. Then you need to buy a set of digits which is 1234 and 5678 then if both on first and second or first and third or second and third place then you kena jackpot liaos.

And etc la of course not so easy.

BUT BUT BUT!! The thing is I am going to encounter a HUGE problem, which is, the language problem. Because those ah pek can only understand Hokkien and a little mandarin and my mandarin now I add in a lot of English unconsciously wan so how ah?

I'd be like:"eh uncle, lu ai boi Magnum 4d bo? If lu boi 1234 ka 5678 then if ji neng geh diu first prize second prize lu eh tiu rm2,000,000 eh." wtf right? Then ah pek will say:" lu gong ha mi?"

Also because I need to distribute angpows that have rm2 in each pow so when I am distributing I can imagine the situation where like those beggar rampas for the rm2 angpow so that they can buy free 4d on that day ma. Yor, then they might accidentally touch/pinch/eat my C cup taufu how?? T.T I previously thought I only need to wear mini skirt and got at least a collar t shirt wan but when they informed me it's a spaghetti strap at those place I was like Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

YOU CON ME!!!!!! I mean SHE CONNED ME!!!!!!!!!! T.T cause when she asked me that time she said you cannot regret wan lo after that, even though you house burn or whatever it is you still have to work wan lor. After I think think then since they are paying for RM20 per hour then ok la being forced to do. sien!

Kari would be ON FIRE if he sees me doing such thing or bring along his parang as well fly from JB to Kelang just to safe me from perverted eye sights (or may be he wanna join them wtfart).

Before I end my entry today, I'd recommend for those who wanna grow taller you can eat more sushi cause that's my 174cm 73kg 12-years-old brother fav food. He can eat it everyday O.o

I guess there will be a really wonderful tomorrow wtf T.T

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The Death Lord on Sep 29, 2009, 5:04:00 AM said...

I din noe Klang ah pek oni speaks hokkien.. Magnum gal huh?! Interesting indeed.... But I'm pretty sure for ur status, u could do betta than that rite? Anyway, enjoy thy work and happy hols...

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