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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uni Life: Molecular Bio - Screwed.

AT 12:08 PM
My papers are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, his papers are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, we take care of each other alternatively. When I have exams, he will wake me up to study and eat; when he exam I will wake him up to study and eat =) Exams are ......... Don't know how to describe.

Had Molecular Bio, hope I won't fail T.T cause I cannot do most of the questions wtfart.


I ate a lot in recently due to exams. Last day's dinner I had ALL the above, with him, of course.

Bye Molecular Bio, I don't wanna see you in next semester. I really don't wanna see you. Please don't fail me la PLEASE T.T

Comparison T.T Please distinguish the difference between initiation of transcription of Klang and Kampar bed + wardrobe.

My skin becomes horrible due to staying till midnight to study.

Dinner yesterday. Long time did not eat KFC already. Very full leh!!

p.s. Boring entry I know. I KNOW LA!!! Give me some time kay I am concentrating on exams mar...

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