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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random: white armpit hair.

AT 9:20 PM
Why white and why hair and WHY armpit hair?

Why is armpit hair in white?

It's just a metaphor actually. Cause whenever I have exam, my hair will turn white and has anybody's armpit hair turns white due to pressures and stress?

Been study like ant(cause ant is the most hardworking insect according to primary school's text book) for days.

Nothing to blog about. Whole day study mar.

I had maggi mee instant noodle + an egg for my breakfast. So long never eat maggi already cause I am eating the korean ramen instant noodle since year 2007 when I was pursuing foundation and never eat local's instant noodle anymore. The portion is bigger and it's nicer. A lot nicer than maggi or mamee harmee or whatever mee it is la =O

Then puasa for whole afternoon. Reading Plant tissue culture T.T life is so much like plant tissue culture. I don't know why I just simply crap la.

Nap from 3pm to 5pm. Bath from 5pm to 6pm then went Mc D for dinner. Had the undigested Mc D's frech fries omg the fries will not be digested until I am the age of 25, when I cannot use Celcom Xpax UOX wtfart!!! Fillet is of course not enough for me. Had another Ramly burger too. It's chicken burger special cheese =D very nice. It's only rm3.60 =)

Two burgers per meal, guess I will be stop eating burger for quite some time from now.

feel so annoyed with the cricket's sound near my room!!! HATE!!! Cannot focus on moral leh!!

Btw, my computer has just lost the protection from antivirus cause it expired already. dammit the cricket so noisy!! Then so now I have to look for another antivirus software T.T anyone has it for free? I just wanna use it for minimal protection, at the moment. Anyone? Please thank you.

Feel so sleepy after two burger. Burp. Ha!!

Anyways, anyone who has white armpit hair please tell me kay! XD

p.s. Anyone has antivirus software? Please do some charity. Thank you sou much!!!
p.p.s. BURP!

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