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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My 21st birthday ♥ his 22nd birthday

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Due to the over-dull of Daerah Kampar, we went back to KL or at least Ipoh for our birthdays.
I have time to blog now because I am waiting the SPSS software to be finished downloaded. Urgh.... half an hour more. Anyways, the birthdays [...]

Both ways we went.

For his, we went to KL.

Friday, August 6
Location #1: Secret Recipe

For tea-time 

Had Durian Cake & ...

The Blackforest!! 
I know the combination is odd!! 


Sunday, August 8
Location #2: NewYorkNewYork, One Utama, Damansara

We went for the dish we always wanted to try. So we tried it on this day. 
Cold crab dish with prawns, paul octopus & fish and chip. RM49.90++

This is the cold crab.

This is the CLOSER look of cold crab 

It comes with shashimi also. This was the first time we both had Shashimi.
and we both thought one time is enough 


Friday, August 14
Location #3: Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid.

This is the first time we went Sakae together.

We ordered these! 

Ginger chicken rice SO NAISE!!! 

Mashed potato, as I am a potato lover 

Taken all these sushis. Was bit shocked when I see it's quite small.
Have quality! 

Location #4: Esprit, Sunway Pyramid

I went there for a present for myself. Because Kari has the member card and it's our birthday month so we went there to choose ourselves a present 

I had a sling bag once, from Body Glove wan, at 17. 
So, now I am choosing another one now when I am 21.
There were two colors for me to choose.


& brown.
and, I chose white, because I never owned a white bag 

Then, Kari bought this ...

His first eye sight love 

Saturday, August 15
Location #5: My home

This is the very first present I received from my sister.

And blardy hell this was what I got from her. At first I didn't notice there was this card until my brother told me.

She always want me to get married FAST.
But I always think I'll be married after her! 

This present ...

is a PEN!

A pen with my name!!!

Then, I forced my brother with 184 cm, 84 kg and he's only 13 year old to gimme a present.

So, I brought him to Popular and grab this and I told him I want! 
kelian him

Then, I get money from Mama and go buy myself a cake.

And I called myself Baby Kylie 

Cake cutting ceremony 

Monday, August 17
Location #6: Dorm, Kampar, Perak.
Event: Vegetarian BBQ.
Then, my the second cake.

Kari conducted a vegetarian BBQ. Touched 

And he curi curi went to buy me a cake. And lemme terserempak when he was on the way back FHL 

 the vegetarian bbq 

I stopped blogging, and I go all the way up to Cameron Highland, and I continue blogging 

Thursday, August 19
Location #7: Jusco Ipoh
Secret Recipe, again. For its cake. Kinda sick wit'em dee actually seriously 

that's us 

and out of the moon, he asked me to choose a birthday card and i did ... guess what?

this piece like this cost RM22++ 
i never it can be this expensive. may be i didn't buy birthday cards or whatever card for century 

back to the cake!

Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese cake.

nice to eat, nice to hold, once you eat, consider fat 

secondly, the wrong order (we ordered it just because Kari so desperate to have it) ...

Carrot slice.

The combination is just nice but may be this outlet's product not that nice?  what am i saying 

This is not bad la if you like marshmallow 
and i don't really like =X

Then, you remember the birthday card I mentioned earlier?


i mean, this. 
do not hesitate! this piece of shit card made me cried!! 
read more you'll know what made me so emo 

he wrote almost 300 words of utterly meaningless content. for what?

"I might not always be around" why the kuang he told me that!!!!!

But this is kinda unique.

it's a permanent rose. i can has it every time i switch on my webcam and show this icon the the webcam  

But I really still  him lol..

This is the pressie he bought me decade ago 

A piece of cloth from Forever21.
Oh just to remind you, my Project QueenKylieForever21 will be posted up real soon 

this is the piece of cloth. i was born in the end of 1980s 

and I am gonna be FOREVER 21 year old!!!!! YAY!!!!!

And lastly, I was so surprised,

one of my classmate, Yen Da, gave me this. I was so so so so serious so surprised!

This basket of biscuits AIN'T CHEAP you know?
thank you so much!

Friday, August 20
Location #8: 1506, Westlake, Kampar
Coincidence or not, they held the class BBQ during my birthday. Intentionally or unintentionally for my birthday celebration, I don't really care. Cause I really had fun wit'em. They have accompanied me for almost 3 years. And our endeavor in UTAR has almost come to an end.

They are great people, and SO DO I!!!! NYAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! 

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