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Thursday, August 19, 2010

... to my sister

AT 9:00 AM
 is my sister! LOL!!! jokin' jokin'... it's her packed bag.

Ok I've two sister. But this entry is dedicated to the bigger ones. She is 14 months younger than me. We've been together for almost 19 years and 11 months. We had so much quarrel time together. Yes, you didn't see it wrongly. We QUARREL most of the time. lol. I think that is normal.

I am gonna reveal some silly stories here so bear with me...
[this is my small sister, she's dai ka jie]

When we were still real small kid. We were quite good. And we looked cute. We were both still innocent.
Then during kindergarten. We started to quarrel cause we both have different ideas (from this point, you'll know we will be very strong and independent person/leader in the future).

During the moment, I was very fat and big size. I love to rampas her toys or anything she has. She damn small piece but she still dare to fight with me, without knowing why. Every time we fight, we run all over the house. From the front until the end. When comes to the end, we reached the round table and cause she's small, so the "phagocytosis" happened. I engulf her and she's dead. HAHAHAHAHHA!!! This ideology ran for several years and she never give up. I don't know why, even though the ending for every time was the same. 

And I remember one time there is a special incident. We went to our uncle's house. And I was chewing gum. Then, because I like to bully her. So I took out the gum and trying to scare her by trying to put the gum onto her hair. THEN!! CLIMAX not reached yet. I accidentally "applied" the gum onto her hair and she cried. I was so scared. I sensed my mother coming so I quickly locked the door. And guess what?

 [pumpkin mum brought us the other day]

I CRIED LOUDER THAN HER!! So that my mum won't know I was bullying her. Then because my mum really coming so I had to make a decision. Cut her hair!!! She don't let me cut her hair initially. But there is no other way faster than that. So I convinced her by saying cut a little bit only won't be so obvious. So I cut it  kelian her!

And that is the only memory she can remember when we were kids. As we growing, she scares me no more. Cause she is big enough. I don't know. Just out of sudden she became so strong and strong and able to scold me and fight with me with the same strength as me (I am just to deliver a message to you telling you I am also strong k!). I always wanna know what makes her so strong and I finally I concluded it's because I bullied her too much made her burst and release her REAL potential capability LOLx 

And after I left the house for my foundation study, I went back home only once a week and now in Kampar for three years, we meet only once a month or so. So, we quarrel lesser. We are more mature now apparently. And we went shopping a lot together. So if you think I've bad taste/sense in wearing cloths, thanks to her Xp 
And now we both have bf. lolz. (why am i saying this =.=)

She has left the house to the States on Monday. She'll probably be back after three years. But I promised I'll go find her one and a half year later. Why so long? Because just to see her black face I need to spend RM10,000 SOLELY for airfares. How great it is, right?

And before she left, she gimme a present for my 21st birthday.
ugly pen. This is the first time she gimme a present. I was like wth the first time has gone!!!! like that.

And I know she will be doing great in the States. I never worry about her cause she is too lucky for me to worry. I should have worried myself more. LOL!!! 
And the final words I gave her was

"I don't love you. Come back with baby three years later"

She is staying with the bf but at different single room. My mother says, one of their room sure will be empty. FML 

Interesting isn't it?


2 beep(s) to KahYee:

ken on Aug 19, 2010, 11:32:00 AM said...

hahaha.. one room sure empty.. mum sooo smart.. lol.. =P

Anonymous said...

dunno why. I'm touched when i reading this. This is a different way of love expression from Kylie to her sister perhaps. hahaha. Wish u good day, Big-YiYi-to-be, Kylie. ^_^

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